Figure 362 shows a further genuine example of the Officer's headdress badge with this one fitted with a slider. Note the different tones of the bronze finish relative to the Officer's badges with blades and loops. There were at least two different sets of manufacturing dies for the 2nd KEH headdress badges with differences in the crown. In Figure 362, the first and third badges have a curved base of the crown whereas the central badge has a flat base to the crown.

Figure 362: Three original Officer’s headdress badges of 2nd King Edward’s Horse showing an Officer's bronzed headdress badge with a crimped slider and two Other Ranks in gilding metal with crimped sliders, one with a flat base to the crown and one which is curved, circa 1915-1917.  

Copies of the 2nd King Edward’s Horse headdress badge can be found in silver, white metal or gilding metal with a J.R GAUNT LONDON makers mark on the slider which lacks a crimp mark. Copies of the headdress badge in white metal can be found with both sliders and loops and have been well documented in John Gaylor's Military Badge Collecting book (Sixth Edition. London: LeoCooper, 1996). The most commonly encountered copies of the 2nd King Edward’s Horse headdress badge are readily identified by the fact that they are non-voided and are fitted with loops as per the example shown in Figure 363.  

Figure 363: A non-voided copy of the 2nd King Edward’s Horse headdress badge with loops.  

A smaller non-voided gilding metal Other Ranks version is noted by Reginald H. Cox (Military Badges of the British Empire 1914-18. London: Ernest Benn Limited, 1982). An example of this is shown in Figure 364 with the non-voided badge being die struck in gilding metal with a slider. This badge is a copy. The 2nd King Edward’s Horse did not wear side caps or other forms of headdress other than the peaked cap and so pagri badges and the like were not worn. The regular size voided badge is the only genuine headdress badge that was worn
Figure 364: A non-voided, small copy of the 2nd King Edward’s Horse headdress badge with a modern, non-crimped slider of an incorrect shape.