Figure 19: Lieutenant Colonel Victor Sandeman (seated centre front row, as shown in Figure 13) with Captain R. D. Furse (third from left front row) and other Officers as named of King Edwards Horse at Bishop’s Storford in April 1915 (The King Edward’s Horse Senior and Junior Comrades’ Association Annual Bulletin. Number 20: 12, 1953).   

  • Numbered 1st King Edward’s Horse but served with the Divisional Cavalry as independent Squadrons until 1st June 1916.
In April 1915, the Regiment was split up:

  • ‘A’ Squadron (British Asian) was attached to 12th Division at Aldershot from 23rd May 1915 and landed at Havre, France on 2nd June 1916 to join IV Corps Cavalry Regiment
  • ‘B’ Squadron (Canadian) landed at Havre on 22 April 1915 and joined 48th (South Midland) Division and then IV Corps Cavalry Regiment on 1st June 1916.
Figure 20: Self signed postcard of Private Arthur Mathias Roberts, 1038 in June 1915 showing his service Dress complete with British 1899 Pattern Cavalry Trooper’s Sword and his slung Lee Enfield SME Rifle. 

Figure 21: A Corporal and Lance Corporal with several Privates of the King Edward's Horse outside their tent circa 1914-16. All un-named.