St Albans 1904

St Albans 1904 St Albans 1904
Figure 52: Rifle training in St Albans camp in 1904. Trooper DuFoy is the individual named wearing the distinctive Lemon-Squeezer headdress of the New Zealand armed forces and later adopted by the Canadian forces.    
Figure 53: Corporal Percy Alfred Ely (left) with Troopers Pemberton and Liddle stand to their horses. Corporal Ely was born in 1884 and went on to serve as a Lieutenant in King Edward’s Horse. He was attached to the New Zealand Expeditionary Force as Assistant Paymaster to the New Zealand Forces and died of pneumonia on the 17th November 1918. All three Troopers were from New Zealand and were members of the 3rd Troop (New Zealand) of ‘D’ Squadron (British African) of the King's Colonials in 1904.