White Metal Shoulder titles

A white metal version of the letters ‘KC’ has also been noted (Figure 286). This shoulder title is the same size and style of the gilding metal version and is unlikely to be a copy.  The white metal version has attaching loops positioned east-west. It is plausible that the white metal shoulder titles were worn by the King’s Colonials for ceremonial occasions such as the Coronation of King Edward VII in August 1902. It is difficult to distinguish between white metal and gilding metal shoulder titles in period photographs.

Figure 286: A King’s Colonials shoulder title in white metal shown with gilding metal title for comparison.

There is also a larger version of the King’s Colonials shoulder title badge again in white metal (Figures 287-288). This shoulder title has separate letters attached to two bars with north-south loops but closely resembles the pattern of the regular King’s Colonials shoulder titles. This larger pattern shoulder title could also have been produced and worn for ceremonial occasions and again is unlikely to be a copy.

Figures 287-288: Front and rear images of a pair of large King’s Colonials shoulder titles in white metal with one retaining its ‘original’ backing cloth (Patrick Birley collection).