Shoulder titles were worn by the King’s Colonials on both Full Dress, Undress and Service Dress directly on the tunic or on shoulder chains as shown in Figure 283.  

Figure 289: Close-up image of the KC shoulder title worn by an NCO of ‘B’ Squadron (British American) from the King’s Colonial group photograph (Figure 215) circa 1905-06 (Peter Nemaric collection).

The first type of shoulder titles worn were the letters ‘KC’ in gilding metal (Figures 290-291). These have loops positioned east-west which lack feet. This pattern of shoulder title is referenced, but not illustrated or numbered in Westlake under King Edward’s Horse. This pattern of shoulder titles were worn from 1901-10.
Figures 290-291: Pair of King’s Colonials shoulder titles in gilding metal with loops. 

A KC stylised and intertwined gilding metal shoulder title (see the bottom of Figure 167) has been incorrectly attributed to the King's Colonials, however, it is actually a Kinross-shire Constabulary shoulder title.