The headdress badge was in bronze for Officers and in gilding metal for Other Ranks. An example of Officers' headdress badge and matching pair of non-voided collar badges is shown in Figure 359. These bronzed badges were worn with the Officers Service Dress uniform.

Figure 359: A 2nd King Edward's Horse Officer’s headdress badge and pair of non-voided collar badges all in bronze. The headdress badge is die-cast with east-west blades and the collar badges are also die cast with east-west copper loops circa 1915-1917. One of the collar badges looks to have been polished and is lighter bronze tone than the other principally because it is a gilded metal badge which has only had its front surface bronzed rather than the badge being cast in bronze as is the other collar badge and the headdress badge. It is apparent that the practice in the field later in the war to polish OSD collar badges back to the base gilded metal finish. 

Figure 360 shows an additional Officer's headdress badge with a single voided collar badge all in bronze. This example of the headdress badge is again die cast but has loops rather than blades. The die cast collar badge has east-west loops and there are examples fitted with coffin shaped lugs as shown in Figure 361.

Figure 360: A 2nd King Edward's Horse Officer’s headdress badge and a voided collar badges all in bronze.

Figure 361: A pair of Officer’s voided collar badge of 2nd King Edward’s Horse in die cast bronze with hexagonal loops circa 1915-1917 (With permission The Irish Grenadier).