The 2nd King Edward’s Horse Officers and Other Ranks shoulder titles were also made with hexagonal loops as shown in Figure 373.  

Figure 373: The rear of a 2nd KEH shoulder title (Westlake Ref No 205) with hexagonal loops circa 1915-17. 

A size variant has also been identified being smaller than the standard 2KEH shoulder title. This title was theatre-adapted from a King Edward's Horse (King's Overseas Dominion Regiment) KEH/KODR which has had the KODR part removed and a crudely cut 2 brazed on above the KEH piece. The wearer is known to have transferred between King Edward's Horse and 2nd King Edward's Horse hence the shoulder title modification.

Figure 374: A theatre-adapted 2KEH shoulder title (left) compared with a standard 2KEH shoulder title.  

A slip-on shoulder strap title with 2 over KEH embroidered in white on a trapezoid shaped olive-green cloth patch (Imperial War Museum Catalogue Number INS 31138) was approved by the Army Clothing Department on 22/6/1917 as Pattern No. 9552/1917 with the Sealed Pattern card held by the Imperial War Museum. This Pattern was over-stamped obsolete on the 7/10/1919 and there is no photographic evidence supporting it ever having been issued and worn. The existence of a Sealed Pattern card for a cloth shoulder title for the Essex Yeomanry is also noted as never having been issued and worn (Michael Wood, personal communication).

There is also a variant King Edward’s Horse Officer’s shoulder title which is straight pattern 2nd KEH in a gilt finish (Figure 375).

Figure 375: A variant 2nd KEH shoulder title that is a single line of 2nd KEH rather than 2 over KEH in gilding metal with rounded loops circa 1915-17 (Patrick Birley collection).