The efficiency of the Regiment was questioned in the official report on the 1910 camp which had some bearing on the push by the Commanding Officer for the 1911 camp of the King Edward’s Horse to be held at Aldershot and closer to army command. A total of five senior Officers including General Sir John French inspected the Regiment at this camp and this time the report to the Colonel-in-Chief was thankfully much more positive.

Figure 67: Sergeant H. I. Freeman,103 and Corporals Henry Lewis Balfour Soden, 82; Leonard Latreille, 268; Lionel R. Daines and Bernard J. Poole, 61 at Colchester camp 1911 (may have been an additional camp to the annual camp at Aldershot). 

Figure 68: Officers of King Edward's Horse with General French at Aldershot camp in 1911 (Courtesy David Knight). Left to right seated front: 1. Staff Officer, 2. Major Hamilton, 3. Captain Coote, Adjutant 17th Lancers, 4. Major Lionel James, 5. Major Sanderman, 6. General Sir John French, 7. Colonel Fortescue, 8-11. Staff Officers, 12. Major Howard. Left to right standing: 8th from left Major Harmon with raised hand. Middle row standing 4th from left Lieutenant G. G. Russell later Colonel. 

Figure 69: King Edward’s Horse Troopers from ‘C’ Squadron mucking out at annual camp at Aldershot in 1911. The postcard is amusingly labelled 'Afternoon Off’. The khaki service caps have white bands as opposed to cap covers which might have been worn to distinguish 'foe from friend' whilst on maneuvers.