GABBUTT, James Frederick. 890. Serjeant. Part of Shanghai Contingent on board the "SS Suwa Maru" 16/10/1914 and was serving with the Shanghai Municipal Police 1912-23. Entered France 22/04/1915 and discharged 5/04/1919. Born 5/08/1889 in Maiden Newton, Dorset, England and died in Apr 1938 in Shanghai. Awarded 1914/15 Star trio.

GABBUTT, L. 1705. Private KEH. Transferred as a Private Military Foot Police P13611 on 29/06/1916 until 11/11/1918. Awarded British War and Victory Medals named to Military Foot Police.

GABRIELSEN, Maurice (Morris). 376. Corporal. 'A' Squadron. Enlisted pre-war KEH 17/12/1912. Entered France 1/06/1915. Died 10/12/1918 aged 25 after being discharged with tuberculosis 7/09/1918. Son of David and Rose Gabrielsen of 3 Windermere Terrace, Prince's Park, Liverpool. Buried in LIVERPOOL (BROAD GREEN) JEWISH CEMETERY, UK. Name commemorated on a plaque - PRINCES ROAD SYNAGOGUE - ROLL OF HONOUR; OLD HEBREW SYNAGOGUE and commemorated on Liverpool Town Hall Roll of Honour, Toxteth, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK; and Liverpool College, Sefton Park, Merseyside. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals. Awarded Silver War Badge 30526.

GAIR, Samuel. 1387. Private. Discharged 15/07/1919. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

GALLAGHER, Charles. 1624. Private. Transferred as Private, Labour Corps 570488. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

GALLOWAY, James. 1292. Private. Born in South Africa in 1882. Prior service of 12 years with Diamonds Field Artillery. Enlisted KEH 10/11/1915. Discharged 10/04/1916 charged with misconduct. No medal entitlement.

GALLOP, Betram Powell. 594. Private. Entered France 22/04/1915 and commissioned Second Lieutenant 10th Reserve Battalion, King's Liverpool Regiment 4/08/1916 later Captain Cheshire Yeomanry. Born 8/03/1883 in Newfoundland, Canada and died Jul 1965 in Ironbridge, Shropshire, England. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio c/o Bank of England, Liverpool.

GALT, Horace Vernon. 937. Private. Born Southsea, Hants in 1876. Enlisted 11/02/1915. Discharged on medical grounds 17/07/1918. Prior service of twelve years in the Natal Mounted Rifles as Private 1442. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

GALT, Kenneth Victor. 1309. Private. 'A' Squadron. From Trinidad having sailed 18/10/1915 with 1st Caribbean Merchant and Planters Contingent. Wounded at Savy Wood 22/3/17 near Arras, France. Transferred to the Reserve 15/07/1919. Born on 4/10/1894 in Chaguanas, Trinidad, British West Indies and died Aug 1979 in Monticello, Piatt, Illinois, USA. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

GAMMEN, Harry. 2186. Private. Enlisted 3/03/1916. Discharged 21/10/1918. Awarded Silver War Badge 120794. Born in 1886 and applied for Silver War Badge from Huntingham, London and died Mar 1962 in Wandsworth, London, England. Did not serve overseas and no service medal entitlement.

GANN, Felix. 1432. Private. Enlisted 22/01/1916. Transferred to 6th Battalion Royal Fusiliers 59231 then 1st Battalion, East Surrey Regiment 26231. Entered France 12/10/1917 and discharged 26/12/1917 due to sickness. Born in 1889. Awarded Silver War Badge 300892. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

GARDINER, Jack D. ('Puss', John). 1323. Private. Australian transferred to reserve 17/06/19. Likely to have been born in 1885 (David Jack Gardiner) and married on 16/11/1929 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia to Jessie Hedwig Eustazia de Kierski. Died in Sydney 1/06/1951. Awarded British War and Victory Medals which were re-issued in 1936. Photograph see Figure 31.

GARDNER, S. F. Private KEH. 'B' Squadron. Master of the King's Colonials Lodge from Dec 1939. Died 24/11/56 at Sanderstead, London.

GARRETT, Alfred John Wilton. 66. Serjeant KEH. Born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1884. Served in KEH 8/01/13 - 28/02/13 then re-enlisted 1/03/13. Embodied 5/08/14. Corporal 27/12/14, Serjeant 25/11/15, OR Serjeant 11/03/17. Arrived in France 21/04/15, wounded during service and discharged 31/03/19. Awarded Silver War Badge 514149 and entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

GARRIOCH, Ernest Archibald. 333. Acting Serjeant KEH. Entered France 17/06/1915. Transferred as Acting Corporal, 10th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers G/595608. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

GARRISON, Robert Harold. 236. Private. Born in 1892 in Montreal, Canada. Enlisted KEH 28/11/1911 and served to 28/02/1913. Re-enlisted 23/06/1913. Discharged 31/08/1914 as a student.

GARRONE, E. G. Service with KEH noted in Old Comrades Association bulletin. Prior service in the 21st Lancers and Secretary to Employment Bureau Headquarters, British Legion. Died Dec 1940.

GARSTIN, Crosbie 612. Second Lieutenant KEH. Crosbie was born in Mount Vernon, Newlyn, Cornwall to Norman Garstin and Louisa ‘Dochie’ née Jones. He was the eldest of three children; Denys (later Denis) (1890 – 1918) and Alethea (1894 – 1978). He was educated at Brandon House, Cheltenham, Elstow School, Bedford and in Germany. He was head-boy of his school due to sporting prowess in rugby union and swimming. As a young man he traveled and worked as a bronco buster in Montana, United States and as a lumberjack in Canada. He also traveled to China, Hawaii, Japan and Morocco. On returning home his father, fed-up with Crosbie's inability to get suitable qualifications and hold down a job, sent him to South Africa. From 1912, he ran a cattle ranch in Bechuanaland, and acted as a bush ranger to the Tati Concessions. With the outbreak of World War I he came back to Britain and in October 1914 joined 'B' Squadron of the KEH as a Private. The regiment left for France on 21/04/1915 and Garstin was promoted to Lance Corporal shortly before leaving. He was commissioned on the battlefield as a Second Lieutenant on 14/09/1915, and joined 'C Squadron, which was attached to the 47th (London) Division at Nœux-les-Mines and was involved in the Battle of Loos and on the Italian Front. In 1916, he was posted to Dublin as an Intelligence Officer during the rebellion there. As well as writing poetry he made contributions to Punch magazine which were well received. Garstin disappeared when returning from a party to a friend's yacht Osprey in the Salcombe estuary on 19/04/1930. The rowing boat capsized and his body was never found despite Garstin being a strong swimmer and other two occupants of the boat surviving. His widow, Lillian (née Barkworth) was Mayor of Penzance in 1962–63. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio. Items of his uniform and equipment from his service in the KEH in the collection of the National Army Museum. Photograph of Lieutenant Crosbie Garstin in 1914 from Old Comrades Association Bulletin 19: 23, 1952.

GATTEY, F. W. 8. Squadron Quarter Master Serjeant. King's Colonials. Presumably relative of W. V. Gattey.

GATTEY, W. V. 3. Squadron Quarter Master Serjeant. King's Colonials. Presumably relative of F. V. Gattey.

GEDDES, James Gordon. 1027. Private. Entered France 2/06/1915. Commissioned Second Lieutenant 9/07/1916 then Lieutenant 176th Company, Royal Engineers. Died 1946 in Scotland. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio from Southern Rhodesia.

GEOGHEGAN, Robert Gerrard. 690. Private KEH. Entered France 2/06/1915 and discharged 30/07/1919. Born on 19/03/1873 in Wexford, Ireland. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

GIBLIN, James. 752. 'A' Squadron. Arrived in France 2/06/1915 and discharged 3/03/1919. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

GIBSON, Alfred John. King's Colonials. Second Lieutenant KEH 1910 commanded the 1st Troop 'A' Squadron. Promoted to Lieutenant 11/06/1913. Became a highly regarded General Practitioner in Brentwood after the Great War having served as Medical Officer of 4th Battalion Essex Regiment from when he qualified , through 1914-18 in Gallipoli and Palestine and after till he reached the age limit. The Essex Regiment museum has his photo album which starts with Dulwich College Cadet Corps, Cambridge University Cadet Rifle Volunteers, King's Colonials, KEH and then 4th Essex. Died in Brentwood, Essex in Sep 1949. Information courtesy of Keith Hook.

GIBSON, Fenton Manifold. 1281. Private. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, Royal Marine Light Infantry 22/06/1917. Awarded British War and Victory Medals with British War Medal sold on eBay.

GIDDINGS, Joseph. 1475. Private. Enlisted 4/04/1916 and transferred as Private 29077 to 13th Battalion, Rifle Brigade 12/12/1916. Entered France 23/05/1917, wounded 5/05/1918 and discharged 22/03/1919. Born in 1893 in England. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

GILBERT, William Eric. 980. Private. C Squadron. Returned from prospecting in Rhodesia to enlist. Entered France as 980 Private with KEH on 22/05/1915  two Squadrons were sent to France on 21/22 April 1915, as Divisional Cavalry.  ‘C’ Squadron joined the 47th Division. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant , within KEH, from Sergeant, 16/04/1917. "The History of KEH" (Lt Col Lionel James),  page 249 (The Italian Front) “The changes in the Officers’ personnel in Italy included besides Captain Creswick the arrival of the following Second Lieutenants from the Reserve Unit in Dublin: A.J. McIntosh, R O’H Giles, J.W. Patell, E.H. Fisher, W.E. Gilbert and R.A.B. Hunter”. Page 379 (Nominal Roll of Officers in 1919), Lieutenant W.E. Gilbert M.C. Awarded the Military Cross as a Lieutenant for his actions at Leuze on 9/11/1918. There is a very good Post Operational Report on the ‘doings’ of ‘Stockwell’s Force’ and the part played by Gilbert.  Returned to Rhodesia after the Great War as a District Commissioner. He was appointed a Lieutenant in the ‘National Defence Companies’ with effect 2/08/1939. Photograph of Lieutenant Gilbert and his wife after receiving his Military Cross from the King at Buckingham Palace in 1919 courtesy of Robin Martin and Lieutenant Gilbert's great grandson Sean Wright. He is wearing the Officer's round pattern headdress badge (KK 1509). Robin and Sean also generously provided a copy of a photograph of Lieutenant Gilbert's Commission parchment which is shown on the Introduction & Acknowledgements page of this website. This is the only known surviving example of a Commission parchment to an Officer of the KEH.

GILLIANT, L. A. Lieutenant. Born in England and died in 1935.

GIPSON, George 2032. Private. Born in Hong Kong. Entered France 19/07/1918. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, Chinese Labour Corps. Applied for British War and Victory Medals from Hong Kong.

GIRVAN, Robert L. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 26/06/1915. Temporary Lieutenant with Territorial Force Artillery Training School. No matching Medal Index Card or Medal Roll entries located.

GLADSTONE, Stuart L. 163. Lance Corporal. 'A' Squadron then 2nd Section, 1st Troop, 'C' Squadron in June 1917. Entered France 17/06/1915. Transferred as a Lance Corporal to the Royal Flying Corps 318002 on 16/04/1918. Born in Babington, Birkenhead, Cheshire, England in 1892 and died in 1970. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

GLADWISH, Edward Lovell. 841. Serjeant. Born in Ore, Sussex, England 23/07/1879. Prior service in the South African Constabulary 1902-07 and as Private 1721, 1st Service Company, 1st Royal Sussex Regiment and awarded Queen's South Africa Medal with Cape Colony, Orange Free State and Transvaal Clasps. Enlisted in the KEH having sailed to London from Shanghai where he was serving with the Shanghai Municipal Police on board the "SS Suwa Maru" on 16/10/1914. Entered France 22/04/1915. Awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) for the defence of Vieille Chapelle 9-11/04/1918 (London Gazette 3/09/1918). Discharged 5/04/1919. Served with the Shanghai Municipal Police 1908-24. Photo from newspaper cutting when he was awarded the DCM.

GLASSPOOL, George. 116. Farrier Quarter Master Serjeant. Enlisted 1/03/1913 and discharged 2/02/1919. Served with Reserve Regiment and did not see service in France. Awarded Silver War Badge 216878 as sole entitlement. Possibly brother of James and son of Walter Glasspool.

GLASSPOOL, James A. 438. Private. Discharged 5/04/1919 (Shown in photograph Figure 23 as named Glasspool and a Private in the photograph). Possibly brother of George and son of Walter Glasspool.

GLASSPOOL, Walter. T. 269. Farrier Serjeant (Warrant Officer Class 2). 4th Troop, 'C' Squadron. Discharged 5/04/1919 and died in Dec 1940. Possibly the father of George and/or James Glasspool by age at date of death.

GLEABELL, W. J. Private. Enlisted from the Argentine. Medal Index Card does not record any medal entitlement just his Argentine address.

GLEADELL, William. 1119. Private. Enlisted 31/05/1915 and discharged 12/11/1918. Awarded Silver War Badge 210640. Served overseas. Born 1896. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

GLEN, John Arthur. 1077. Private. Born in Islington and enlisted at Bishops Stortford. KIA 09/04/1918 aged 31 defending Vieille Chapelle. Son of John and Charlotte Glen and lived at Cavendish Avenue, Eastbourne. Commemorated on the LOOS MEMORIAL, FRANCE. Information courtesy of the Eastbourne War Memorial Copyright 

GLENIE, Julian William. Born in Ceylon. Private KEH. Commissioned as a Lieutenant 3rd Battalion, 70th Burma Rifles, Indian Army. Accidentally killed 26/09/1920 aged 23. Son of Reginald and Elizabeth Glenie of Ceylon. Buried in BASRA WAR CEMETERY, IRAQ.

GLENIE, Walter Bernard. 1598. Private. Born in Ceylon in 1893 and previous 2 years service Ceylon Planters Rifle Corp. Enlisted KEH 1/08/1916 and transferred to Rifle Brigade as Private S/29113. Entered France 13/06/1917 and discharged 3/08/1919. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

GLOVER, Frank. 1960. Private KEH having transferred as Private, Royal Fusiliers 59121 then Private, Royal Engineers 360838 then 328834. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

GLYNN, C. B. 145. Corporal. Born in Liverpool in 1893. Served in KEH 21/10/1910 to 28/02/1913. Re-enlisted 3/06/1913 and discharged 7/08/1914. Re-enlisted as a Corporal 30/05/1914.

GODFRAY, Edwin de Vismes. Private. Served for 8 years with KEH then served as Private, M2/019718, 621st Motor Transport Company, Royal Army Service Corps having enlisted 17/11/1914 and entered France 5/12/1914. Discharged 2/08/1916 due to sickness and awarded Silver War Badge 90,760. Died of paralysis on 4/06/1917 and buried in Lancaster Municipal Borough Cemetery. Born in 1887 in St. Martin, Jersey, Channel Islands. Husband of Margaret Frances Godfray (nee Sprague). Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio. Commemorated on the Bailiwick of Jersey Roll of Honour.  

GODWIN, Charles Cayley. 679. Private KEH. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, 1 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps and KIA 17/10/1916. Awarded British War and Victory Medals. Civilian portrait taken in 1895 shown on accompanying page courtesy of the Imperial War Museum's "Lives of the First World War".

GOLDEN, Albert. 1437. Private. Discharged 9/04/1919. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

GONZALES, Andres. 1307. Private KEH. Transferred as Private, Labour Corps 414475. Left Trinidad for UK 18/10/1915 with 1st Caribbean Merchant and Planters Contingent. Died in Trinidad in 1945. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

GOOD, Frederick Leopold. 430. Private. Born in 1893 in India and saw service in the pre-war KEH. Re-enlisted 14/06/1914 and discharged 8/10/1914. No WW1 service medal entitlement recorded.

GOODE, Arthur Hedley. Private. Australian served in pre-war KEH. Service details available on

GOODING, Oscar. 933. Serjeant. Born in England, worked in India 1911-14 and was on the Indian Army Officers Reserve. Returned to England in 1914 and enlisted in KEH. Entered France 22/04/1915 and discharged 1/01/1918 with the rank of Acting Serjeant Major. Returned to India in 1919 and emigrated to Western Australia in 1948.

GOODWIN, Arthur E. 2073. Private. Entered France 14/10/1915 with 2KEH as Private 1775. Transferred to KEH as Private 2073. Discharged 10/04/1919. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

GOODWIN, P. H. Private. Died in London on 22/11/1956. Noted in Old Comrades Association bulletin.

GORDON, Douglas Arthur. Private. Transferred to Royal Artillery. Douglas, a native of Hoylake, Cheshire, was born in 1884 and attested for the Royal Garrison Artillery on 10/12/1915, having previously served with the British Asian squadron of the King's Colonials and then with the KEH. He was called up on 7/07/1917 and served as a gun layer with the 157th Siege Battery on the Western Front from 20/11/1917. He was twice wounded (newspaper article with medal lot refers), and was promoted to Sergeant. He was awarded the Military Medal (London Gazette 9/10/1918.). Gordon served with the Royal Air Force Voluntary Reserve during WW2 as a Pilot Officer (temporary Squadron Leader) with a training unit, and resigned his commission in September 1947. Emigrating to Southern Rhodesia the following year, he served as Mayor of Gwelo, the fourth largest town in Southern Rhodesia, from 1953 to 1955. Military Medal, G.V.R. (171226 Bmbr: D. A. Gordon. 157/Sge: By: R.G.A.); British War and Victory Medals (171226 Cpl. D. A. Gordon. R.A.) auctioned  by Noonans, UK, June 2022. Portrait photographs in the uniform of the King's Colonials and the Royal Garrison Artillery shown with his medal group courtesy of Jane Paxton, his granddaughter. 

GORDON, John. 1142. Lance Corporal. 'B' Squadron. KIA 15/08/17 at Passchendaele. Born 6/09/1887 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Son of James Gordon and Elizabeth Chalmers of Middlemuir, Methlick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Enlisted from Fiji and entered France 19/11/1915. Buried in the BRANDHOEK NEW MILITARY CEMETERY, BELGIUM. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

GORDON, R. 153021. Private. Transferred as Private. Military Mounted Police P/17400. Served in France 6/03/1918 until discharged. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

GOSS, Sydney. 1483. Private. Enlisted from the Falkland Islands. Reported missing in the defence of Vieille Chapelle 9-11/04/1918 and taken Prisoner of War. Discharged to the reserve 1/04/1919. Born 2/04/1890 in the Falkland Islands and died there 11/08/1944. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

GOSTLING, Arthur. Private. Name commemorated on the Kilkenny War Memorial, MacDonagh Station, Dublin Road, Kilkenny, Ireland. Medal Index Card or Medal Roll entry not located.

GOW, . Lance Corporal. Noted in KEH History.

GRACIE, T. S. Private. From New Zealand. Transferred to the East Lancashire Regiment. Commemorated on the Auckland Online Cenotaph.

GRAHAM, B. S. L. Private. Reported missing at defence of Vieille Chapelle 9-11/04/1918 in KEH History. Not recorded as Died of Wounds or Killed in Action.

GRANT, Fred. D/18075. Private 1st Dragoons, Private KEH, Private Corps of Dragoons with same regimental number for all - entitled to British War and Victory medals with no overseas service recorded on Medal Index Card. British War Medal offered for sale on electronic auction site March 2020.

GRANT, Lewis Alexander. 912. Private. Entered France 22/04/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 16/07/1915 later Captain 3rd/6th Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders. Born 1890 in Trinidad, British West Indies and died there 10/04/1954. Mentioned in despatches. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio from Trinidad.

GRAPE, Owen Sidney. 931. Private. Entered France 2/06/1915. Commissioned Second Lieutenant KEH 24/09/1917 later Lieutenant. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio from Leytonstone, London, England.

GRATER, Montague 408. Private served pre-WW1 KEH with 'D' Squadron. Born in 1880 in Stoke Newington, England and prior service with 1st Volunteer Company, Royal Fusiliers in South Africa 11/05/1900-10/06/1901 attached to the 2nd Battalion. Promoted to Colour Sergeant, Royal Fusiliers by 1912. Arrived in France 21/04/1915 as a Private 'B' Squadron. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 17/11/1917. Died in 1951 in Islington, London. Awarded Queen's South Africa medal with bars Cape Colony, Transvaal and South Africa 1901 and the Territorial Forces Efficiency Medal. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio from St John's Park, London. Deemed ineligible for Silver War Badge. Noted in Old Comrades Association 1952. Photograph shown of him as Colour Serjeant, Royal Fusiliers in 1912. 

GRAY, Archibald. Private. Transferred and commissioned Captain Motor Machine Gun Service (MMGS). Entered France 6/02/1916. Promoted to Major 14/07/1916 in command of 19th Battery MMGS. Owner of A. Gray and Co. Auto Engineers in Guilford per-war likely to be rationale for transfer to MMGS. Died in England Feb 1960. From Great War Forum and his passing noted in KEH Old Comrades Association bulletin.

GRAY, Roland. Sergeant. From Wellington, New Zealand. Commissioned Royal Field Artillery later Captain. Engineering student in South Kensington, London. Noted as serving in the KEH in the Taranaki Herald 1/10/1914. Auckland Online Cenotaph.

GREEN, Arthur H. 1267. Private. Transferred to Reserve 4/03/1919. Applied for British War and Victory Medals from Rotherham, Yorkshire, England.

GREEN, Ellis W. 1687. Private. Transferred to Reserve 17/06/1919. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

GREEN, James William. 1995. Private. Born in 1882 and enlisted 13/05/1917. Discharged 15/05/1919. Did not serve in France and awarded Silver War Badge 334457.

GREEN, Ralph. 771. Private KEH. Entered France 22/04/1915. Discharged 24/01/1919. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

GREEN, Roland. Private. Australian. No records identified.

GREENACRE, Charles William. 1179. Private KEH. Enlisted 16/11/1914 and discharged 6/03/1916 due to sickness. Awarded Silver War Badge 52328 and served overseas.

GREENE, W. P. C. Second Lieutenant KEH 1910. Served in the cavalry in WW1.

GREENLAND, Henry John. 1665. Private. Entered France 30/07/1915. Private, Lancashire Fusiliers 45474 then commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, Royal Air Force 28/11/1917 and then Second Lieutenant, Royal Naval Air Service. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio from Kingston-upon Thames.

GREENWOOD, Thomas Hamar. 7 February 1870 – 10 September 1948. 1st Viscount Greenwood, Sir Hamar Greenwood. As an original member of the King's Colonials he as a Lieutenant commanded 2nd Troop, 'B' (British American) Squadron King's Colonials. Captain 3/07/1905 and Member for York and then Sunderland, last Chief Secretary for Ireland 1920-22 (Photograph see Figures 4, 209 and 277).

GREGG, Theophilus George. 1393. Private. DoW received at the defense of Vieille Chapelle on 05/05/1918 aged 27. Born 20/03/1891 the son of Edwin and Agnes Gregg, of East London, South Africa. Buried in RONCHIN COMMUNAL CEMETERY, FRANCE. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals. Photograph of gravestone and portrait courtesy of the South African War Graves project. 

GREGORY, Lionel H. 1516. Private. Discharged 6/01/1919. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals and Medal Index Card notes they are to be destroyed.

GREGORY, Warwick E. C. Private. Living in Sydney in 1950. No records identified beyond note in Old Comrades Association bulletin.

GREGSON, Frank. Private.  Second Troop, 'A' Squadron. Entered France Aug 1916. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, 19th Battalion, King Liverpool Regiment on 1/07/1917 later Lieutenant. Born in 1891 in Liverpool, England. Applied for British War and Victory Medals from Liverpool, England. Photographs shown of his C P Goerz Berlin binoculars and case which was engraved F Gregson No 2 'A" Squadron KEH sold on eBay UK in Jan 2023.

GRICE, William H. 1222. Private. Discharged 5/04/1919. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals. (Possible photograph see Figure 23).

GRIFFIN, Arthur Owen. 977. Private. Entered France 2/06/1915. Discharged 5/04/1919. Anglo-Argentinian railway staff. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

GRIFFIN, Rowland Arthur. 867. Private KEH. Enlisted Nov 1914. Transferred as an Air Mechanic Class 1, Royal Flying Corps 1491 on 29/11/1915 and then commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, Royal Engineers on 11/08/1917. Promoted to Temporary Captain. Prior service with Legion of Frontiersmen. Awarded 1914/15 Star trio. His 1914/15 Star was named to KEH and was sold on eBay in Dec 2015.

GRIFFITHS, William T. 2116. Private KEH. Arrived in France 4/05/1915 as Private 2 in 2nd KEH and discharged 19/04/1919 as Private 2116 KEH. Prior service 10th Hussars as Private 3562 discharged 1907. Awarded Queens South Africa Medal with clasps Paardeberg, Driefontein, Relief of Kimberley. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio with British War Medal in a private collection in the UK.

GROOM, William. 257. Shoeing Smith, Serjeant. Entered France 21/07/1915. Discharged 24/05/1919. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

GROOMBRIDGE, Noble. 516. Shoeing Smith later Corporal. Entered France 22/04/1915. Discharged 9/07/1919. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

GROSVENOR, Gilbert. Major the Honourable Gilbert Grosvenor, Rifle Brigade, King's Colonials, 2KEH and Nottinghamshire Yeomanry. Awarded Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, 2 clasps, Transvaal, Cape Colony (Lieut: Hon. G. Grosvenor, Rifle Bde:); King’s South Africa 1901-02, 2 clasps (Lt. Hon. G. Grosvenor. Rifle Bde.); 1914-15 Star (Lieut. Hon. G. Grosvenor. K. Edw. H.); British War and Victory Medals (Major Hon. G. Grosvenor.) The Honourable Gilbert Grosvenor was born on 22 August 1881, the second son of the 1st Baron Stalbridge and his wife Eleanor, and the grandson of the 2nd Marquess of Westminster. He was educated at Eton, and was commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Rifle Brigade, serving with them in South Africa during the Boer War. He transferred to the King's Colonials in 1908. He then served with the 2KEH as a Second Lieutenant from Oct 1914 before transferring in 1916 to the Nottingham Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers) with the rank of Major. Grosvenor married Miss Effie Cree, the daughter of the Reverend Edward Cree, on 4 July 1913. He died on 15 June 1939. His medals were sold by Dix Noonan Webb, UK at auction in December 2016 and a photograph of them is shown against Grosvenor on the 2KEH Nominal Roll. Lieutenant in 'C' Squadron KEH photographed at Woodbridge in 1914.

GROULX, Henry 1617. Sapper KEH. Transferred as a Sapper, Royal Engineers 208129 then WR503875. Deserted and not entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

GRUNDY, . Private. Fought at the defence of Vieille Chapelle 9-11/04/1918. Noted in KEH history for supporting Lewis Gun action on 10/04/1918 for which Private Hartle was awarded the Military Medal. No corresponding Medal Index Card or Medal Roll entry located.

GUILLET, J. C. 12. Serjeant. No additional information identified beyond a Lieutenant J. C. Guillet awarded British War and Victory Medals with the Manchester Regiment and likely to be the same individual who was commissioned.

GUISE, Percy. 828. Private. Entered France 22/04/1915. Discharged 5/04/1919. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

GUNTER, Charles H. 816. Private. Entered France 17/06/1915. Discharged 15/11/1919. Died Dec 1944. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

GURD, Robert (Bob). 559. Lance Corporal 4th Section, 1st Troop, 'C' Squadron. Enlisted 12/08/1914 and entered France 21/04/1915. Awarded Silver War Badge 406,790. Discharged 2/04/1918. Prior service as a regular soldier in the 5th Dragoon Guards and served as personal groom to Captain Ralph Furse. Described by Furse as "a huge and formidable man, with a face of granite" (A History of the British Cavalry: Volume 7: 1816-1919). Lived in Salisbury post war. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

GUTHRIE, George Watson. Lieutenant. Temporary Medical Officer KEH. Returned from Lima, Peru to enlist in Apr 1916 hence the link to KEH. Transferred to Royal Army Medical Corps. KIA 13/11/1916 with 3rd (Royal Navy) Field Ambulance, Royal Marines Medical Unit. Buried in Knightsbridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsart, France. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals. Civilian portrait shown on accompanying page.

GUTHRIE, Harry Welrond. 821. Private. 'A' Squadron. Enlisted 11/12/1914 and entered France 2/06/1915. Attached to Head Quarters 15th Wing Royal Flying Corps from Aug 1916. Transferred as Private Army Service Corps R/39900 with Remounts. Discharged 31/03/1920. Born 1872 in Seacomb, Cheshire. Resided in Calgary, Canada pre and post-war. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

GWARORICK, F. Permanent Staff Instructor and Regimental Serjeant Major King's Colonials. Prior service with the 2nd Life Guards and 21st Lancers 2/9/98 having fought at the Battle of Omdurman and awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Photograph in 21st Lancers in the authors collection.

GWYER, A. G. Captain in the 6th Dragoon Guards became Adjutant KEH 1912.