IDDON, Harry. 1495. Private 2KEH. Enlisted 10/04/1915 in Liverpool and entered France 30/07/1915. Transferred as Private, 4th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 611188 then Private, 11th Battalion, Tank Corps 302799. Discharged 5/03/1919. Born 10/03/1887 in Everton St Ambrose, Lancashire and died Mar 1964 in Preston, Lancashire, England. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

INGE, Walter Charles. Second Lieutenant 2KEH. Transferred to South Staffordshire Regiment (London Gazette 26/02/1916) later Captain. Entered France 16/12/1916. Born 22/05/1868 in South Norwood, Surrey, England and died 6/02/1940 at 116 Victoria Road, Kilburn, London, England. Applied for British War and Victory Medals from Broad Green, London.

INSKIP, Edward Digby. 1272. Private. Returned to England from Buenos Aires, Argentina to enlist 16/12/1914. Entered France 4/05/1915. Commissioned 3rd/4th Battalion Suffolk Regiment 4/09/1916. Later served as a Second Lieutenant with 57 Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps. Born 1894 in Framlingham, Suffolk, England and died 8/10/1964 in Punto Fijo, Falcon, Venezuela. His brother was Roland 'Tim' Debenham Inskip CB CIE DSO MC (17 September 1885 – 23 November 1971) was an English first-class cricketer and British Army officer. Inskip served in the British Indian Army from 1905 to 1947, seeing action in the First World War, the Waziristan campaign and the Second World War. He was highly decorated in these campaigns and eventually reached the rank of Major-General. Edward applied for 1914/15 Star trio from Santiago, Chile. Civilian portrait shown from 1950s courtesy of the Imperial War Museum' Lives of the First World War'.

IRONSIDE, David Cooper. 1699. Private 2KEH. Private 20th then 18th then 14th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 61207. Born 5/03/1886 in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Awarded British War and Victory Medals named to Northumberland Fusiliers.

JACOBS, John. 539. Served as John COLE. Private 2KEH. Enlisted in Liverpool. Entered France 14/10/1915. DOW 13/12/1916 and died 10 General Hospital Rouen. Born in Surrey, England and living at time of enlistment in Canning Town, London. Buried at ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUEN, Seine-Maritime, France. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

JACKSON, Joseph J. 1421. Corporal 2KEH. Transferred as Corporal, 14th Battalion, Liverpool Regiment 85705. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

JAMES, Francis Henry. 824. Private 2KEH. Entered France 2/07/1915. Transferred as Private, Northumberland Fusiliers (NF) 39908. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio named to NF.

JAMES, Maurice. 1345. Private 2KEH. Entered France 15/07/1915. Commissioned 2KEH 15/04/1917. Awarded Silver War Badge 45925 in 2KEH attached to the Machine Gun Corps. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio from Shirley Road, Cardiff. Name commemorated on the Kilkenny War Memorial, MacDonagh Station, Dublin Road, Kilkenny, Ireland.

JAMIESON, John McCuill. 30. Private. Entered France 5/05/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 7th Battalion Notts & Derby Regiment 28/02/1917. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio which he applied for from an address in Scotland.

JARVIE, Norman Alexander. 405. Private KIA 13/12/1914 aged 40. Born in 1874 in Anderson, Glasgow. Received a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the 3rd /4th Battalion of the Highland Light Infantry, dated to the 27/05/1895, 28/07/1896 promotion to full Lieutenant. On 10/10/1899, The London Gazette announced Jarvie’s promotion to Captain. The very next day, the Second Anglo-Boer War broke out and on 25/01/900, the Dundee Evening Telegraph reported that Jarvie had been attached to the 1st Battalion and was soon to depart for South Africa. The 1st Battalion had suffered heavy casualties at the Battle of Magersfontein (11/12/1899) and Issue no 13, vol 2 of the HLIC stated that he was leading a detachment of 50 NCOs and men to replace these losses. On 5th February Jarvie had departed Devonport with his 50 men and was to sail that afternoon from Southampton on the ship Majestic. In late March, reinforcements from the 4th Battalion (likely including Jarvie) finally caught up with the 1st Battalion in the Orange Free State capital of Bloemfontein. The very next day, the battalion had to make a forced march to join the Highland Brigade at Reitfontein. Assuming that Jarvie was not one of them, he almost certainly accompanied the 1st Battalion on its march to Heilbron, during which they lost 70 men to constant harassment from Boer guerrillas. The HLI’s roll for the Queen’s South Africa Medal lists that Jarvie qualified for the Wittebergen clasp, which required him to be in the area of Harrismith and Bethlehem in July of 1900. This means he probably took part in the HLI’s capture of Retief’s Nek on 23rd July. He may also have been present for the action at Spitz Kop on 15th August. Jarvie boarded the ship Britannic from Capetown on 6th October and was on his way back to Britain. On 16/11/1900, the London Gazette published a notice that Jarvie had been removed from the army, ‘the Queen having no further occasion for his services’. This dismissal immediately caused a minor scandal, with half a dozen newspapers printing the story. On 24th November, the Worcester Chronicle published the story under the headline ‘Officers Cashiered’. The manner of his dismissal and the reporting around it suggests that Jarvie’s military career may have ended in a court martial. When the next war broke out 14 years later, he was 41 and technically too old to enlist. However, he appears to have enlisted as a simple trooper in the 2KEH. Jarvie may have lied about his age to join up, but as he was physically capable and passed the tests, many examiners would happily have passed him. Furthermore, he may have omitted to state his previous service, since many battalions didn’t want court martialled soldiers in the ranks. However, the 2KEH was made up primarily of ex-patriot Britons from the colonies and Jarvie’s family connections with Singapore and the Far East may have been a factor in his acceptance. He died of illness 13/12/1914 aged 41 in Brentford Hospital, Middlesex, United Kingdom and is buried in Middlesex. Name commemorated on the Glasgow Necropolis. Jarvie’s Officer’s sword was first recorded in Dix Noonan Web’s Auction of the 14/12/2006. It later appeared in Bonhams’ auction on the 5/12/2012. The sword carries the following Inscription: “Norman A Jarvie, Captain, 4th Ban., Highland Light Infantry, South Africa, 1899 -1900”.

JARVIS, Charles Wemyn Barron. 1011. Entered France 5/05/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 3rd Battalion Royal West Kent Regiment 14/05/1915 later Captain. KIA 30/07/1916. 1914/15 Star trio claimed by mother from Tayport, Fife, Scotland.

JEFFREY, Sidney William. 1831. Private. Enlisted 9/11/1915. Discharged 14/09/1916. 'Came from Australia in March 1915' noted on British War Medal Roll which is his sole entitlement. Born in 1892. Applied for British War Medal from Wellington, New Zealand.

JENKINSON Christopher Russell. 1117. Squadron Quarter Master Serjeant KEH. Entered France 30/09/1915. Wounded at Pont Fixe in 1915. Transferred as Colour Serjeant, Lancashire Fusiliers 45481 then commissioned into the Royal Army Service Corps 28/03/1918. Born Jul1873 and died Jan-Mar 1938 at Lilliputian, Poole, Dorset, England. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio from Stoke Newington, London.

JEPSON, John B. 1437. Private 2KEH. Entered France 5/05/1915. Private, Machine Gun Corps 52909. Transferred Class 'Z' A Reserve 2/02/1919. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

JERVIS, Ivan. 609. Serjeant 2KEH. Entered France 4/05/1915. Transferred as Serjeant, 101654, 29th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

JOHNSON, Albert H. 161. Private. Entered France 4/05/1915. Discharged 19/04/1919. Entitled to a 1914/15 Star trio.

JOHNSON, Louis H. 61709. Trooper, British Columbia Horse transferred as a Driver 2KEH then Air Mechanic Second Class, Royal Air Force Photographic Section. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

JOHNSTON, Andrew Archibald (Archie). 1162. Serjeant. Entered France 5/05/1915. Born in Singapore on 10 December 1881, the son of an East India Merchant. He enlisted as a Trooper in 2KEH on the Army Reserve in November 1914, when he stated that his former occupation was that of 'rancher'; he would later state that he had also been a 'prospector' and 'trawler hand'. Rapidly advanced to Sergeant, he reverted to the rank of Private at his own request in April 1915, shortly before he was embarked for France. By January 1916, however, he was once again wearing Sergeant's stripes and he remained on active service until July 1917, when he was posted to No. 1 Cavalry Cadet Squadron at Netheravon. He was subsequently commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the 1st (Reserve) Lancers and relinquished his commission in March 1919. He served with 20th Middlesex Rifle Volunteers prior to Private 13538, 68th Company (Paget's Horse), 19th Battalion, Imperial Yeomanry 3/01/1900 to Jul 1901. Awarded Queen's South Africa Medal with Cape Colony, Transvaal and South Africa 1900-01 clasps. Applied for 1914/15 Star Trio from Richmond, Surrey, England. He died on 6 November 1927 in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada, at the age of 46 in a railway accident. His 1914-15 Star (1162 Pte. A. A. Johnston, K. Edw. H.); British War Medal 1914-20 (1162 Sjt. A. A. Johnston, K. Edw. H.) was sold at auction by Spink in the UK.

JOHNSTON, Guy Featherston. 2KEH Farrier Serjeant may have served KEH prior. Served in the Boer War as a Lieutenant 1363 with 8th Company, 4th New Zealand Contingent Left Wing 19/06/1901 after four years in 'D' Battery, New Zealand Artillery. Sailed on the 'Gymeric' 31/03/1900. Captain in the New Zealand Militia in 1902. After serving in France with 2KEH returned to New Zealand as a Lieutenant 12701 in the 13th Reinforcements, New Zealand Field Artillery, New Zealand Expeditionary Force from 15/12/1915 with an embarkation date of 27/05/1916 on HMNZT 54 'Willochra'. From Wellington, New Zealand in Boer War and Auckland in WW1. Born 2/9/1872 the son of Hon. C. J. Johnston, MP, Karori, Wellington, New Zealand and died 2/01/1941.Brother of Brigadier-General Francis Earl Johnston, CB KIA 7/08/1917. Born in Wellington, he was educated in England. Joining the British Army, he served with the Prince of Wales’s North Staffordshire Regiment in the Sudan and later in the Second Boer War in South Africa. In New Zealand on secondment to the New Zealand Military Forces when the First World War began, he was posted to the NZEF as commander of the New Zealand Infantry Brigade. He led the brigade through most of the Gallipoli Campaign. Later, on the Western Front, he commanded the 1st Infantry Brigade and, for a brief period, the New Zealand Rifle Brigade. He was shot and killed by a sniper on 7 August 1917, one of three New Zealand brigadier generals killed during the war. Lieutenant Johnston noted as serving in the 2KEH in the Taranaki Herald 1/10/1914. Commemorated on the Auckland Online Cenotaph.

JOHNSTON, Hector Camden. 1670. Private. Entered France 2/10/1915. Commissioned Border Regiment 26/06/1917. Awarded Silver War Badge 341,142. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio from Eureka, Richmond River, New South Wales, Australia. Born 9/07/1887 in Eureka, New South Wales, Australia and died 13/11/1939 in Eureka.

JOHNSTONE, James. 723. Private. Entered France 4/05/1915. Commissioned 4th Battalion, King's Shropshire Light Infantry 24/01/1917. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

JOHNSTONE, Robert Philip. 1312. Private KEH then Private 2KEH, 1312. Enlisted 23/12/1914. Entered France 5/05/1915. Discharged 2/09/1916 due to wounds with Silver War Badge 177,131. Awarded OBE. Born in 1890 in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago and died in 1967. Brother of Corporal Romer Johnstone, 1316 KEH. Awarded 1914/15 Star trio. Information courtesy of Helen Pollock.

JONES, Edward Arthur. 1593. Private. Enlisted 29/04/1915 and entered France 15/07/1915. Discharged 9/08/1917. Born in 1888. Awarded Silver War Badge 14,571. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

JONES, Frank (Fred) Wright. 927. Private 2KEH enlisted December 1914 and served in Serjeant Cowley's troop. Transferred to the Army Service Corps on 28/09/1917 as Lance Corporal R/39963. The very grainy photograph shown of Private Frank Jones with Private Charlie Hakewill, 2KEH appeared in the Market Harborough Advertiser 9 November 1915 taking a break. The article about the photograph explains Charlie was nicknamed “Peter the Painter” and Fred W. Jones was “Jockey” enjoying a “well earned rest,” and we might also add, a well earned refreshment. Both send cheery greetings to their Harborough friends. They are in 2KEH, The Canadian Mounted Brigade. An additional photograph of Private Jones, 2KEH who was a cross country horseman from a village in Market Harborough, UK on horseback is shown in Figure 39d from local sources by W. R. (Bob) H. Hakewill a published local historian in Market Harborough, UK.

JONES, Harry. 1750. Private 2KEH. Enlisted in London on 24/07/1915. Acting Serjeant Royal Engineers WR12815, 205598. No 205598 served in Inland Water Transport section. Discharged 21/4/18 as over military service age. Died 30/4/18 on board H.M.A.T. "Suevic" en-route to Australia of lymphadenonia. Next of Kin, Mr W. Jones, Salop Street, North Kensington, Adelaide and Mrs. J. Lawn (Aunt), Main Street, Mordialloc, Victoria. Awarded Silver War Badge 360150 due to sickness and entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

JONES, John H. 1571. Private 2KEH. Transferred to Royal Flying Corps (RFC) 6/11/1917 107453. British War and Victory Medals named to RFC.

JONES, Stanislaus Robert. 1885. Private (Signaller). 3rd Troop. 2KEH Reserve Regiment. Enlisted 7/04/1916. Served in Ireland. Discharged 5/04/1919on an army pension due to service induced medical condition. No service medal entitlement. His mother resided in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

JORDAN, Edward. 1156. Corporal 2KEH. Entered France 2/07/1915. Transferred as Corporal, 1st Battalion then 7th Battalion, Rifle Brigade 200715. KIA 22/02/1917 aged 27. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jordan, of Co. Carlow; husband of Edith Jordan, of Scholefield Road, Upper Holloway, London. Buried in MONT HUON MILITARY CEMETERY, LE TREPORT, France. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

JOYCE, James Bailey. 1864. Corporal 2KEH. Transferred as Corporal, 3/85725 in the 20th Battalion, King's Liverpool Regiment and then to the 11th Battalion, Tank Corps as Corporal, 302886. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals named to the Tank Corps.

JOYCE, Percy F. 1350. Private 2KEH. Entered France 4/05/1915. Commissioned Royal Engineers 29/1/1916 later Captain.1914/15 Star Trip applied for c/o Messrs. Brown Shipley & Co, Pall Mall, London. British War and Victory Medals issued by Government of India.

JOYCE, Reuben (Robert) Jacob. 1305. Private 2KEH. Entered France 5/05/1915. Discharged 19/04/1919. Born in Singapore in 1892 and lived in Princess Gate, Knightsbridge, London. Multiple hospital admissions when serving with 2KEH as a result of venereal disease. Died in Nov 1919. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio with British War and Victory Medals returned to be destroyed as unclaimed due to premature death.

JUDD, Henry Alexander. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1914. Promoted to Lieutenant in Oct 1914. Acting Captain then Captain with the 3rd Canadian Cavalry. Entered France 3/05/1915. Twice Mentioned in Despatches (London Gazette 11/12/1917 and 20/12/1918). Lieutenant Colonel on 1914/15 Star trio application. Awarded Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1919 list in the London Gazette as Lieutenant 2KEH. His 1914/15 Star and his OBE are shown on the accompanying page, courtesy of a private collector. 

JUDD, Reginald A. 2023. Private 2KEH. Transferred to KEH as Private 2077. Discharged 4/12/1919. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

JUDGE, Arthur George. 1668. Private. He enlisted in London 16/10/1917 in 2KEH and then transferred as Private 59058, Royal Fusiliers then Private, 26318, 1st Battalion, East Surrey Regiment. He died at 48 Casualty Clearing Station, France, of pneumonia on 6/03/1919. Buried in Belgrade Cemetary, Belgium. Son of Elizabeth Jane (nee WITHERS) JUDGE of Watford, and the late James JUDGE. Arthur was born 1897 in Westminster, London, and resided in Balcombe, Sussex. On the 1901 Census, aged 3 he lived in Leweston, Dorset, with his parents and two siblings. On the 1911 Census, at school aged 13, he lived in Berkeley Square, London W, with his parents and no siblings. He was entitled to the British War and Victory Medals.

JUST, Leonard Wolfgang. 1045. Second Lieutenant in the King's Colonials 21/04/1903. Private 2KEH. Entered France 4/05/1915 then commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, 2nd/6th Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment 10/10/1915 later Lieutenant. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

KANE, Denis. 1457. Private 2KEH. Entered France 4/05/1915. Transferred as Private 2nd/10th Battalion, King's Liverpool Regiment 91429 then Private, 10th then 11th Battalion, Tank Corps 202818, KIA 2/09/1918. Buried at Dury Crucifix Cemetery, France. Born in Fiarveiw, Co. Dublin the son of Denis Kane and Bridget Prendergast. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

KANE, Michael Douglas. 1542. Private 2KEH. Enlisted 21/04/1915 in Dublin aged 25. Lance Corporal Military Mounted Police P/15732. From Rush, Dublin, Ireland.

KEARNEY, John. 1498. Private. Entered France 4/05/1915. Deserted 29/10/1915 and awarded no medals.

KEEN, Arthur William. 1917. Private 2KEH. Transferred as Private 1st/7th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 61191, Private 11th Battalion, Tank Corps 302790. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

KEESHAN, Daniel Joseph. 1513. Lance Corporal. 2KEH. Serjeant, 85715, King's Liverpool Regiment. Born July 1885 in Ireland and served as a boy soldier in the Leinster Regiment, 6102 from 01/1900-10/07/1903 then Private in the Irish Guards 11/07/1903-11/03/1908, Corporal 12/03/1908-19/03/1914. Transferred to 2KEH then Serjeant, King's Liverpool Regiment, 85715 from 14/04/1914-14/12/1918. Lance Corporal KEH, 1513. Re-joined Dublin Metropolitan Police 8/11/1918 and difficult to ascertain when he served pre-war given succession of army service. Died in Dublin 1/11/1944. Photograph of 1914/15 Star trio shown named to King's Liverpool Regiment. 

KELLY, Arthur F. 177. Serjeant. Farrier. Entered France 3/06/1915. Discharged 13/12/1918. Entitled to a 1914/15 Star Medal trio.

KELLY, John George. 1619. Private. Birth name Joaquim Vitali. Transferred to 3rd Battalion, Rifle Brigade as Private S/29120. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals named to Rifle Brigade.

KELLY, Joseph. 760. Private. Enlisted 26/08/1914 and discharged 11 days later on 5/09/1914. Passed his medical examination but Short Service Attestation papers state not appointed signed by Lt Col Montagu Cradock, Commanding Officer. Born in 1884 in Ratoath, County Meath, Ireland. No medal entitlement.

KELLY, Joseph. 1651. Private. Transferred to 1st/4th Northumberland Fusiliers as Private, 39987 and then Tank Corps as Private, 302919. Prisoner of War 29/09/1918 to 11/11/1918. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals named to Tank Corps.

KELLY, Robert. 806. Private. Enlisted 25/08/1914 and entered France 4/05/1915. Transferred as Private 85716 in the 19th Battalion, King's Liverpool Regiment then transferred to Machine Gun Corps (Heavy Branch - Tank Corps 27/08/1917 as Private 302779. Discharged 4/03/1919.. Prior service as Private 1505 with Nesbitt's Horse in the Boer War and awarded Queen's South Africa Medal with Cape Colony clasp and King's South Africa Medal with South Africa 1901 and 1902 clasps. His medals were sent to his brother C. H. Kelly, Warder, Her Majesty's Prison, Lincoln. Born in York, England in 1880. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio with 1914/15 Star named to 2nd KEH and British War and Victory Medals named to Tank Corps.

KELSON, Gerald Miles. Private 2KEH. Lieutenant 24/01/1917. Transferred and promoted to Major, 11th Battalion, Tank Corps. Served in German West Africa arrived 26/09/1914 with Enslin's Horse as Trooper 93 until 26/05/1915. Awarded Military Cross for gallantry 8/10/1918 at Villers Otreaux as Lieutenant (Acting Captain, Tank Corps) (London Gazette 30/07/1919). Died 27/12/1919 of an overdose of chlorodyne and buried Plumsead Cemetery, Cape Town, South Africa. Awarded 1914/15 Star trio.

KEMP, Joseph. 1765. Private. Discharged 22/06/1919. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

KEYS, Charles. 190. Serjeant. Warrant Officer Class 2. Warrant Officer Class 2, 2KEH. Entered France 5/05/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, 11th Battalion, Devonshire Regiment on 4/08/1916. Lived in Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia. Awarded Silver War Badge 149868. Awarded 1914/15 Star trio.

KIDDELL, Arthur James Bartram. 1420. Private 2KEH. Entered France 5/05/1915. Transferred as Lance Corporal, Northumberland Fusiliers 39957. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio from Charing Cross, London, England.

KIERNAN, Christopher. 1825. Private 2KEH. Transferred to 1st/4th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers, 61281 then 11th Battalion, Tank Corps, 302831. Died in service of sickness 7/11/1918. Buried in ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN, France. Born 20/05/1895 in Mullingar, Co Westmeath, Ireland. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

KILLINGLY, John Charles Horwood. 138. Private. 2KEH. Enlisted 27/08/1914. Served until 25/09/1914. Served in Belgium from Oct 1914 after he transferred to the 60th Remount Squadron, Army Service Corps as Acting Serjeant, 2672. Discharged 3/04/1916 with a service sustained injury to return to Australia for work of National importance. Born in New South Wales, Australia. Prior service in the South Australian Light Horse in the Boer War. Married Daisy Helen Wensley on 14/08/1914 in Margate, England with two children, John and William. Father was William Edward Horwood Killingly who resided in London. Awarded Silver War Badge 88512 and British War and Victory Medals in 1926 and was living in Moore Park, New South Wales, Australia. Looks to have been eligible for 1914 Star. His son John served in the Royal Australian Air Force from 1939-1948 with service number 445459.

KINCAID, Alfred William. 1480. Private 2KEH. Enlisted 8/04/1915 and entered France 4/05/1915. Transferred as Corporal, 11th Battalion, Tank Corps 112281. Discharged 5/02/1919. Prior service with South Irish Horse. Surname corrected from KINCAIRD on Medal Index Card. Born in 5/09/1899 in St Peters Parish, Dublin and died 19/11/1978 in Santa Barbara, California, United States of America. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio named to Tank Corps.

KINCAIRD-SMITH, Alan. 1264. Private. Entered France 5/07/1915. Commissioned 12th Battalion, Highland Light Infantry 12/03/1916. Eligible for Silver War Badge. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio from Salisbury, Rhodesia.

KING, Alfred Marston. 681. Private 2KEH. Enlisted 11/12/1915. Entered France 5/05/1915. Transferred as Private 1st/5th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 61260 then Private, 11th Battalion, Tank Corps 302821. Discharged 7/01/1919. Born in 1895. Resided Brithdir, Glamorgan, South Wales. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

KING, Charles Stanley. Private 2KEH. Served with pre-war KEH from 1911 whilst a Rhodes scholar at Oxford University. Entered France 10/09/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery later Lieutenant. Awarded Military Cross as a Forward Observation Officer at the Battle of Loos. Mentioned in Despatches. WIA twice with wounds received at Battle of Messines resulting in 12 month hospitalisation. Born in 1890 and educated at Hutchins School, Tasmania, Australia and died in Montagu Bay, Tasmania 26/04/1959. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

KING, Daniel Bagett. 442. Private. Enlisted at White City, London on 25/08/1914. Entered France 4/05/1915 and discharged 16/01/1919. Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1867 and was married and living in Lambeth, London. Prior service with Bechuanaland Border Police, time expired. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio. Rank shown as Bombardier on MIC but this is not a yeomanry rank so is an error.

KING, George Ernest. 2033. Private. 3rd Troop. Enlisted 23/08/1916 at Kilkenny, Ireland. Served in Ireland for two and half years. Discharged 19/03/1919. Born in 1888 and lived at Erdington, Birmingham and died in 1973. Applied for disability pension as a result of military service with deafness in both ears. Brewer at South Berks Brewery Co, Newbury. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

KING, William S. 2053. Private 2KEH. Transferred as a Lance Corporal, Royal Engineers 229178 then Pioneer, Royal Engineers 604663. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals named to Royal Engineers.

KINGSFORD, Arthur. 979. Serjeant. From New Zealand. Entered France 5/06/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 176th Tunneling Company, Royal Engineers 10/09/1915. Later Acting Captain. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

KIRK, Charles William. 483. Squadron Quarter Master Serjeant (Warrant Officer Class 2) later Regimental Quarter Master Serjeant 2KEH. Entered France 4/05/1915. Commissioned Second Lieutenant 5th Battalion Notts & Derby Regiment 25/09/1916. Joined 1st/6th Battalion Dec 1917. Wounded 3/01/1918 by shrapnel from a shell burst and did not rejoin the Battalion but worked with Ministry of Munitions in Westminster, London. From Durban, South Africa. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio which he applied for.

KIRWAN, Patrick. 1518. Private 2KEH. Transferred to Royal Flying Corps (RFC) 17/02/1917 as Private 65465. British War Medal and Victory Medals named to RFC. Name commemorated on the Kilkenny War Memorial, MacDonagh Station, Dublin Road, Kilkenny, Ireland.

KITNEY, George. 1268. Private 2KEH. Entered France 5/05/1915. Transferred as Private, 12th Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 55484. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

KNAPP, Terrand Jeffery Cuthbert. 1418. Private 2KEH. Enlisted 12/02/1915 and entered France 5/05/1919. Transferred as Private Labour Corps 230744. Discharged 29/11/1917 as physically unfit for service. Born in 1874 and resided at enlistment at Southsea, Hampshire. Prior service with Robert's Horse as Private 4608 and discharged with enteric fever in 1902. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio named to Labour Corps,

KNOWLES, Benjamin. 389. Serjeant 2KEH. Attested 24/08/1914 at White City, London. Entered France 4/05/1915. Promoted to Serjeant 9/07/1916. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 9/11/1916 later Captain and then Major, attached 88th Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps *RAMC). Awarded Military Medal as a Serjeant in 2KEH 21/11/1916 and Military Cross as a Captain RAMC (London Gazette 24/08/1918) when was himself wounded while attended to the wounded) and Mentioned in Despatches 30/04/1916. Born in Aberdeen on 26/05/1885 and died on the 25/10/1933 in London. Prior service Scottish Horse. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio and applied for medals from an address in Richmondhill Road, Aberdeen, Scotland. His brother Private John Forbes Knowles, 2719 born 26/02/1891 and KIA Ypres 5/05/1915 with 4th Battalion, Gordon Highlanders.

KNOX, Wilfred Sidney. 1826. Private 2KEH. Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61244, Private Royal Army Ordnance Corps 043721. Discharged to the Reserve 21/02/1919. Did not serve in France and entitled to British War and Victory Medals. Born 29/05/1895 and died in Goodwood, Trinidad and Tobago. Brother of Harold (Harry) Dudley Knox, 1827.

KNOX, Harold (Harry) Dudley. 1827. Private 2KEH. 'A' Squadron. Left Trinidad for UK 18/10/1915 with 1st Caribbean Merchant and Planters Contingent. Died of Wounds 3/06/1917 aged 22.  Born in 1895 the son of William and Celeste Knox, of William's Ville, Trinidad, British West Indies and educated at St. Mary's College, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Buried at DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUN, Pas de Calais, France. Brother of Wilfred Sidney Knox, 1826. Portrait photograph of Harry Knox shown and additional information on the Knox brothers courtesy of Paul Sandford (Great uncle was Harold Knox).

KNOX-LITTLE, . Second Lieutenant. Arrived Merris, France 28/06/1915 from Reserve Cavalry Regiments in England.

KOECHLIN, Marcel Charles. 649. Serjeant. Enlisted 8/09/1914 at age 40, entered France 5/05/1915 and sustained Gun Shot Wound to the scalp in Aug 1917 with no ill effect. Discharged 14/12/1918. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio and awarded Silver War Badge due to sickness. Applied for his medals from Vine House, Church Walks, Llandudno, Wales.                                                    

KRUGER, Charles Horace. 1919. Private 2KEH. Enlisted in London. Private, 1/5th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 61259. KIA. 19/12/1917. Only son of the late John and Edith Kruger, of Las Palmas, Grand Canary. Commemorated on the TYNE COT MEMORIAL, Belgium. Entitled to British War and Victory Medal. Victory Medal sold by Great War Medals then on eBay UK and image shown.