CADIC, Joseph Edward. 1097. Private. Enlisted 17/05/1915, entered France 20/10/1915 and discharged 16/07/1918 as physically unfit. Born in 1878 and died 2/06/1964. Awarded Silver War Badge 427986 and 1914/15 Star Trio. Victory Medal listed for sale on and corresponding photograph with their courtesy.

CAILES, Stephen E. 893. Private, Acting Serjeant then Second Lieutenant Royal Marine Light Infantry MIC

CALNAN, George. 330. Private. Enlisted 9/09/1914 and discharged 23/08/1916 due to sickness. Awarded Silver War Badge 117844

CALVERT, H. C. 279. Squadron Serjeant Major. Awarded the Special Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct medal July 1914.

CAMERON, Arthur Garfield. Lieutenant KEH 1910 who joined as Rhodes scholar at Oxford university. A Second Lieutenant in 1907 in command of the Oxford university detachment attached to 'D' Squadron. Rejoined the KEH at the outbreak of WW1 as a Lieutenant in command of a Troop of 'A' Squadron and become Acting Major in command of 'C' Squadron KEH. Transferred as a Major in the Royal Berkshire Regiment in 1918. Lieutenant in KEH in 1914 at Hunton Bridge.

CAMERON, Donald Keith. Private. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant KEH 4/09/1914. Attached to Machine Gun Service 7-29/05/1915. Temporary Captain 26/07/1915. Entered France 15/01/1917. Transport Officer and Quarter Master 17/03/1917 - 17/11/1917. Attached to the Honourable Artillery Company 9/04/1918. Transferred to the Cameron Highlanders (Special Reserve) 23/04/1918 then 1st Battalion 17/06/1918 as Acting Captain. Staff Captain 4/01/1919 - 12/01/1920 as General Staff Officer at Army Headquarters in Germany. Captain 11/05/1920. Mentioned in Despatches 28/05/1918 for service in Italy. Born 1/05/1888 in Chudleigh, Tasmania the son of Donald Norman Cameron and Anne Lillias Scott and returned in 1931. In 1934 he was elected to the Tasmanian House of Assembly as a Nationalist member for Wilmot, holding his seat until his defeat in 1937. He died In Nunawading, Victoria on 6/06/1967. Photograph on and as a Lieutenant in 1915 see Figure 19.

CAMERON, Herbert J. 984. Private then Lance Corporal attached to Trench Mortar Battery, Lieutenant Northumberland Fusiliers, Lieutenant King's African Rifles MIC

CAMLIN Edward Former Private Royal Dragoons D/17238, Private, Private Corps of Dragoons MIC

CAMPBELL, James Alphonse. 1311. Private KEH. Left Trinidad for UK 18/10/1915 with 1st Caribbean Merchant and Planters Contingent. Discharged 5/07/1919. Living in Trinidad in 1946. Entitled to British War Medal and Victory Medal.

CAMPBELL James C. 1583. Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 85698 MIC

CAMPBELL, Nigel Harry. Second Lieutenant. From Officer Cadet Unit to Second Lieutenant 10/05/1918 (London Gazette). Served in Russia May - Sep 1919. Born in 1899 in Natal, South Africa and died 6/09/1981 in Barberton, Transvaal, South Africa. Applied for British War Medal and Victory Medal. Named in photograph Marlborough Barracks, Dublin 1918 see Figure 33.

CAMPBELL, Richard. Acting Captain. Name commemorated on the Kilkenny War Memorial, MacDonagh Station, Dublin Road, Kilkenny, Ireland. Medal Index Card or Medal Roll entry not located but likely to be entitled to 1914/15 Star Trio unless mis-recorded Christian name on War Memorial see Nigel Harry Campbell above.

CAMPBELL, Robert B. 1794. Private, Second Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant Labour Corps MIC

CAMPION, A. B. L. Second Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant Welsh Regiment MIC

CANNON, William (Tom). 1168. Private MIC

CAPPER, Isidore Alfred. 433. Private, Acting Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61202. Alfred Capper was born Alfred Friedlander and changed his name by deed poll Nov 1914 because of his surnames Germanic tone. He served in the 2nd King Edward's Horse as a Private later transferring to the King Edward's Horse as a Private 433 with him appearing in Figure 22 in a Hotchkiss machine gun section of King Edward's Horse in 1916.  He finally transferred to the Northumberland Fusiliers as an Acting Corporal 61202. He was rumoured to have worked in South Africa and this could have been sufficient connection for the appeal of the 2nd KEH as it was made up of Colonial volunteers. The family recall that although he didn't speak about his wartime experiences at one stage he was shot off his horse and buried by the earth thrown up by the shell but escaped unscathed, and that eventually they had to fight dismounted.  Alfred died in 1945 and was awarded the 1915 Star, British War Medal and Victory medal. The family retain his 2nd King Edward's Horse cap badge (With thanks for the portrait (shown in the 2nd King Edward's Horse Nominal Roll section) and other photograph and correspondence from his maternal grandson Robert Cruickshank).

CARLTON, Edward. Former Private 1st Dragoons D/15338, Private, Corps of Dragoons MIC

CARR,    George. 1049. Serjeant. Born at St. Anne's, Nottingham in 1877 the son of George Edmund and Eliza Carr in 1894. KIA 21/11/1917. Served in Boer War and enlisted 20/12/1899 with the 12th Company (South Nottingham), 3rd Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry, 3362 and discharged 15/06/1907 having transferred from South Notts Yeomanry Cavalry.  Awarded Queen's South Africa medal with South Africa 1899-02, Cape Colony, Orange Free State and Transvaal clasps. Buried in Anneux British Cemetery, France. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

CARR, Isaac. Former Private 3rd Dragoon Guards D/352, Private MIC

CARR, Talbot (Tiny) Effingham. 921. Private. 'A' Squadron. Enlisted 27/01/1915, entered France 1/06/1915 and served in Trench Mortar section. Discharged 29/05/1917 due to sickness. Served overseas. Born 1883, lived in Argentina and died there in 1968.

CARRIG, Edward. 1260. Private. Enlisted 26/09/1915 and discharged 9/02/1917 as medically unfit. Awarded Silver War Badge 273709 and did not serve overseas. Born 1868 in Secunderabad, India. Prior service as Private 4379, 1st Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment from 16/12/1879 until discharged in 1901 and awarded Egypt Medal and Nile clasp 1884-85, Khedives Star, India General Service Medal with Naga 1889-90 Clasp and South Africa Medal 1899-1900. Died of natural causes on 27-05-1919 at Clondra, Longford, Ireland. No WW1 medal entitlement.

CARSON, Robert E. 152204. Private 2/1st Scottish Horse 4057, Private Border Regiment 260587, Private KEH, Private Royal Fusiliers 59098 MIC

CARTER, Bertrand S. 544. Corporal KEH, Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps, Lieutenant Tank Corps. Bertrand Stanley Carter was born on 28 January 1878 and educated at a Public School in England and was employed by an English company which had an interest in coffee plantations in Malaya well before World War 1. Soon after the commencement of hostilities he, like many of his colonial Malayan compatriots, travelled back to the ‘old country’ as he felt the country was in great danger and joined the KEH. He first entered the Theatre of War in France on 2 June 1915. He was subsequently commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Machine Gun Corps on 25 January 1917, and later as Captain, Tank Corps. He was appointed Temp. Lieutenant on 26 July 1918 and advanced to the rank of Acting Captain when he was appointed as Reconnaissance Officer finally relinquishing this rank when he ceased to be Reconnaissance Officer (28 March 1919). After the end of the War he acted as Demobilization Officer. His Military Cross was presented by H.M. King George V to Captain B.S. Carter, Tank Corps for Distinguished Service in France”, May 8th 1919); 1914/15 Star 544 Cpl. B.S. Carter, K. Edw. H.; BWM; AVM (Brit) Capt. B.S. Carter. He was recommended for the the immediate award of a Military Cross for gallantry at the Battle of Meteren on 16 April 1918. It would seem that confirmation of this was gazetted on 3 June 1918 in which the award is referred to as a Bar to a Military Cross. The award of a Military Cross was later published in the Supplement to London Gazette dated 16 September 1918 - it would seem probable that this further act of gallantry preceded his immediate award during the Battle of Meteren in April 1918. (For the action during the Battle of Cambrai 23 November 1917). Information courtesy of the British Medal Forum.

CARTER, Edwin Righton. 1409. Trumpeter. Died at Sea with the sinking of the SS Connemara after colliding with another vessel when sailing between Glenoore and Anglesey 03/11/16. Son of R. A. Carter of 13 Somali Road, Cricklewood, London. Buried in CARLINGFORD (HOLY TRINITY) CHURCH OF IRELAND CHURCHYARD, IRELAND and name commemorated on the Grangegorman Military Cemetery Memorial Wall, Dublin.

CARTER, Herbert Thompson. 92. Private MIC

CARTEY, John B. 1150. Private MIC

CASEY, Reginald. 540. Private MIC

CASTLE, Archibald Crisp. Private Rifle Brigade S/29094, Private KEH, 10th Cadet Battalion, 1/4th Leicestershire Regiment MIC

CASTLE, Gordon. 2010. Private 2069 on MIC as well MIC

CASTLE, William Stephen. 704. Private. Enlisted 18/11/1914, entered France 1/06/1915, returned to England 12/08/1917 and discharged 13/02/1918 as physically unfit. Born on 20/10/1890 in Ramsgate, Kent, England and died at Thanet, Kent in Mar 1958. Awarded Silver War Badge 364,421 and awarded 1914/15 Star trio. Newspaper photograph of him as a driver for Prince of Wales on visit to Ramsgate in 24/11/1926.

CAVANAGH, Albert J. 1018. Private MIC

CHADWICK, Clifford Norman. 623. Serjeant. 4th Troop, 'A' Squadron. Entered France 1/06/1915. Wounded at defence of Vieille Chapelle 9/04/1918. Discharged 2/03/1919. Anglo-Argentinian Railway staff. Born in Southern Rhodesia and died there in 1946. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio

CHAFEN, Harold S. D-13012. Private KEH. Prior service as Private 'B' Squadron 5th Dragoon Guards 10681. Born in 1899. British War Medal and Victory Medals named to KEH and sold by C&T Auctioneers, UK in June 2020 together with his Dragoon Guards identity disc and his wife's VAD Nursing medals and badges.

CHALKLEY, Albert. 553. Private MIC

CHAMBERLAIN, Arthur Henry. 859. Acting Corporal. 'B' Squadron. Born in Warwickshire on 23/12/1891, a Private in 1914 at Watford having enlisted 15/12/1914 and entered France 21/04/1915. Part of Shanghai Contingent on board the SS Suwa Maru 16/10/1914 and was serving with the Shanghai Municipal Police since 1911. Discharged 21/11/1918 as physically unfit with Silver War Badge 74387 after being wounded in the arm at the Defence of Vieille Chapelle 9-11/04/1918. Interred by the Japanese in Shanghai in WW2 as Police Superintendent. Living in Birmingham, UK in 1946 and died in 1958. Awarded 1914-15 Star (859 Pte. A. H. Chamberlain, K. Edw. H.); British War and Victory Medals (859 A. Cpl. A. H. Chamberlain. K. Edw. H.); Shanghai Municipal Council Emergency Medal 1937, bronze, unnamed as issued, mounted for wear, with riband bar. His medals were sold with photograph of recipient in uniform on horse, damaged letter of reference from the Colonel Commanding King Edward’s Horse, dated 15/02/1922, and a typed resume of recipient’s service career by Dix Noonan Webb auctioneers, UK in Nov 2020.

CHAMBERS, Alexander E. 725. Private, Private Shropshire Light Infantry 8192, Private Military Mounted Police P12039 MIC

CHANDLER, James W. 1221. Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40551 MIC

CHAPPELL, Cyril Thomas. 1946. Corporal. Born in Dunstable, Bedfordshire and died of wounds on the Western Front 11 March 1918. Buried in St Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, France. Image of memorial plaque (death penny) shown from when it was sold at auction February 2019. 1915 Star trio medal entitlements confirmed on MIC.

CHARLES B. Staff Serjeant Major KEH since 1910 and retired in 1912 but returned to the Regiment and probably an original member of the King's Colonials since 1902.

CHARLES, John. 1905. Expeditionary Force Canteens 1441, Gunner Royal Field Artillery 1355, Private KEH. Awarded the Territorial Forces War Medal.

CHARLES, Thomas. 77. Private, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61302 MIC

CHARTER, Walter G. 1567. Private MIC

CHASE, Percival. 1894. Private MIC

CHEESEMAN, James Alfred. 894. Private. 'A' Squadron. Part of Shanghai Contingent on board the SS Suwa Maru 16/10/1914 and was serving with the Shanghai Municipal Police since 1908. Entered France 20/10/1915 and wounded by rifle grenade at La Bourse 24/03/1918. Discharged 7/03/1919. Returned to Shanghai after the war and worked as a draper for Weeks & Co. Awarded British War Medal and Victory Medal.

CHEETHAM, Arthur R. 712. Private. Arrived France 21/04/1915. Deserted 20/07/1916. Entitled to no medals.

CHENNELLS, Cyril Alfred. Private KEH. Transferred to the British section of the NZEF. 8/01/1916-8/02/1916 to Suez, Egypt on HMNZT 37 'Maunganui' as a Private 11/2057, Reinforcements, Wellington Mounted Rifles, 'B' Squadron, New Zealand Expeditionary Force. Born in 1892 in Masterton, New Zealand with stated occupation of shepherd and next-of-kin on embarkation roll his uncle William Boyce Chennells a Land Agent in Masterton. Cyril died in 1965. Name recorded on Wanganui Collegiate and Auckland Online Cenotaph.

CHEYNE, James D. 901. Private MIC

CHILD, Arthur J. 1498 Private MIC

CHING, William Thorne Wilmot. Private KEH. Born in Remeura, New Zealand in 1888 and attended King’s College, Auckland and embarked on a promising architectural career in the offices of A.B. Wilson before setting sail for the UK, where he is first recorded as an Architects Association (AA) member in 1909. From 1911-13 he attended the AA’s Evening School, followed by a final year at the Day School in 1913/14. On the outbreak of war, Ching volunteered for the King Edward’s Horse, received a Lieutenant’s commission in the 351st Brigade, 5th Division Royal Field Artillery and was sent to the front in March 1915. He saw action at the infamous battle of ‘Hill 60’, near Ypres, where he gained the Military Cross for heroism, rescuing two injured colleagues trapped with burning ammunition in a gun pit under severe enemy shelling. He himself was the victim of a poison gas attack and, remarkably enough, was seriously injured three times within the space of two years. After recuperation, Ching returned to the AA and in 1919 he was appointed ‘House Master’, his duties including overseeing the administrative and logistical arrangements for the AA studios and atelier within the newly acquired Bedford Square premises. Ching’s stint as House Master stretched only for four years and in 1923 he resigned in order to set up a firm of heating engineers with F. Broadhurst Craig. He married later that year but in the summer of 1924 went into hospital for an operation to mitigate the side-effects of the war-time poison gassing, only to die on the 21/07/1924 after a second, unsuccessful operation. Photograph of William Ching (centre), G.M. Niccol (left) and unknown Private all in KEH uniform from Auckland Weekly News 14/01/1915.

CHIRNSIDE, R. M. Second Lieutenant King's Colonials 1905

CHITTY, John. 571. Private MIC

CHRISTENSON, Cecil C. 2143. Private MIC

CHRISTIE, James Vigne. 1331. Private. Private. 'B' Squadron. KIA 09/04/18 aged 38 at Defence of Vieille-Chapelle.  Born 22/03/1881 the son of James John and Teresa Christie (nee Vigne) in Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa. Buried in VIEILLE-CHAPELLE NEW MILITARY CEMETERY, LACOUTURE, FRANCE and photograph of headstone shown. Portrait photograph courtesy of Alison Christie on Ancestry. 

CHUBB, W. S. R. Saddler. 1881. Casualty. BWM and Victory medals sold at auction. Details not confirmed on MIC.

CHURCHOUSE, Reginald Rufus. 995. Private. 'A' Squadron. Entered France 1/06/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 22/02/1918. Born in Aston, Warwickshire, England in Oct 1892, emigrated to Australia 1911 and worked in Queensland and returned post-war to Sydney. He married Laura Ballard in 1920 in Queensland and was married again this time to Josephine Isaacson in 1941 in Sydney and died there on 8/01/1957. Shown in a group photograph taken at Marlborough Barracks, Dublin 1918 see Figure 33. Awarded 1914/15 Star trio.

CHURCHWARD, Hubert Alan. Serjeant KEH. Lieutenant H. A. Churchward, Royal Flying Corps, late 2nd County of London (Westminster Dragoons) Yeomanry, an R.E.8. pilot who was killed in action during a photo-reconnaissance operation near Boesinhge, 16/08/1917. Hubert Alan Churchward was born in Aldershot, 25/11/1891, and was educated privately and at Corpus Christi, Cambridge. He joined the 2nd County of London Yeomanry in September 1914, having formerly served with the West Kent Yeomanry and King Edward’s Horse. Attaining the rank of Sergeant with the County of London Yeomanry in October 1914, he was discharged to a commission in the regiment on 20/05/1915. He entered the Gallipoli theatre of war on 16/10/1915, and transferred to the Royal Flying Corps for training as a pilot in May 1917. Churchward was posted as a pilot for operational service with 9 Squadron (R.E.8’s) at Quevenvillers in July 1917. He was driven down by an enemy aircraft whilst carrying out a photo-reconnaissance operation with Lieutenant W. Nuttall as his Observer near Boesinghe, 12/08/1917. Just four days later, Chuchward was killed in action over France, aged 25 years. 1914-15 Star (2. Lieut. H. A. Churchward. 2/Co. Of Lond. Y.); British War and Victory Medals (Lieut. H. A. Churchward.); Memorial Plaque (Hubert Alan Churchward) sold at auction in the UK by Dix Noonan Webb, December 2010. Name is commemorated on the Arras Flying Services Memorial.

CHURCHYARD, Archibald. 1510. Former Sapper Royal Engineers 229154, Private KEH, Royal Engineers Railway Transport Department WR/287661 MIC

CHURMS, William H. 351. Lance Corporal. Entered France 22/04/1915. Played side drum in the KEH band. Discharged 10/11/1919. Civil Servant in the Colonial Office and died of TB 3/05/1938 in East Dulwich, London. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

CLACY, Walter. 1273. Lance Corporal MIC

CLANCY, William (John) M. Joseph. 1297. Private KEH. Private 1/10th Battalion King's Liverpool Regiment 91433 in 1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Army Service Corps in 1917. Entered France 5/05/1015. Anglo-Argentinian Railway staff. Died in hospital of meningitis 16/10/1918 aged 38. Son of John and Winifred Clancy of Moore Street, Kilrush, Co. Clare, Ireland. Buried in GREENWICH CEMETERY, United Kingdom. Civilian portrait photograph courtesy of the Activities-of-the-british-community-in-argentina-during-the-great-war-1914-1919. 

CLARK, Reginald. 1622. Acting Corporal MIC

CLARK, William D. 804. Private, Private Durham Light Infantry, Second Lieutenant and Lieutenant Royal Air Force MIC

CLARKE, Albert Edmond (Nobby). 1405. Corporal, DOW 15/03/19 received at Vieille Chapelle 9/04/1918. From Shanghai. Buried in GOOLE CEMETERY, UK.

CLARKE, Eric O. 952. Private MIC

CLARKE, H. V. 1120. Private, Captain Machine Gun Corps MIC

CLEARY, Arthur. 230754. Former Labour Corps 233754, Private KEH 230754 MIC

CLEGG, Reginald A. D/11696 Private, Private Company of Dragoons MIC

CLOUTT, Harry. 1899. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61251 MIC

CLYNE, Joseph Vincent. 2050. Private. Entered France 5/05/1915. Transferred to KEH as Private 2050, 'B' Squadron. Posted as Missing in Action at Vieille Chapelle but was taken prisoner of war and interred in Lindburg Camp. Discharged 5/04/1919. Born in 12/10/1886 in Longford Ireland, lived in Argentina, South America pre- and post-war and died in 1960. Name commemorated on the Kilkenny War Memorial, MacDonagh Station, Dublin Road, Kilkenny, Ireland. 1914/15 Star earned with 2nd KEH and British War Medal and Victory Medal to KEH.

COATES, Charles. 406. Private. 2nd Troop, 'B' Squadron in 1916. Entered France 22/04/1915. Discharged 31/03/19. Born 23/10/1894, educated at Emanuel School, London from 1904-11 (possibly with an elder brother Walter John Coates) and died 1963-64. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

COATES, James Henry Smith. 781 and 151187. Serjeant. Resided in Cheltenham, Gloucester and enlisted in Dunkeld, Scotland on 9/09/1914 in 3rd Reserve Regiment of Scottish Horse as Private, 491. Entered France 22/04/1915 with KEH as Private, 751. Transferred to 2KEH on 30/01/1917 as Serjeant, 2088. Transferred back to Scottish Horse on 14/06/17 as Serjeant, 491. Transferred to KEH 14/01/1918 as Serjeant, 751 with 'B' Squadron. Missing at Defence of Vieille Chapelle 9/04/1918 and reported as a Prisoner of War. Returned to KEH 6/12/1918 and discharged 13/03/1919 as Serjeant, 151187. Awarded Silver War Badge 209311 and 1914/15 Star Trio. 9 years prior service as a Serjeant, 3681 with the 1st King's Dragoon Guards having enlisted 10/10/1893 in Dublin and served in South Africa during the Boer War from 31/01/1899 to 30/08/1902. Awarded Queen's South Africa Medal with Cape Colony and South Africa 1901 clasp and King's South Africa Medal with South Africa 1902 clasp. Born in Bloxham, Oxford, England on 7/02/1873 and died in Nottingham on 8/02/1944. Medals in a private collection.

COATS, George. SR/116. Serjeant, Serjeant Veterinary Corps SR/45 MIC

COATES, James. 751. Private MIC

COCKER, William Edward. 875. Private. Enlisted 21/12/1914 and discharged 28/04/1915 due to sickness and did not serve overseas. Awarded Silver War Badge 19191.

COETZEE, Hendrick S. 1321. Private MIC

COGHLAN, Alfred John Patrick. 858. Warrant Officer Class 2. 'C' Squadron. Part of Shanghai Contingent on board the SS Suwa Maru 16/10/1914 and was serving with the Shanghai Municipal Police since 1908 with prior service in the South African Constabulary 1902-07. Entered France 22/04/1915 and discharged 23/08/1919. Returned to Shanghai Municipal Police service until 1933. Entitled to 1914/15 Star Medal trio. Born in England 25/02/1878 and died in Bournemouth, England on 29/11/1940.

COGHLAN, Gerald Nicholas Patrick. 981. Private. Enlisted in Liverpool, England. KIA 19/08/17 aged 22 at Passchendaele. Son of Matthew Patrick and Mary Ellen Coghlan, of New Rath Lodge, Waterford, Ireland born 9/12/1984 in Cavan, Ireland. Buried in GWALIA CEMETERY, BELGIUM. Name commemorated on the Kilkenny War Memorial, MacDonagh Station, Dublin Road, Kilkenny, Ireland. Entitled to British War Medal and Victory Medal. 

COHEN, Joseph M. J. 1772. Acting Serjeant, Acting Serjeant 38th Royal Fusiliers J/136 MIC

COLE, A. Squadron Serjeant Major in the 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards appointed as Staff Serjeant Major KEH in 1911.

COLE, Arthur Diggs. 900. Private. Anglo-Argentinian Railway staff.

COLEMAN, John. 1118. Lance Corporal MIC

COLLEY, Frank W. 1080. Private MIC

COLLIER, Louis Van. 1745. Private, Lance Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61212, Lance Corporal 7th London Regiment 61212 MIC

COLLINS, Vernon N. 2040. Private MIC

COLLINS, Victor Leon Monier. 1308. Lance Corporal. Killed in Action in France at Defence of Vieille Chapelle 09/04/1918. Son of F. A. Collins, Deputy Registrar of the Courts, Trinidad. Born 25/09/1896 at Port of Spain. Educated Queens Royal College, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Sailed with the 1st Caribbean Merchants and Planters Contingent on 18/10/1915. Buried in the CABARET-ROUGE BRITISH CEMETERY, SOUCHEZ, France. Commemorated on Port of Spain Cenotaph. Awarded 1914/15 Star medal trio. Image from Old Comrades Association Bulletin.

COLLINS, William L. 695. Private MIC

COLLYMORE, Robert. Private, 5th Seaforth Highlanders, Captain 2nd London Regiment TF, Second Lieutenant 2nd London Regiment MIC

COLTON, Albert. 1210. Lance Corporal, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 45458 MIC

COLVIN, Jonathan Mc D. 689 Private, Private then Second Lieutenant East Lancashire Regiment MIC

CONDER, Albert Edward. Private from Argentina. Employee Hume Hnos. Buenos Aires. Died of wounds Nov. 1918 (age 33). Taken from The Roll of Honour in the "Activities of the British Community in Argentina During the Great War 1914 - 1919"

CONNELLY, John. 810. Private, later Lieutenant RNVR MIC

CONTANT, Lionel E. 2197. Private. Left Trinidad for UK 20/03/1918 with 15th Caribbean Merchant and Planters Contingent. Living in USA in 1946.

COOK, Frederick James. 466. Corporal, Second Lieutenant later Captain Border Regiment MIC

COOKE, James Edward. 1444. Private. Enlisted 23/03/1915 and discharged 4/07/1916 as physically unfit. Awarded Silver War Badge 265844 and served overseas. Born 1886 from Derby, England and married in Hong Kong in 1915. Prior service in a South African Colonial regiment.

COOK, William Stanley. 854. Private. Enlisted in the KEH 15/12/1914 having sailed to London from Shanghai on board the SS Suwa Maru 16/10/1914. Born 10/08/1873 in London and educated St. John's College, Hurstpierpoint and King's College, London. Served in Cape Mounted Rifles 1894-97 then KEH 1914-16 for 1 year and 8 months and did not serve in France. Discharged 15/08/1916 due to sickness and awarded Silver War Badge 19193. Died 7/03/1956 in Hamstead, England.

COOKE, C. H. Squadron Serjeant Major. 'A' Squadron (British Asian) King's Colonials. Portrait photograph circa 1905-09.

COOKE, Ewin Edgar. 1580 Private. On 12 April 1918 Ewing sustained a gunshot wound to his leg and elbow in the Defence of Vieille Chapelle. He was admitted to 24th General Hospital, Etaples, France. Discharged from KEH 13/02/1919. Born on 22/01/1892 in Bexhill, Lismore, New South Wales, Australia the son of Samuel Robert Cooke and Isabella King. Married Dorothy Francis Hunter 31/03/1925 and they had one daughter Lorna Jean Cooke. Ran a champion dairy cattle stud at Bexhill, Lismore, New South Wales and died there on 4/01/1972.

COOKE, John Edwin (Ed). 1254. Private. KIA 09/04/18. Born 29/09/1888 in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Commemorated on the LOOS MEMORIAL, FRANCE and the Canadian Virtual War Memorial. Entitled to British War Medal and Victory Medal.  

COOMBES, Valentine Henry. 493. Serjeant, Warrant Officer Class 2.  'B' Squadron. Entered France 22/04/1915. KIA 22/03/1917 aged 28 as Squadron Serjeant Major. Son of Frank Crouchman Coombes and Priscilla Margaret Coombes, of "Cronulla", Dufferin Terrace, Church Path, Deal, Kent; husband of Elsie Coombes of Francescan Road, Tooting, London. Born at Notting Hill, London and employed as a Junior Assistant, Kensington Public Libraries. Buried in SAVY BRITISH CEMETERY, FRANCE. Commemorated on the British Librarian's Roll of Honour. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio. Portrait photograph shown. 

COOPER, Christopher Laird. 78. Private. Joined King's Colonials as Private, 196 on 7/10/1908 for 4 years service. Attended 1909, 1910 and 1911 annual camps. Discharged 28/02/1913. Re-enlisted 15/05/1913 and entered France 22/04/1915. Discharged 5/10/1915 at term of engagement. Born in Jan 1886 in S. Hornsey, Middlesex, England and died Apr 1921 in Military Hospital in Hackney, London, England. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

COOPER, E. 207. Squadron Quarter Master Serjeant. Awarded the Special Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct medal April 1915.

COOPER, Henry Mark Hugh. Lieutenant. 'B' Squadron. Embarkation date 21/05/1915. Died of Wounds 29/07/1915 age 29 and buried in Nunhead (All Saints) Cemetery, London, United Kingdom. Son of Emma Elizabeth Freeman (formerly Cooper), of Reefton, Westland, South Island, New Zealand, and the late Rev. H. S. Cooper, of St. George's, Canterbury, England. Date of birth: 10th March 1886. He was born at Lancing College on the 10th of March 1886, the eldest son of the Reverend Henry Samuel Cooper, house master of Seconds House at Lancing, and Emma Elizabeth (nee Green later Foreman) later of 26 St George's Place, Canterbury. He was christened at Lancing on the 11/04/1886. He was educated at the Junior King's School from September 1898 and at the King's School Canterbury from September 1899 to June 1901. He worked in the Canadian Pacific Railway offices before joining the Cranbrook Branch of the Canadian Bank of Commerce as a junior on the 6th of February 1905. In 1907 he transferred to Vancouver in Canada where he worked as a clerk but he left their employ on the 31st of December 1909 and returned to the UK on board the SS "Campania", landing at Liverpool on the 4th of May 1910. On his return he worked as a clerk for the stockbrokers W. H. Trott. He was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the KEH on the 5/041913 and was promoted to Lieutenant on the 28/11/1914. He embarked for France at Southampton with his Squadron on board the Transport “Palm Branch" on the 21/04/1915 and arrived at Le Havre at 2.30am the following morning. Disembarkation was complete by 8.15am and the troopers made their way up the hill to No. 6 Base Camp. On the 23rd of April they entrained for Steenwerek in Belgium; they then marched to Nieppe where their Division was headquartered. On the evening of the 29/04/1915 the Squadron was ordered to employ all available men for the construction of a strong point behind the front line at Wulverghem about 200 yards northwest of La Plus Douvre Farm. They paraded at 6.30pm and marched up to within half a mile of the position where their horses were picketed. As soon as it was dark they moved up and began work that night. Henry Cooper was in command of fifty men who were detailed to construct a redoubt. They were engaged in this construction for about nearly four weeks during which time they suffered six casualties. Henry Cooper was wounded on the 13/05/1915 with a gun shot wound near his spine which paralysed him. He was the first Officer casualty of the Squadron, and was evacuated back to England where he died two months later at the 1st London General Hospital in Camberwell. He is commemorated on the war memorial at the King's School Wimbledon, the memorial at the Royal Military College Sandhurst and  on the Auckland Online Cenotaph. Lieutenant in KEH in 1915 see Figure 19 and weathered gravestone show on accompanying page.

COOPER, Herbert J. 735. Serjeant. Entered France 22/04/1915. Awarded Military Service Medal 3/06/1918. Discharged 22/02/1919. Anglo-Argentinian Railway staff.

COOPER, T. W. 2328. Private MIC

COOTE, Andrew L. 1953. Private MIC

COOTE, R. A. Adjutant, Captain in KEH 1910, ex-17th Lancers and the North West Mounted Police. Resigned in 1912.

COPE, John R. 1203. Private MIC

CORBETT, Frank G. 59. Serjeant. 'A' Squadron. Entered France 22/04/1915. Discharged 4/04/1919. Born 18/09/1887 and served in the KEH pre-war. Served in the Surrey Home Guard in WW2. Died in London 3/04/1955. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

CORDER, Harold C. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 39947, GWF no MIC.

CORLETTE, Hubert Christian. The Honourable. Second Lieutenant 1902. Commanded 3rd Troop (Australian) 'A' Squadron (British Asian) King's Colonials as Lieutenant 1/02/1903. Major in command of the Reserve Squadron KEH 11/06/1914. Placed on half pay 5/06/1915 and transferred as Temporary Major Royal Field Artillery, East Anglia Brigade 14/11/1915. He served as a Staff Officer in the RFA until the end of the war. He was born on 26/06/1869 in Concord, New South Wales, Australia the son of Reverend James Christian Corlette and Frances Edith (nee Manning) Corlette and educated at Sydney Grammar School, Sydney University, London University and the Slade School. He married Florence Gwynnedd Davies Berrington on 7/10/1903 in Llanfair Kilgeddin, Monmouthshire and worked as an architect and was awarded an Order of the British Empire. They had three children during their marriage. He died on 23/04/1956 in Hendon, Middlesex, at the age of 86. Brother was Brigadier General James Montagu Christian Corlette AIF awarded CMG DSO. Portrait photograph of Major H. C. Corlette as a Major in 1917 wearing his KEH headdress badge shown (courtesy of the Norfolk Museums Collection) and additional photograph of him see Figure 4.

CORNISH, Charles H. 971. Private MIC

COSTELLO, Patrick. 1131. Private MIC

COSTER, Thomas Edmund. 1083. Private. Died in service in an asylum in Cork, Ireland on 27/10/18 aged 33. Buried in CORK MILITARY CEMETERY PARK, IRELAND. Name commemorated in the Ilford War Memorial Gazette and on the Ilford War Memorial Hall, London. No medal records identified. 

COTMAN, Robert A. 1364. Private, Private Essex Regiment, Second Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps MIC

COTTON, Frederick C. 1676. Private MIC

COUNLEY, Harry. 1045. Private MIC

COUPAR Charles. 954. Private MIC

COUVE, Noel. 264. Private, Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps 24/01/1917

COWAN, Eric Hamilton. 393. Lance Corporal, Second Lieutenant ex-Royal Garrison Artillery Territorial Force MIC. Liverpool (Rugby) Football Club member – full-back in the legendary 1913-14 XV. Joined King Edward’s Horse in February 1914 and was a Lance-Corporal by the outbreak of war. London Gazette: 6/4/15: to be 2/Lieut, 1st Lancs RGA, dd. 1/4/15. A younger brother, D.W. Cowan, Lieut., Royal Field Artillery is commemorated on the same grave and an elder brother, G.K. Cowan, served in the Liverpool Scottish (10th Battalion), King’s Liverpool Regiment. E.H. and D.W. Cowan are commemorated on the Liverpool College chapel memorial. G.K. Cowan was also at Liverpool College. Post & Mercury 2/3/16: Eric Cowan was with the Liverpool firm of Balfour, Williamson, merchants. Eric Cowan named on the memorial at Liverpool CC, Aigburth. Like his brothers, Eric was educated at Liverpool College. On his KEH service record the place of birth - Melbourne, Australia. This may have been necessary to join an outfit which had so many Empire connections, but his birth was registered in the Toxteth Park district of Liverpool in 1894, and the 1901 and 1911 censuses show him, and his brothers, as born in Liverpool. Died at Canterbury after an operation and buried with full military honours 28/02/1916 in LIVERPOOL (TOXTETH PARK) CEMETERY. Son of George R. Cowan of 28 Sydenham Avenue, Sefton Park, Liverpool.

COWELL, Stanley Thomas. 1625. Private ex-Sapper Royal Engineers 229156 MIC

COWEN, Joseph M. J. 177. Acting Serjeant, Acting Serjeant 38th Royal Fusiliers J/136 MIC

COWIE, Graham Robertson. 503. Corporal. Served in pre-war KEH whilst at Oxford University studying medicine and promoted to Corporal 1570 'C' Squadron in Mar 1913. Re-enlisted 8/08/1914 at Alexandra Palace and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Field Artillery 26/12/1914. Entered France May 1915. Mentioned in dispatches Battle of Loos. Returned to England in June 1916 to complete his studies and graduated 1917 as a medical doctor. Captain South African Medical Corps. DoW 3/12/1918 whilst serving as a Medical Officer to South African Royal Garrison Artillery.  Born in Natal, South Africa to Dr John Cowie (Senior) and Elizabeth Cowie of Upper Norwood, South Africa. 

COX, Frederick Leslie. 610. Private, Second Lieutenant in photograph at Marlborough Barracks, Dublin 1918 see Figure 33.

COX, Hampden Trevor Ashby. 2090. Private. Left Trinidad with 10th Caribbean Merchant and Planters Contingent 3/10/1917. Prior service with the Naparima Light Horse. Born in Barbados, West Indies on 9/03/1895. Died of pneumonia whilst serving in in Ireland 09/05/18. Buried in GRANGEGORMAN MILITARY CEMETERY, Ireland. 

CRAM, Jonathan. 1007. Private. Born 1886 in Newport, Fifeshire, Wales and lived in Canada. Saw service with the British Columbia Horse then enlisted in KEH as a Private on 20/03/1915 with occupation stated as rancher and arrived in France 20/10/1915. Wounded with gun shot wound to the leg before injuring both arms when his horse reared and fell on him. Died circa 1965-66.

CRAMPTON, Vivian Moore. 1896. Born in Rhodesia and served as a Private 82 in the Rhodesia Regiment then KEH then commissioned Second Lieutenant 2/4th Dorsetshire Regiment attached to 496th Field Company, Royal Engineers.

CRANE, Arthur A. 769. Private enlisted in KEH 1/12/1914 transferred to 653 Company, Labour Corps as a Corporal 416776 and discharged 28/05/1918.

CRANSTON, Herbert David. 856. Lance Corporal. Enlisted as a Private in the KEH having sailed to London on board SS Suwa Mara 16/10/1914. Entered France 1/06/1915 and deployed as a Regimental sniper. Wounded in action at Vieille Chapelle 9-11/04/1918 as a Lance Corporal and discharged 4/04/1919. Born in Manchester, England in 1885 and worked as an Apprentice Maritime Engineer in Shanghai. Returned to Shanghai post war.

CRAWFORD, Charles A. 795. Private KEH discharged 23/02/1919.

CRAWFORD-GREENE, W. P. Born in England and served KEH. Died in 1959.

CRAWSHAY, Lionel R. 1066. Born Honiton, UK on 9/07/1868 and educated at Harrow and then Oxford university 1903-05. Enlisted in KEH as a Private, transferred to Royal Engineers 312892 and served as an Instructor with Computations, Field Survey Company, Royal Engineers. Worked as Colonial Officer in the Bahamas, retired 1934 and died 9/07/1968. Private, Royal Engineers 312892.

CRAYFORD, William. 1116. Serjeant MIC

CRESSWELL, Charles E. 2046. Private. Reported missing Vieille Chapelle 9-11/04/1918. Discharged 22/05/1919.

CRESWICK Henry Forbes. Captain. 'A & B' Squadrons. Born in Brighton, Victoria, Australia on 24/01/1886. Arrived in England Aug 1906 and was a Second Lieutenant in the KEH in 1907 then Lieutenant in 1910. Commissioned Lieutenant 11/06/1914 (London Gazette 7/09/1914) later Captain. Married Alice Reid in 1910. Major attached to Australian Light Horse in 1935. Killed in a motor vehicle accident 17/08/1935 in Melbourne, Australia where he lived in Toorak. Captain in 1915 see Figure 19.

CROFTS, Gordon. Born in England and served KEH.

CROMPTON, Robert (Bobbie) A. 399. Born in Fiji. Corporal arrived in France 21/04/1915, Serjeant 3rd Troop, 'B' Squadron in 1916 and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 22/02/1918. Second Lieutenant in photograph Marlborough Barracks, Dublin 1918 see Figure 33. His Father Robert Crompton was a Queen's Counsel and was made a Companion of the British Empire for his services to civil administration in Fiji. Robert A. Crompton himself became Chief Commissioner of the Fiji Islands Group and died in 1965. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

CRONE, Percy. Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Munster Fusiliers MIC

CRONJE, S. W. Private in the King's Colonials and attended the 1908 annual camp as part of the Oxford university detachment. Born in South Africa and was a nephew of the Boer General Cronje.

CROSBY, Harold Parker. 44. Private. Enlisted 25/08/1914 and discharged 29/07/1915 on medical grounds and did not serve overseas. Awarded Silver War Badge 147563.

CROSS, Reginald George Whitfield. 530. Private enlisted 10/08/1914 and arrived in France 1/06/1915 with 'A' Squadron. Discharged 29/11/1915 due to sickness. Awarded Silver War Badge 5195. Victory medal in a private collection.

CROSSLAND, Frank J. 1096 Private, Royal Fusiliers GS/59100 MIC

CROUCH, Edwin C. 1552. Private KEH, Private Machine Gun Corps 22927, Private Tank Corps, Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force MIC

CROWE, Walter William. 577. Lance Corporal KEH. Arrived in France 22/04/1915 and then commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 3rd Battalion, East Yorkshire 21/01/1916. Promoted to Lieutenant 22/07/1917. Placed on retired Officer's list 21/08/1919 due to wounds. 1914/15 Star (K.Edw.H), British War Medal and Victory Medal sold by Sotherby's auctioneers, UK on 23/11/2004.

CROWLEY, John Nicholas. 1425. Corporal. Born 6/05/1894 in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Enlisted KEH 17/01/1916 and arrived in France 12/09/1916. Posted to the Reserve 21/02/1919. WW2 Corporal DROEC 15/01/1941-30/07/1941. Died April 1950 in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Five family members served in WW1 of whom three (father, his brother and one of the three sons were KIA/DOW).  Portrait photograph from a montage entitled 'Fighting for the Flag, circa 1916'  courtesy of the Australia War Memorial.

CROWTHER, Owen 1945. Private. Born Cape Town, South Africa in 1898. Ex-5th South African Infantry 3857, served in German East Africa and discharged 9/04/1917. Enlisted KEH 9/06/1917 and did not go to France as vision impaired by malaria contracted whilst serving in German East Africa in 1916.

CUBITT, Henry S. 32. First enlisted recruit of the King's Colonials on 4/01/1902. No MIC record for the Great War.

CULLEN, Fred. 1999. Private. Born in Hong Kong and served with the Hong Kong Royal Garrison Artillery

CULVERHOUSE, Edward. 1011. Private, Private Corps of Lancers L/18297 MIC


CUMMINGS, Frank G. 633. Corporal. Born in Southern Rhodesia. Discharged 13/02/1919 and died 03/1946.

CUNINGHAME, Charles Lennox. Second Lieutenant 9th Cavalry Reserve, KEH, Lieutenant 3rd Hussars, Captain Reserve Regiment of Cavalry. Applied for medals from an address in East Africa. Awarded 1914/15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal. Born in 1877 in Australia and died 8/04/1931 in Bayonne, France.

CUNNINGHAM, Cecil Robert. 54. Lance Corporal/Trumpeter. 'B' Squadron. Enlisted in the King's Colonials on 19/03/1909 in Colchester as Trooper, 309. Entered France 22/04/1915. Discharged 18/03/1916 and died 29/10/17 aged 30. Born in Crondall, India in 1886, the son of John Cunningham of Tufnell Park, London. HIGHGATE CEMETERY, LONDON, UK. Entitled to 1914/15 Star Trio.

CUNNINGHAM, Hugh P. L. Born in England and was a Corporal in the 1st Troop, 'A' Squadron King's Colonials/KEH 1909-12. Served as Medical Officer in the Royal Naval Division in WW1. Died in 1960.

CURLING, Aubrey F. J. 1400 Private, Private Ordnance Corps 040723 MIC

CURTIS, Stanley William. 2099. Private born in Madras, India in 1898 and enlisted in the KEH 21/02/1918. Transferred to the Rifle Brigade RB/82203 and discharged 29/01/1919.

CUSACK, Bernard L. 1393. Private, Lancashire Fusiliers 40550 MIC

CUTHILL, George H. 1998. Private from Hong Kong and saw prior service in the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps before joining the KEH.

CUTLACK, Frederick Morley. Private in the pre-war KEH. Born in England in 1886. Commissioned in the Royal Field Artillery and became a war correspondent and visited Australia in 1913. Supported Australian war historian C. E. W. Bean and worked in the Australian Prime Minister's office in the 1920s. Died in the UK in 1967.

CUTLER, Thomas. Private, 1672, 'B' Squadron. Killed in Action 9/04/1918 in defense of Vieille Chapelle, Huits Maisons and Fosse Bridgeheads. Aged 23. Born in Weybridge in 1895.  Youngest son of Mrs Annie Cutler, 2 Yew Cottages, Military Road, Dover. Name recorded on the Dover War Memorial. (Reference - Lionel James: The History of King Edward's Horse (The King's Oversea Dominions Regiment). Sifton, Praed, 1921. (Gravestone photograph courtesy of Pierre Vandervelden). Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.