St Albans 1904 imageSt Albans 1904 image
Figure 58: Rifle training in St Albans camp in 1904. Trooper DuFoy is the individual named wearing the distinctive Lemon-Squeezer headdress of the New Zealand armed forces and later adopted by the Canadian forces.    

Figure 59: Corporal Percy Alfred Ely (left) with Troopers Pemberton and Liddle stand to their horses. Corporal Ely was born in 1884 and went on to serve as a Lieutenant in King Edward’s Horse. He was attached to the New Zealand Expeditionary Force as Assistant Paymaster to the New Zealand Forces and died of pneumonia on 17/11/1918. All three Troopers were from New Zealand and were members of the 3rd Troop (New Zealand) of ‘D’ Squadron (British African) of the King's Colonials in 1904.