Australian Squadron Other Ranks' Headdress Badge - Genuine

A kangaroo on a scroll inscribed Australia.  In brass (KK 1375).

In 1903, upon formation of the ‘E’ Squadron (New Zealand), ‘C’ Squadron (Australasian) was left with an entirely Australian make-up.  It was re-named the ‘C’ Squadron (Australian).

The ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) headdress badge is shown being worn in Figure 262.
Figure 262: Close-up image of the ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) headdress (KK 1375) taken from the group photograph of mounted King’s Colonials (Figure 115) (Iain Davidson collection). 

Figures 263-264 show an example of a genuine Other Ranks’ headdress badge. The headdress badge is die struck in yellow-brass. This badge has copper loops which lack feet and are positioned north-south. The quality of the strike is very good with fine detail evident on the front and rear of the badge.

Figures 263-264: A genuine ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) Other Ranks’ headdress badge (KK 1375) in gilding metal with north-south loops.