Vieille Chapelle KEH Memorial

There is a monument to the King Edward's Horse at Vieille Chapelle which is a small village located to the north-east of Bethune in northern France.  The King Edward's Horse defended the village on the 9-11th April 1918.  In 1921, the Mayor of Vielle Chapelle suggested that a memorial stone be placed in a prominent position in the village recording the valiant action of King Edward’s Horse and those that fell there.  The monument was subsequently moved to the village cemetery (Vieille-Chapelle New Military Cemetery, Lacouture) where it stands today.
Figures 466-467: Memorial stone honouring those men of the King Edward’s Horse who were killed or wounded at Vieille Chapelle on the 9th-11th April 1918 (Lieutenant Colonel Lionel James. The History of King Edwards Horse (The King's Overseas Dominions Regiment). London: Sifton, Praed & Co, 1921). 

The King Edward's Horse memorial as it looks today in the communal cemetery at Vieille Chapelle.  The name of Lieutenant George Henry Havelock-Sutton MC was added to the rear of the memorial after it had been officially opened in 1921.  He died of wounds received in the action.

Figure 468: The King Edward's Horse memorial in 2018 (Pierre Vanvervelden collection).