The 2nd King Edward’s Horse Officers and Other Ranks wore a distinctive gilding metal shoulder title of 2 over KEH (Westlake Ref No 205) which is shown being worn on the Service Dress tunic in Figure 370 and on a shoulder chain in Figure 372. A pair of 2KEH shoulder titles are shown in Figure 371.  

Figure 370: An unknown Private of 2nd King Edward’s Horse wearing a voided headdress badge and 2KEH shoulder titles (Westlake Ref No 205) on his shoulder chains circa 1915-17.  

Figure 371: A pair of 2nd KEH shoulder titles (Westlake Ref No 205) in gilding metal with rounded loops circa 1915-17.  

Figure 372: A 2nd KEH shoulder title (Westlake Ref No 205) shown as worn on a shoulder chain.