KC Undress Uniform 1901-10

The Undress uniform of the Officers of the King’s Colonials Imperial Yeomanry was a Second Pattern, peaked blue cloth forage cap with a scarlet band bearing a gilt Regimental badge, scarlet piping around the crown seam and black patent leather peak and chin strap held in place with two gilt Regimental pattern buttons. Plain blue trousers with turn-ups and black ankle boots completed the Officer’s Undress uniform. Field Officers had a gold embroidered edge to the peak of the forage cap; a blue serge coat with optional shoulder chains with four patch pockets, five gilt buttons to the front, one on each breast pocket and two buttons on each cuff.

The Undress uniform of the Other Ranks of the King’s Colonials Imperial Yeomanry was as per the Full Dress uniform except that a khaki forage cap with scarlet band but no piping and a dark brown leather peak and chin strap with brass buttons and a brass Regimental pattern badge. The King’s Colonials were one of the first regiments to be equipped with the khaki forage caps which became widespread throughout the British Army from about 1906. The forage caps were often worn with a white oilskin cover to protect the top of the cap from finger marks and foul weather. This uniform was also worn as Walking Out Order with the addition of a khaki cape, tan leather gloves and a whip.