King Edward's Horse (KEH) Bandsman's Uniform

The King Edward's Horse bandsman's tunic was of khaki cloth with scarlet mohair lace to the collar and cuffs as per the Full Dress tunic of the Officer's and Other Ranks (Figures 124-125). A distinctive feature of the bandsman's tunic was the broad scarlet shoulder cords with the left adorned with a scarlet aiguillette, terminating with metal tangs (these can be seen in the photograph of the band taken in 1913-14 depicted in Figure 126). A pair of King Edward's Horse Regimental collar badges and King Edward's Horse brass buttons are shown on the tunic. The trousers bore a double vertical scarlet stripe.  The cap (Figure 125) bears the additional scarlet line to the crown that set it apart from the regular King Edward's Horse service cap as was the case with the King's Colonials Service Dress cap.  The cap badge worn in the cap was the Saxon Crown First pattern headdress badge. The photograph of the KEH band depicted in Figure 126 shows the gilt metal Lyre badge in the caps as had been worn in the Bandsman's undress uniform caps of the King's Colonials. It is likely that the cap shown in Figure 125 was worn with the Service Dress and hence the badge shown on it is the standard KEH headdress badge which would have been replaced by the Lyre badge during performances of the band.  

Figure 124: The King Edward's Horse bandsman's tunic circa 1910-14 (Photographs courtesy Stephen Bosley, Bosley's auction catalogue, lot number 865, March 2008).

Figures 125: The King Edward's Horse bandsman's Service Dress cap circa 1913 (Photographs courtesy Victor Taboika).

The band of the King Edward’s Horse as again described by Sergeant Bottle comprised 26 members: Bandmaster, eight Clarinetists, four Cornets, French Horn, Eb Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Euphonium, Saxophone, two tenor Trombones, one Bass Trombone, Bombardon, Bass Drum, Side Drum and Cymbals.

The band of King Edward’s Horse was led by Quarter Master Serjeant Major Frederic Willet Skepelhorn (see Nominal Roll) in 1913-15.

Figure 126:  Band of the King Edward's Horse led by Quarter Master Serjeant Major Frederick Willet Skepelhorn, Bandmaster (second from left) in Undress Bandsman's uniform circa 1913 (R. J. Smith collection).  Note the distinctive shoulder cords and scarlet aiguillettes of the bandsman's tunics.