Australian Squadron Other Ranks' Headdress Badge - Genuine

The Australian Squadron headdress and collar badges depict a kangaroo on a scroll inscribed Australia.  In brass (KK 1375).

In 1903, upon formation of the ‘E’ Squadron (New Zealand), ‘C’ Squadron (Australasian) was left with an entirely Australian make-up. It was re-named the ‘C’ Squadron (Australian).

The ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) headdress badge is shown being worn in Figure 256.

Figure 256: Close-up image of the ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) headdress (KK 1375) taken from the group photograph of mounted King’s Colonials (Figure 121) (Iain Davidson collection). 

To date I have been unable to identify an Officer's gilt example of this badge. Figure 257 is a genuine Other Ranks’ headdress badge in gilding metal. The headdress badge is die struck and has copper loops which lack feet and are positioned north-south. The quality of the strike is very good with fine detail evident on the front and rear of the badge.

Figure 257: A genuine ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) Other Ranks’ headdress badge (KK 1375) in gilding metal with north-south loops. 

An additional example of the Australian Squadron Other Ranks headdress badge is shown in Figure 258. This headdress badge is shown with a pair of Australian Squadron Officer's gilt collar badges. The collar badges are die-struck in gilt with service wear to their front surfaces and have north-south gilt loops without feet. These collar badges were worn as a facing pair.

Figure 258: A genuine ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) Other Ranks’ headdress badge (KK 1375) in gilding metal with Officer's gilt collar badges. 

Unlike bronzed OSD versions of the 'A' Squadron (British Asian), 'B' Squadron (British American) and 'E' Squadron (New Zealand) collar badges, a bronzed OSD version of the 'C' Squadron (Australian) collar badges has not been noted.