A close-up image (Figure 283) of Captain Hamar Greenwood of ‘B’ Squadron (British American) shows him wearing a pouch belt with a second pattern Regimental pouch belt badge (in the style of KK 1371) between the lion’s head holder with three chains and a whistle.

Figure 283: Close-up image of the pouch belt badge being worn by Captain Hamar Greenwood (later Viscount Greenwood) of ‘B’ Squadron (British American) circa 1907. His ‘B’ Squadron (British American) headdress (KK 1374) and matching collar badges can clearly be seen.

The Officer’s and senior NCOs pouch belt, pouch and fittings are detailed in Figure 284. The second pattern Regimental pouch belt badge was finished in gilt and was attached using three screw posts. The pouch belt badge was the same size as the headdress badge and the pouch itself bore a smaller size second pattern Regimental badge in gilt attached using two screw posts as shown in Figure 285. This badge is the same size as an Officer's second pattern Regimental collar badge and is of the same manufacture with a flat back. Pouch belt and pouch badges are usually attached using screw posts as is the later King Edward's Horse pouch badge shown in Figure 344.

Figure 284: Close-up image of the Officer's Full Dress brown brindle pouch belt and smaller pouch badge worn 1901-1910 (R. J. Smith collection).

Figure 285: Officer's Full Dress pouch belt badge and smaller pouch badge as worn 1901-1910.