The senior NCOs of the King Edward's Horse continued the practice of the senior NCOs of the King's Colonials in wearing the Regimental badge also as an arm badge above their rank chevrons. Figure 346 is an image of the King Edward’s Horse tunic (originally shown in Figures 142-143) of Sergeant with an arm badge about the rank chevrons and below the trade badge (harness maker on this tunic) of the right sleeve. The arm badge is in the same style as the ‘spikey’ Saxon Crown headdress badge (KK 1506) (Figures 310-312) and it would follow that arm badges may also be found of the pattern of the later King’s Crown headdress badge (KK 1507). The senior NCO arm badges would have had been modified from a slider to loops so that the badge was retained on the upper arm of the tunic.

Figure 346: Close-up photograph of the upper right arm of the Undress uniform tunic of a Sergeant of the King Edward’s Horse (from Figures 136-137) circa 1914. A khaki trade proficiency badge for a harness maker is worn uppermost on the right sleeve above the gilding metal King Edward’s Horse Regimental badge (KK 1506) and above the gold on khaki backing cloth rank chevrons (Peter Nemaric collection).

Figures 347: A group photograph (with wrinkles from a covering that was coated onto the original photograph) of King Edward's Horse serjeants in 1911 (Courtesy of David Knight). The KEH headdress badge is being worn above the chevrons. 

Officers and Other Ranks of the King Edward’s Horse wore a distinctive two-tier shoulder title in gilding metal bearing KEH over KODR for King Edward’s Horse - King’s Own Dominion Regiment (Westlake Ref No 204). The shoulder titles were worn on the Full and Undress tunics on the shoulder chains (Figure 347) or directly on the Service Dress tunic (Figure 348).

Figure 348: A shoulder title of the King Edward’s Horse in gilding metal on shoulder chains of the Undress tunic (Figures 142-143) circa 1914 (Peter Nemaric collection).