BACON, Herbert. 785. Private MIC

BACKUS, Alfred F. 1020. Private MIC

BAGNELL, George W. 2043. Private MIC

BAILEY, Alexander F. Private, former Private 6th Dragoon Guards 8209. Entered France 6/08/1914. Awarded 1914 Star medal trio.

BAILEY, Edward. 1712. Private, Private Lincolnshire Regiment 50111 MIC

BAILLIE, Robert Alexander. Captain Sir. Bart. An original Officer in the King's Colonials joined 1/02/1903. Major Baillie commanded 'C' Squadron (Australasian) King's Colonials in 1903. Died in October 1907 at Colchester. Photograph from gathering of Officers in 1902.

BAILLON, Cyril 768. Private MIC

BAIN, Bertram. 1978. Private, Commissary Liverpool Regiment 85788 MIC

BAIRD, Charles Alfred. 15239. Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Dublin Fusiliers MIC

BAKER, Arthur W. 26. Private, MR/343298 Royal Army Service Corps MIC

BAKER, Augustine. Enlisted August 1914 KEH, Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant December 1914 Royal Field Artillery, Lieutenant April 1915, Captain September 1915, A/Maj May 1917, A/Lt Col September 1918, retired 1919. Awarded Distinguished Service Order LG 3 June 1918 & Bar LG 16 September 1918. Military Cross LG 19 November 1917. Mentioned in Despatches (x3) LG's 15 June 1915, 21 May 1918, 23 December 1918. Died 1937 in Shanghai.

BAKER, Charles F. 1631. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers, Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps MIC

BAKER, Frederick. 115. Private. Discharged 11/01/1919. British War Medal issued by the Admiralty and 1914/15 Star and Victory medal sold at auction in the UK March 2020 by Dix Noonan Webb and photograph shown on this page.

BAKER, George N. 1073. Corporal MIC

BAKER, James H. 800. Private, Sapper Labour Corps 340258 MIC

BAKER, Ralph Cleighton. 1711. Private. Transferred from Private Hertfordshire Yeomanry 2205 on 22/06/1915. Arrived Egypt 12/11/1914. Awarded Silver War Badge 25542 with Herts Yeomanry due to sickness. Lived in Sedwitch, Hertfordshire.

BAKER, Richard Henry. Private KEH. From New Zealand. May have transferred to Royal Field Artillery then served as a Gunner 79439, 43rd Reinforcements, New Zealand Field Artillery, New Zealand Expeditionary Force, 2/10/1918-5/12/1918 sailed on HMNZT 111 'Matatua'. Commemorated on Auckland Online Cenotaph.

BAKER, William H. 1969. Private MIC

BAKER, William J. 743. Acting Corporal MIC

BALDWIN, Cornelius. 1648. Private, Private Labour Corp 230751 MIC

BALE, F. J. Private. From New Zealand, worked in Peru, South America and returned to England to enlist. Commemorated on Auckland Online Cenotaph.

BALFOUR, Cecil. 1298. Corporal KEH. Left Trinidad for UK 18/10/1915 with 1st Caribbean Merchant and Planters Contingent. Served with KEH 21/09/1916 until 11/11/1918. Military Mounted Police P/12933. Awarded Military Medal Nov 1917. Living in Canada 1946.

BALL, B. Corporal. Served in the King's Colonials and was proprietor of the Fox and Hounds Inn, Bourne End

BALL, Samuel A. D/14418. Corps of Dragoons MIC

BALLARD, Arnold. 482. Private, Private Shropshire Light Infantry, Second Lieutenant South Wales Borderers MIC

BALSHAW, Newton Kesleven. Private, Second Lieutenant then Captain King's Royal Rifle Corps MIC

BANCROFT, Douglas. 1002. Private, Second Lieutenant Essex Regiment MIC

BANKES, Robert W. L. 744. Private MIC

BANKS, Donald William. 2134. Private. Born at Kimbolton, Wellington, New Zealand 24/11/1898 the son of William Banks. Enlisted 2/04/1918, served in Ireland and discharged 3/02/1919. Joined Royal Army Ordnance Corps 24/04/1919 as a Private 5/9361 and served in Russia 12/05/1919 and discharged 12/02/1920. Commemorated on Auckland Online Cenotaph.

BANNOCK, William H. 1363. Serjeant MIC

BANTA, Frederick B. 1774. Private, Private Labour Corp 112239 MIC

BARBER, Basil Hastings. Lieutenant, Captain, Major. Australian. 'C' Squadron. Awarded the Military Cross and the French Croix de Guerre (London Gazette 10 October 1918) as a Captain. Lieutenant in 1915 see Figure 19.

BARBER, Joseph A. 1527. Private MIC

BARDELL, Arthur G. 1732. Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 85700, Private Tank Corps 302884 MIC

BARKER, Augustine Lieutenant, Lieutenant Colonel Royal Field Artillery MIC

BARKER, William Private, former 3rd Dragoon Guards GS/14786, Corps of Dragoons D/15087 MIC

BARLOW, Geoffrey Petrie. 287. Private KEH, Second Lieutenant 6th Battalion, Notts and Derby Regiment. Born at Southport 16/05/1895 the son of John James and Emily Barlow. Educated at Holmwood School, Freshfield, Formby, Liverpool and at Haileybury College, Hertfordshire. Employed at the Head Office of the Royal Insurance Company in Liverpool. Joined the Liverpool Squadron of the KEH in 1913 and was at camp in Canterbury when the war broke out. Served in France from June 1915 and returned to England for training in March 1916 at Lichfield and gazetted Second Lieutenant Sherwood Foresters on 5/09/1916. Joined Battalion in France Nov 1916 and wounded at Gommecourt 9/03/1917. Awarded Military Cross for trench raid with 1/5th Battalion Sherwood Foresters 25/06/1917 (London Gazette 18/10/1917). KIA by machine gun fire whilst supervising a wiring party near Hulluch, France 2/09/1917. Buried in the Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe, France. Photograph of pre-war student at Haileybury College and as A Second Lieutenant Sherwood Foresters.

BARLOW, George T. 67. Private, Private Essex Regiment 32746 MIC

BARNARD, William H. Private, Corps of Dragoons D/13185 MIC

BARNES, William C. Private 3rd Dragoon Guards D/17908 MIC

BARRATT, Gaston E. S. 1420. Private, Private Royal Engineers 313096 MIC

BARRETT, Archibald. 1431. Private MIC

BARRETT, Reginald T. 1729. Corporal, Labour Corp Warrant Officer Class 2 679732 MIC

BARRY, Arthur V. 335. Serjeant KEH. 4th Section, 1st Troop, 'C' Squadron. Royal Army Service Corps M/41355 (Auckland Online Cenotaph). Entered France 22/04/1915. Serjeant Barry was severely wounded whilst patrolling at Anneux near Cambrai on 20/11/1917 when Major Tutt was also severely wounded. Wounded at the defence of Vieille Chapelle 9-11/04/1918.

BARTLETT, Ashmead. Lieutenant attached from 1st Regiment of Cavalry, former British South African Police MIC

BARTON, William L. 1151. Private MIC

BASSILL, James F. 1657. Private, Private Corps of Dragoons D/32103 MIC

BATES, George E. 2040. Private, Private Corps of Hussars 56048 MIC

BATES, Joseph (Joe) C. 720. Acting Staff Quarter Master Serjeant. Entered France 2/06/1915. Discharged 22/02/1919. Mentioned in Despatches as a Serjeant. Lived in Margate, Kent and died in 1965.

BATTERBURY, William Charles. 19. Lance Corporal. Second Lieutenant 5th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers 26/06/1917. Entered France 22/04/1915 and discharged 1/01/1919. Biography available on www.kingedwardshorse.net.

BATTERSBY, Eric William. 885. Serjeant. 'A' Squadron. Enlisted 29/12/1914, entered France 1/06/1915 and discharged 28/01/1919.

BAUER, L. N. 1666. Private MIC

BAXTER, Gordon E. 929. BAXTER, Gordon Eyre. 929. Private. Enlisted 5/02/1915 and entered France 22/04/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Devonshire Regiment 26/06/1917. Prior service Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1908-11. Born Hinton, Ashton Steeple, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England. Son of Stanley Eyre Baxter and Emma Louisa Baxter, of Waranga, Omapere, Hokianga, New Zealand. Educated at South Eastern Agricultural College Wye, Ashford, Kent, England. KIA 8/10/1918 near Arras aged 28 and buried in St. Nicholas British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. Two brothers also KIA. Bernard Eyre Baxter born 2/071893 - died 29/04/1915 served as Private 10/275 West Coast 'A' Company, Wellington Infantry Battalion, Emigrated to New Zealand in 1909 with the family. Cadet at Weraroa Agricultural Farm. Fought at Turkish attack on Suez Canal Feb 1915 before serving at Gallipoli where he was killed. Commemorated on the Lone Pine Memorial. Cedric Eyre Baxter 22/08/1895 - died 29/04/1915 (same day as his brother Bernard) unable to find further details. Gordon and Bernard are commemorated on Auckland Online Cenotaph.

BAYLEY, Lewis S. 513. Private.  British War Medal - 513 PTE. L. S. BAYLEY. K. EDW. H. and Victory Medal - 513 PTE. L. S. BAYLEY. K. EDW. H. shown with a copy of the Medal Index Card.  The 1915 Star was noted as missing. Arrived in France 23 August 1915 and discharged 8 August 1919. (Image from an electronic auction site, UK, 2014).  

BAYLIS, Gerald William. Quarter Master, Lieutenant General. Lieutenant in KEH in 1915 see Figure 19.

BAYLISS, Louis. 1099. Serjeant, Serjeant Yorkshire Dragoons 3681, Serjeant Machine Gun Corps Cavalry 100103

BEALE, Cecil G. 635. Serjeant. Contributed a photograph taken at the Colchester camp in 1911 of Serjeant Freeman and a number of named Corporals to the Old Comrades Association bulletin suggesting that he himself was serving from at least 1911.

BEALL, Leonard G. 87. Private, 2045 as well on MIC MIC

BEARDON, Joseph D. 1251. Private, Private Labour Corps 329908 MIC

BECKETT, Arthur Henry Frederick. 1682. Private. From Argentina.

BECKMAN, George E. 996. Private MIC

BEDFORD, Alfred 298. Corporal, Corporal Royal Engineers 91590 MIC

BEENKEN, Frederick Carl. 850. Private MIC

BEGBIE, Alfred Vincent 960. Private. 'C' Company. Entered France 21/04/1915. Sniper spotted for Lieutenant Murray 966 KEH. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 6th Battalion, Cameron Highlanders 27/09/1916. Became a Bombing Officer after attending Cadet School at Blenderques in 1916. Born on 7/04/1894 the son of Rev. Alfred John Begbie. Educated at Haileybury College 1897-99. Lived at Simla, Bloomfield Park, Bath before he emigrated to Kelowa, British Columbia, Canada in 1902 and returned to England in 1914 to enlist in KEH. KIA 11/04/1917 leading his men at Monchy-le-Preux and was buried at Faubourg-d'Amiens Cemetery, Arras (listed on Arras Memorial). Commemorated on the Haileybury College Cloister Wall Memorial, Hertford Heath, England. Photograph in uniform of Cameron Highlanders from De Ruvigny's Roll of Honour.

BELL, Cheviot Wellington Dillon. 2104 Private. Served pre-WW1 KEH. Promoted to Corporal in 1913. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 15/08/1914 in KEH. Transferred to 10th Royal Hussars and then Royal Flying Corps and crashed aircraft nine times and promoted to Captain. Became a Squadron Leader in WW2 with RNZAF 1944 OTC Blenheim. Born 18/08/1892 the son of the Hon. Sir Francis Bell, G.C.M.G. (NZ Prime Minister 1925), and Lady Bell. Married Dorothy Mary Newton 21/04/1920 and died in Masterton, NZ in 26/09/1960. Brother of William Bell who also served with KEH and KIA.

BELL, Harold Cecil Alexander. 389. Private, Second Lieutenant 3rd Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders attached 2/14th Lancashire Regiment MIC

BELL, Percy. 753. Private MIC

BELL, Thomas D. 741. Private, Second Lieutenant MIC

BELL, William (Hal) Henry Dillon. Serjeant commissioned as a Lieutenant pre-war KEH. Served as a Staff Officer (Captain) 1/10 with the New Zealand (NZ) expedition to Samoa in 1914. Rejoined KEH, entered France 21/04/1915  promoted to Captain and KIA 31/07/17 aged 33 shot by a German sniper at Ferdinand Farm whilst in temporary command of 'C' Squadron during the great attack on Passchendale Ridge. Mentioned in Despatches. Born 1/03/1884 in Wellington, NZ, the son of Hon. Sir Francis Bell, G.C.M.G. (NZ Prime Minister 1925), and Lady Bell. Brother of Cheviot Bell who also served with KEH. Hal went to school at Wellington College. On completion of his schooling he went to England and studied at Cambridge University. From Cambridge he read for the bar at the Inner Temple and was admitted as a barrister in 1908. While in England he got married, to Gladys on 8 March 1907. He also held a temporary commission in the KEH. Bell and his wife returned to New Zealand in late March 1908. He became a member of NZ Parliament for Wellington and the first Member of Parliament to go on active service in WWI rejoining the KEH in December 1914 as a Lieutenant. Name commemorated on the YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL, BELGIUM. Photograph of him mounted on his charger from Miss Enid Bell. Commemorated on a plaque at Trinity College Cambridge, the Auckland Online Cenotaph and is included among the names on the memorial bronze tablet to lawyers and law clerks in the Wellington Library of the New Zealand Law Society. Photograph of him as Lieutenant in KEH in 1915 see Figure 19.

BELLMAN, Henry E. 1324. Private MIC

BELSON, Frederick. 1487. Acting Corporal MIC

BENN, William W. 1253. Private MIC

BENNETT, Arthur W. 1357. Private MIC

BENNETT, James H. 947. Private, Private Labour Corps 423041 MIC

BENNETT, John F. 55. Serjeant. Mentioned in Despatches as Serjeant.

BENSTEAD, Geoffrey. 668. Serjeant, Second Lieutenant. 

BERCOVITZ, Soloman. 1104. Private MIC

BERKELEY, John E. L. 982. Corporal. Awarded Belgian Decoration Militaire as a Private KEH (London Gazette 15 April 1918).

BERRY A. G. Lieutenant. King's Colonials 1902. Commanded 3rd Troop (Victoria) 'C' Squadron (Australasian) in 1903 (Photograph see Figure 4).

BERRY, Richard Alfred. 792. Lance Serjeant. 'A' Squadron. Enlisted 3/12/1914, entered France 1/06/1915 and was wounded at Defence of Vieille Chapelle 9-11/04/1918 and discharged 24/07/1919. Awarded Silver War Badge 494533. Lived in Argentina and born in 1886.

BERTRAM, Cyril Robertson. Second Lieutenant, Flying Officer Royal Flying Corps MIC

BERTRAND, Walter R. 1398. Private, Private Tank Corps 112244 MIC

BESTOW, Frederick W. 1001. Private MIC

BESWICK, Rodney Knight. 664. Private, Lieutenant 11th Lancashire Fusiliers, Captain 52nd Manchester Regiment

BETHELL, Frank. 422. Private, Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps 104491 MIC

BETTINGTON, John H. G. 646. Private. Entered France 22/04/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 1st Reserve (Garrison) Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment 12/05/1917, Lieutenant 11/1917. Born in Canada and died in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1950.

BETTS, Walter Bowden. Private. Enlisted after arriving from Shanghai in Dec 1914. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant with the Royal Field Artillery 9/06/1915. Entered France 2/09/1916. Wounded as applied for Silver War Badge. Died in 12/05/1921 and medals applied for by his brother G. Betts.

BETTS, Reginald John. 1044. Corporal. Born in England in 1880, one of seven siblings. Enlisted 15/04/1915 having traveled to England as part of the SS Suwa Maru contingent from Shanghai on 16/10/1914 where he was working in the Shanghai Municipal Council, Electricity Dept. Wounded by shell blast at Maissemy Ridge. Discharged 29/10/1917, awarded Silver War Badge and died 12/05/1921 in Rochester, England. Photo taken in 1916 at home courtesy of Imperial War Museum Lives of the First World War.  

BEVAN, Percy. 659. Serjeant. 'B' Squadron. Enlisted Nov 1914 in Maidstone, Kent and entered France 22/04/1915. "Sergt. P. Bevan, King Edward's Horse, of the Central Hotel, Ramsgate, is home on leave from France, and is receiving the congratulations of his friends on having been awarded the Military Medal. The honour was conferred for gallantry in carrying despatches to his troop leader under heavy fire" from the Thanet Advertiser Saturday 15 June 1919. Discharged 4/02/1919. Born in 1880 and died in Sep 1960. Award of Military Medal for gallantry at defence of Vieille Chapelle 9-11/04/1918 published in London Gazette 16/07/1918. Entitled to 1914/15 Star Medal Trio with 1914/15 Star named as Private and British War Medal and Victory Medal as Serjeant. Group of four medals held in a private collection in the UK.

BEYNON, Alexander W. 1803. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61214, Private Tank Corps 302800 MIC

BEYNON, R. T. 1816. Private. Private KEH. Private Royal Air Force 319759 and discharged 26/03/1919.

BIDDLES, Graham A. 1013. Private MIC

BILL, Kenneth. 1450. Private, Private Tank Corps 302704, Northumberland Fusiliers 61204 MIC

BILLMAN, Walter Melville. Private KEH. Private 16th Middlesex Regiment then Second Lieutenant 6th Battalion attached 1st Battalion 9/05/1915. Died of Wounds 5/11/1916 and buried in Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte, the Somme, France. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1892 the son of James and Grace Billman. Attended Dalhousie University and then was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford in 1913. Brother Ralph S. Billamnn MC was a Lieutenant Colonel with the Canadian Artillery.

BINGHAM, William. Private, Corps of Dragoons D/10855 MIC.  British War Medal and Victory Medal sold at auction.

BINKS, Harris Jonathan. Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers MIC

BIRD, Henry. 1006. Private, Corporal 'C' Squadron KEH. South African and saw service in France in WW1.

BISHOP, Hugh S. 461. Second Lieutenant, Captain Tank Corps MIC

BISHOP, Wilfred. Private KEH. Commissioned as a Temporary Second Lieutenant 3rd Battalion Border Regiment then transferred to the 11th Battalion after training with Inns of Court Officer's Training Corps 25/10/1916. DoW 06/07/1917 from indirect machine gun fire whilst on a working party midnight 5/07/1917 in the Nieuport sector. Eldest son of the late Clement Bishop and Emily Maud Garcia born 24/04/1884 in Oxford Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Buried in RAMSCAPPELLE ROAD MILITARY CEMETERY, Belgium. Commemorated on Port of Spain Cenotaph. Educated at the College of the Immaculate Conception (now called St Mary's College) in Trinidad. Portrait photograph shown of Second Lieutenant Bishop in the uniform of the Border Regiment circa 1916 courtesy of Angela Owens, Ancestry.  

BISPHAM, Frederick.1214. Serjeant, Serjeant Northumberland Fusiliers 39884, Serjeant Lancashire Fusiliers 40532, Serjeant Tank Corps 302909 MIC

BIZLEY, Walter C. 1485. Trumpeter, Private 14th London Regiment MIC

BLACK, Hugh K. 1965. Private, Private Royal Army Medical Corps 135536 MIC

BLACK, Ralph (Ralf) Wemyss. 1070. Private KEH. Born in New Zealand in 1874 the son of James Black and Mary Harcourt and died 1/10/1962 in Auckland. Entitled to British War Medal and Victory Medal. Brother Trooper Colin Black, Auckland Mounted Rifles, 22nd Reinforcements, Mounted Rifles Brigade, New Zealand Expeditionary Force. Died of Wounds 17/11/1917 in Palestine. Colin was the fifth son of Mr. James Black, "Telpal," Prospect Terrace, Mt. Eden. He was an old Grammar School boy and for many years has been on the clerical staff in the firm of Buckland and Co. Colin Black is buried in Deir el Belah War Cemetery, Palestine, Israel. Brother Hugh Black served with Australian Light Horse in Palestine. Commemorated on the Auckland Online Cenotaph. Photograph of Ralf Black in KEH uniform courtesy of J. Kang.

BLACKBURN, Edward H. 723. Private, Serjeant. 3rd Troop, 'A' Squadron KEH Vieille Chapelle 1918. Discharged 14/02/1919. Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal (named to Serjeant) published 3/09/1919 and Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE). 1914/15 Star Medal Trio named as Private on 1914/15 Star and Serjeant on British War Medal and Victory medal. MBE unnamed as issued. Group of five medals held in a private collection in the UK. Awarded civilian OBE in 1953. Born in British Columbia, Canada and died in 1968.

BLACKWELL, Arthur E. Private former Private 7th Dragoon Guards D/12610, Private Corps of Dragoons MIC

BLAKER, Geoffrey Beckett. 651. Private, Acting Corporal, Second Lieutenant in photograph at Marlborough Barracks, Dublin 1918 see Figure 33. Served RAF in South Africa in WW2 and died in 1964.

BLAMEY, Marshall. 1916. Private MIC

BLANCHARD, James F. J. 222. Serjeant. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 20/09/1915, posted to Cavalry Field Artillery.

BLAYLOCK, Johnathan A. 1270. Private MIC

BLETSOE, William Bruce. Serjeant, Second Lieutenant 18th Hussars MIC

BLIGH, Leslie. 1897. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 40117, Private Tank Corps 302862 MIC

BLISS, William Stanley. 787. Corporal. Trumpeter. Enlisted Nov 1914 and served in France and Italy. Awarded Military Medal London Gazette 1918 for action at the Defence of Vieille Chapelle. Discharged 23/02/1919. From Watford, England.

BLOUNT, Maurice Bertie. 1542. Private. Enlisted 11/05/1916 and discharged due to sickness 25/01/1917 with chronic dysentry. Awarded Silver War Badge 45745. Born in Clapham, London in 1887, lived in Winbourne, Dorset and had served with the Ceylon Planters Rifles for 5 years whilst working as a tea planter.

BLUNN, Gordon J. 1969. Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 857222

BOILEAU, Gilbert Elliot. 1075. Corporal. Entered France 14/09/1915. Severely injured leg 13/11/1918 and discharged 25/06/1919. Prior service in the Boer War with the Border Horse as Corporal 1473 and awarded Queen's South Africa (QSA) medal with Transvaal clasp. Born in 26/12/1875 in Mt Moriac, near Geelong, Victoria the son of Edmund William Pollen Boileau and Bridget Mary Walsh. His brother John Peter Boileau born 29/03/1876 in Mitiamo, Victoria also served with the Border Horse as a Trooper 1474 (John Pollen Boileau on QSA medal roll with Pollen being a middle name of his father) and awarded Queen's South Africa medal with Transvaal clasp. The brothers obviously enlisted together given their service numbers are consecutive. Gilbert died in 1952 in Cheltenham, Victoria and his brother John died in 1951.

BOLLARD, John C. 1255. Acting Serjeant, Acting Serjeant Labour Corps 443401

BOLTON, George W. 872. Serjeant

BOLUS, Walter 1481. Private. Arrived in France June 1916. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Special Reserve of Officers on 23/02/18 after attending an Officers Cadet Unit, see Figure 33 for photograph as a Second Lieutenant in 1918. Promoted to Lieutenant 23/8/19 and resigned his commission 1/4/19. Photographs and family history from his grandson Walter Stevens regarding his grandfather's service and noting his riding trophies. Lieutenant Bolus won many Irish Show Jumping Championships as shown in the accompanying photograph taken of him competing at the Irish War Counties Hospital in September 1918. He was devastated not to be able to have his mount, Japie released to him from the Army. The family retain Lieutenant Bolus's stirrups and riding trophies.  

BOND, Ernest E. 381, Corporal. Temporary Regimental Serjeant Major (T. R. S. MJR). Entered France 2/06/1915. 'A' Squadron, Transport Warrant Officer Class 1. Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal as Regimental Serjeant-Major for gallantry in the advances at St Quentin, Cambrai and Fosse in 1917-18. Discharged 16/01/1920. Died in Southport, England on 3/03/1957. Entitled to 1914/15 Star Medal Trio. Distinguished Conduct Medal held in a private collection in the UK and named to T. R. S. MJR. E.E.BOND 1/K.ED.H.

BONESS, Private, ex-1st Dragoon Guards D/18387, Corps of Dragoons

BONNER, Thomas Private, ex-7th Dragoon Guards D/17304, Corps of Dragoons

BOOR, Alexander R. 1043. Private

BORLEY, Geo D. Private, Labour Corps 585703

BORNS, Frank 1336. Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40533

BOTHWELL, Edwin I. 1891. Private

BOTTLE, Harry C. 340. Serjeant, Warrant Officer Class 2. Prior service 1905-13 with the Civil Service Rifles. Played clarinet in the military band. Became Orderly Room SQMS. Staff Officer, Ministry of Health in civilian life. In group photograph of Warrant Officers and Sergeants at Bishop's Stortford. Discharged 10/11/1919.

BOUCH, W. Kennedy. 11. Serjeant. Served in pre-war KEH.

BOUCHER, Henry. 74. Serjeant. Enlisted 25/08/1914 and discharged 7/11/1917 as medically unfit. Awarded British War Medal and Victory Medal.

BOWEN, Horace C. 628. Corporal. 'B' Squadron. Taken prisoner at Vieille Chapelle 19/04/1918.

BOWKER, John (Jack) Ryther Steer. 8. Private. Entered France 27/07/1915. Discharged 14/12/1918. Born 29/07/1888 in Darling Point, New South Wales, Australia to Florence Mary Marks and Dr Robert Steer Bowker (surgeon). He was educated at Barker College, Sydney 1902-06 and then studied medicine like his father at Middlesex Hospital, England in 1909. He married (unofficially) Elsie Emily Boyten in 1915 in England whom he met when he was boarding with her grandmother's family when he was in England studying to become a doctor. They had a daughter Beryl S Bowker Boyten born in 1919. After living in Middlesex he then moved to Sydney without his family. He died on the 29/06/1944 in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia. Biography courtesy of Robin Hyland.  Full length portrait photograph of a postcard sent to Elsie in 1915 courtesy of Robin Hyland and another photograph of him on enlistment in 1914 is shown in Figure 307.

BOYER, Charles J. 1082. Private, Private Royal Engineers 359692

BOYLETT, Herbert L. 1630. Private, Corporal Tank Corps 302804, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 39960, Corporal Lancashire Fusiliers 40540

BOX, Thomas. 552. Private

BOXALL, Herbert S. 2070. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61178, Private Corps of Dragoons D/21018.

BRADBURN, William Ernest Horatio. Colonel W. E. H. Bradburn, Inspector-General of Police, British Guiana, late 8th Hussars and King Edward’s Horse. The Order of St John of Jerusalem, Officer (Brother) silver breast badge; King’s Police Medal, G.V.R., 2nd issue (Col. William E. H. Bradburn, Insp-Gen. of Police, British Guiana); Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, 4 clasps, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1902 (1556 Tpr., S.A.C.); 1914-15 Star (13319 Pte.-A-Cpl., 8th Hrs.); British War and Victory Medals (13319 A.Cpl., 8/Hrs.). K.P.M. London Gazette 1 January 1932. The recommendation states: ‘Has a specially distinguished record in administrative and detective services. Has successfully organised the Police Force of the Colony.’ William Ernest Horatio Bradburn was born in Derby on 26 May 1884, son of a pattern maker. As a young man of some 17 years of age, he served during the Boer War, with the Imperial Yeomanry in 1901, and later in the ranks of the South African Constabulary until October 1907. On the outbreak of the Great War, Bradburn joined the 8th Hussars and served overseas with this regiment until April 1917. Bradburn was granted a commission from an Officer Cadet Unit as a Second Lieutenant in King Edward’s Horse on 17 April 1917. He was appointed Adjutant of the Reserve Regiment of King Edward’s Horse in September 1917, with acting rank of Captain, but appears to have remained stationed in Ireland for the remainder of the war. He was promoted Lieutenant in the regiment in October 1918, and subsequently returned to their pre-war Head Quarters in Chelsea. In July 1919 he was selected for an appointment in the Cyprus Military Police, and in the following October was appointed a local Commandant. He served in Cyprus until 1927, and held a number of appointments there during this period, including those of Deputy Coroner, in the district of Larnaca, and later Nicosia, a Member of the Prison Board, and a Visitor of the Central Prison. He held acting and deputy appointments as Chief Commandant of the Cyprus Police at various times, as well as acting as A.D.C. to the High Commissioner on several occasions, becoming Honorary A.D.C. from October 1924. In August 1926 he was nominated an Official Member of the Legislative Council. In January 1927, Bradburn was appointed Inspector-General of Police and Commandant of the Local Forces in British Guiana, and from May to December 1927 he was in addition acting Inspector of Prisons. He was nominated Official Member of the Legislative Council from August 1928 to June 1930, and of the Executive Council from May to December 1929. During his tenure in British Guiana, Bradburn did much work with and for the St John’s Ambulance Association, and for his services was appointed an Officer (Brother) of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, as notified in the London Gazette of 25 June 1935. Bradburn held the rank of Colonel in the British Guiana Militia, and was President of the British Guiana Local Forces Rifle Club. His only son, William Stewart Bradburn, was later an officer in the Trinidad Police, and as a Sub-Inspector was killed in riots in Trinidad during 1937. He was shot in the chest and killed on 21 June of that year in rioting in South Trinidad in the course of a strike by 5000 oilfield workers over higher wages and shorter hours. Colonel Bradburn retired in 1937 and the following year approval was granted for him to retain his rank with permission to wear the prescribed uniform. In due course he returned to England and in 1968 was living in Budleigh Salterton, Devon. Medals sold at auction by Dix Noonan Webb, UK in April 2003 bu no image available. Captain and Adjutant in photograph Marlborough Barracks, Dublin 1918 see Figure 33. Extensively researched by Diane Moss as part of https://www.sixstreetsderby.org/local-history/lest-we-forget.

BRADNEY, . Private served in Dublin

BRADSHAW, Arthur 1228. Private, Private Labour Corp 421715

BRAGG, Robert Charles. 227. Corporal, Temporary Second Lieutenant Royal Artillery

BRAKE, Francis Joseph Edwin. 56. Squadron Quarter Master Serjeant 'C' Squadron. Commissioned Second Lieutenant 24/03/1917 in the Royal Field Artillery later 18th Wing Royal Air Force. Entered France 22/04/1915. Born 10/12/1889 and died 13/06/1960. Awarded 1953 Coronation medal and became a Knight of the Bath in 1946. An aluminium dog tag impressed to F. Brake, Service No. 56 noted as having been acquired by a member on the Great War Forum in 2005. Biography available on www.kingedwardshorse.net

BRAKELL, James Forster. 410. Serjeant. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, KEH 14/9/1915. Taken Prisoner of War 31/07/1917 and repatriated 23/12/1918. Lived in Liverpool and served in the Mersey Division, Royal Navy and awarded a silver medal (sold on electronic auction site Feb 2020) for "Interpart of Ship Heavy Gun Competition 1908' to Able Seaman J. F. Brakell.

BRAND, Jonathan. 1530. Private

BRANDON, Frederick. 574. Private

BRANT, Arthur. 626. Private, Serjeant

BRANWOOD, Alfred J. 917. Private

BRAVERY, Charles. 519. Private

BRAY, Alexander F. 1829. Private, Northumberland Fusiliers 61175

BRAZIER, Dyckon C. 1384. Private

BREBNER, Norman G. 1681. Corporal

BREBNER, William Mason. 1640. Private, Labour Corps 416793

BRENCHLEY, Mark. 1071. Private

BRENNAN, John. 1069. Serjeant KEH. 3rd Section, 1st Troop 'C' Squadron. Wounded Passchendaele Jul 1917 Transferred to Tank Corps 305381. From New Zealand.

BRENT, Stuart. 558. Private

BRETON, Albert. Private, ex-1st Dragoon Guards, D/17023, Corps of Dragoons

BRETT, Thomas. 1204. Private

BRETT, William. 1156. Private

BREWSTER, John A. 25. Private 2111 on MIC as well

BRICE, C. L. 488. Private.

BRIDGEMAN, Robert J. J. 1335. Private. Discharged 13/04/1919. From New Zealand. Commemorated on the Auckland Online Cenotaph. Entitled to British War Medal and Victory Medal.

BRIDGER, David Edgar. 738. Private. Died of meningitis in England 19/04/1915. Educated at St George's College, Quilmes, Argentina. Buried in BIGGLESWADE CEMETERY, UK. Civilian photograph on www.ukphotoarchive.org.uk

BRIDGES, Herbert T. 1207. Private

BRIGGS, Bertram H. 1487. Private. Victory medal for sale on electronic auction site in 2020.

BRINN, John F. T. 256. Serjeant. Discharged 5/04/19.

BRISTED Geoffrey Thornborrow. 329. Lance Corporal. 'C' Squadron. Enlisted KEH 22/08/1913 with University Troop whilst at Cambridge University, promoted to Lance Corporal 20/08/1914 and Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 13/11/1914 10th Regiment Cavalry Reserve which was affiliated with the 4th and 8th Hussars. Transferred to Royal Engineers (RE) on 8/08/1915 and went to Aldershot to attend a 3-week course, probably in field engineering. Upon completion of the course he was posted to the 3rd Field Squadron, RE, a mounted unit of the R.E. assigned to the 3rd Cavalry Division. He entered France 25/11/1915. Mentioned in Despatches 4/01/1917. Promoted to Captain 18/05/1918 and discharged 21/10/1919. Served in Iraq 1920-22. Awarded General Service Medal with IRAQ clasp. Born 16/01/1891 in Wellington, New Zealand the son of Richard Bower and Constance Bristed. Geoffrey was living with his mother and his siblings in Buxton, Derbyshire in 1901 and studied at Clifton College, Bristol 1906-08 where he served with the Engineering Cadet Corps as a Cadet Sapper then worked in South America before entering King's College, Cambridge in 1913. His father also served in WW1 as Major R.B. Bristed, RE. His occupation post war was as a banker in London and he died on 7/11/1969. Geoffrey is commemorated on the Auckland Online Cenotaph. See a full biography of Captain Geoffrey Thornborrow Bristed, Royal Engineers, (formerly Trooper, King Edward's Horse) by Lieutenant Colonel Edward De Santis at http://www.reubique.com/GTBristed.htm with an image of his medals held in that authors collection.

BRISTOL, Samuel S. 1324. Private, Durham Light Infantry 10165

BRISTOW, Wilfred Holditch. 2049. Private 1135 2KEH. Disembarked 1/05/1915. Transferred to Private 2049 KEH. Died of Wounds 30/10/17 aged 33. Son of Henry Barnes Bristow (former British Consul in China) and Kathleen Sara Bristow (nee Holditch) of The Chantry House, Steyning, Sussex. Born in King's Lynn Norfolk, UK and lived in Canada as a farmer pre-war. Buried in DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY, BELGIUM. Photograph of Casualty letter to family shown and photograph of his gravestone available online.

BRITTON, Thomas S. Private, Private Corps of Dragoons D/18316

BRITTS, M. H. G. 319. Private, Second Lieutenant Supply Transport

BROADHEAD, William Smithson. 705. Private. Entered France 24/05/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Reserve Regiment of Cavalry 14/02/1919 and discharged in 1920. Made sketches during service with KEH as per one shown of KEH drilling. Wounded in France and invalided home. Studied at the Sheffield School of Art and the Royal College of Art. Became a famous horse painter after working as an illustrator for 'Cosmopolitan' and other magazines in the USA and Canada. Born 24/11/1888 in Barrow-In-Furness, England and died 17/06/1960 in Winchester, Frederick, Virginia, USA.

BROCKWELL, Francis J. 1661. Private, Corps of Hussars 56040

BROMFIELD, Sydney Lewis (Sid). 62. Private in pre-war KEH.  Serjeant entered France 22/04/1915 and commissioned 26/06/17 Acting Captain Lincolnshire Regiment. Lived/born in New Zealand then lived with parents at 636 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol.  Attended annual camp 1913. Went to France 22/04/15. Captain in the Middlesex Regiment Home Guard in WW2. He was living at Iver Heath in 1946.  Serjeant Bromfield (far right) sent this postcard of his section to his mother to 636 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol after having 'a very good time' attending annual camp in Bulford in July 1913. He is wearing 'B' Squadron (British American) collar badges of the King's Colonials. He is also shown with his section in Figures 146 and 149 attending signal training. Commemorated on the Auckland Online Cenotaph.

BROOKER, Harry Hill. 1162. Private. Entered France Jun 1916. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers 26/06/1917. Later Lieutenant. From Wilkawatt, South Australia.

BROOKMAN, Charles J. 498. Staff Quarter Master Serjeant. Served pre-war KEH. Entered France 22/04/1915. Was with 'B' Squadron up until 1916 and then 'A' Squadron and then back to 'B' Squadron in 1918. Discharged 7/03/1919. Mentioned in Despatches as Serjeant. Born in Australia and lived in England post-war.

BROOM, William. 1061. Private ex-King's Royal Rifle Corps R/34551, Private Royal Engineers 311025

BROOMAN, Ernest P. 1343. Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 45448

BROSTER, Harold Broughton. 363. Private. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant King's Royal Rifle Corp 27/03/1917. Acting Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery.

BROWN, Albert T. 1435. Private, Private Labour Corp 421716

BROWN, Charles B. (Cecil). 1718. Private KEH, Private Tank Corps 112224. Lived in South America and died in 1953.

BROWN, George G. 964. Private

BROWN, George William Farrer. 1080. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 63245, Serjeant Royal East Kent Regiment 1080

BROWN, John. 1426. Private. DOW 23/04/20 aged 42. Son of Margaret and the late Henry Brown of Cresswll House, Station Road, Cullercoats, Northumberland. Buried in WHITLEY BAY (ST. PAUL) CHURCHYARD, UK.

BROWN, Orlando Moray. 682. Private, Second Lieutenant, Temporary Captain, Acting Major, Major Royal Engineers

BROWN, Peter H. 1227. Private, Private Tank Corps 112018

BROWN, Thomas Christie. 1482. Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 85718

BROWNE, Austin Elmitt. 1386. Private, Second Lieutenant West Riding Regiment

BROWNE, William E. 904. Private. Awarded the French Croix de Guerre as a Serjeant KEH.

BROWNELL, Charles William. 1344. Private, Acting Serjeant, Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant. A South African who served with the 5th South African Mounted Rifles / Imperial Light Horse in 1915. Previously 5517 Private, South Lancashire Regiment (entitled to 5 Clasp QSA - OFS, T’Vaal, Tug Hts, RofL & L’Nek + KSA, clasps 1901 & 1902). Landed in France 24/04/1916 with KEH. Commissioned as Second Lieutenant 22/02/1918 and named in a KEH photograph taken at Marlborough Barracks, Dublin 1918 as a Second Lieutenant see Figure 33. Applied for his medals in 1921 with an address in Swaziland, South Africa. WW1 medal trio correctly named to him as follows: 1914-15 Star (SJT C.W. BROWNELL 5TH M.R); British War and Victory Medals (1344 A.SJT. C.W. BROWNELL. K.EDW.H.). Photograph of WW1 trio and service details courtesy of Owen Dobson. 

BROWNING, Harry G. 2107. Private former 1st Royal Dragoon D/3709. Died in service 27/01/19. Gravestone located in GRANGEGORMAN MILITARY CEMETERY, IRELAND.

BROWNLESS, Alfred R. 1251. Private.

BROXUP, John H. 906. Private.

BRUCE, Hugh M. 1714. Private.

BRYANT, Ernest William C. 1290. Acting Serjeant. Enlisted 1/11/1915 and discharged 9/02/1917 as medically unfit. Awarded Silver War Badge 22964. Prior service in the 16th Lancers for 12 years. Born in 1875 in Harlesden, London.

BUCHANAN, George Frederick. 1242. Corporal, KIA 13/03/18 aged 42 as a Private. Son of George and Caroline Buchanan. Buried in the ST. GERMAIN-AU-MONT-D'OR COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, FRANCE.

BUCKLAND, Godfrey John. 583. Private. Born in Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia on the 30/01/1893 and enlisted on 26/08/1914 in England. He was killed in action by a German rifle grenade on 7/08/1915 after seeing action at Ploegsteert Wood in July 1915. Buried in the RIFLE HOUSE CEMETERY, BELGIUM. Portrait photograph circa 1914 wearing a King Edward's Horse headdress badge and Australian Squadron collar badges (courtesy of Peter Nemaric). 

BUCKLEY, Herbert Morris. 473. Private. Enlisted 8/08/1914 and discharged 6/09/1918. Awarded Silver War Badge 129565. Address for medals is stated as the 'Bull Dog' Soldiers Club and lived in Chiswick, London, England.

BUCKLEY, M. Francis Sapper, Major Royal Field Artillery

BUCKNELL, William Wentworth. Private. Enlisted when at Cambridge University. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery Jan 1915. Promoted to Lieutenant. KIA 10/08/1917 'A' Battery 103rd Brigade from shellfire. Mentioned in Despatches. Born in Lewisham, Sydney, Australia in 1891. The son of Mr and Mrs William Wentworth Bucknell, Quambone Station, Coonamble, New South Wales. Portrait photograph of him pre-war. 

BULL, George. 1603. Private. Discharged 9/05/1919. Served in same Troop as Lieutenant Francis 529. Australian. Married in 1936. Friend of Private Reginald (Bill) Wilson 456 and corresponded in 1957 whilst living on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Entitled to British War Medal and Victory Medal.

BULTEAU, Victor H. 1879. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 39988

BURBIDGE, Arthur Henry. 40. Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40543, Second Lieutenant Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

BURDETT, John Burdett. 80. Corporal, Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers

BURGE, Frank. 707. Private, Corporal

BURGESS, Charles F. 1002. Private 'A' Squadron KEH from the UK. Severely wounded in several places 24/06/1915 when defending trench from German attack.

BURGESS, John. 1616. Private

BURKE, William J. 742. Private, Northumberland Fusiliers 61170

BURNETT, Sidney C. 1212. Private

BURNIE, Charles. 848. Private. Part of Shanghai Contingent on board the SS Suwa Maru 16/10/1914 and was serving with the Shanghai Municipal Police since 1908. Discharged 6/04/1919. Awarded British War Medal and Victory Medal.

BURNSIDE, Joseph Augustus. 667. Private KEH, Corporal Royal Engineers 57422. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant then Acting Captain 1/4th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. Entered 9/11/1915.

BURTON, Charles William Gordon. 1395. Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers

BURTON, Richard N. R. 1445. Private, Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Royal Engineers 213817, WR/354913

BUSH, Robert W. 1817. Corporal, Corporal Royal Defence Corps 71971

BUTLER, Geoffrey Travers. Private. Entered France 8/05/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 48th Field Artillery Battery, Royal Field Artillery. Later Captain. Served in Volunteer Defence Corps WW2 as a Captain in 2nd Tasmanian Battalion. Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on 15/03/1890 the son of Charles William Butler and Beatrice (nee Travers). He married firstly Constance Lee and secondly Beatrice Gore Jones (nee Jones). He had one daughter Janet to his first marriage. When he returned to Tasmania he became a farmer at several places including Bagdad and Rowella. Claimed his 1914/15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal from an address in Sandy, Bay, Hobart, Tasmania. He died 6/03/1962. Extensive series of his letters in the Tasmanian Library Archives.

BUTLER, Adrian Illingworth. 936. Corporal KEH. Active as a sniper at La Bourse 18/03/1916. Royal Engineers 198254. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery 6/03/1917.

BUTLER, Robert W. 1367. Private.

BUTLER, William Mahoney. Major KEH. Photographic negative available of KEH portrait 30/12/1916. Later Lieutenant Colonel 9th Tank Battalion. Served with Imperial Yeomanry 1900-02 in Second Boer War and awarded Queen's South Africa medal with three clasps Cape Colony, Orange River Colony and Transvaal. King's South Africa medal with two clasps. Awarded Distinguished Service Order 18/12/1918.

BUTTERFIELD, Ernest 699. Private, Private Royal Engineers 311020

BUTTERWORTH, Christian name possibly C. from name on manufacturers label in bandsman's tunic, 1913.

BUXTON, Gordon Ottford. 500. Private. Born in England and served in 'C' Squadron during WW1. Photograph shown on kingedwardshorse.net Lieutenant in 1915 see Figure 19.

BUXTON, Hugh Forster. Second Lieutenant KEH on probation 1/09/1914. Transferred to 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade and deployed to France 8/12/1915. Transferred to the 5th Battalion and promoted to Lieutenant 30/03/1916. DoW 3/11/1916 at 34 Casualty Clearing Station at the Battle of the Somme. Buried in Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte, France. Born 6/04/1882 at St George Hanover Square, London, England.

BYNOE, John Eayre Kellman. 1. Staff Quarter Master Serjeant (SQMS). 'B' Squadron. Born in Barbados in 1867 and died on 19/05/1935 in Depford, London. Awarded 1911 Coronation Medal and Territorial Forces Efficiency Medal 1/04/1912. He did not serve with the KEH in France during the Great War. He was a member of the King's Colonial Masonic Lodge from 1924 until his death in 1935 and his family have his regalia. He worked as a school master until 1918 when he began to work as a dentist, unqualified, from his home in Loampit Hill, Lewisham, London. He was buried in Greenwich Cemetery. There were two Bynoe brothers who served with the King's Colonials from 1902. The junior of which had a son who served in France 1915-19 presumably Private Ronald L. Bynoe. The accompanying photograph courtesy of a family relative Michael Chalk, is of J.E.K. Bynoe's wedding to Annie Kathleen Gore which took place at Lewisham High Road Congregational Church on 5/04/1913. Note the members of the KEH who formed a guard of honour for the occasion including Regimental Serjeant Major Daniel Fegan, 274 on the right with his medal group. SQMS Bynoe is also shown in Figure 209.

BYNOE, Ronald L. 532. Private. 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory medal held by NAM.

BYSOUTH, Sydney. Private, 653rd Company Labour Corps 416807.