PAGE, Harry. D/18319. Private, Private Corps of Dragoons

PAGE, Lance St Allard March. Sapper, Second Lieutenant Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles

PAGE, William Augustus. 458. Serjeant, Staff Quarter Master Serjeant. Regimental Police Serjeant. Awarded Meritorious Service Medal as a Squadron Quarter Master Serjeant. Died in May 1946 in South Harrow, UK

PAIN, Kenneth Wellesley. 225. Private KEH. Article in Sydney Morning Herald in 1916 states that in August 1914 he re-joined the King Edward's Horse indicating prior-service in pre-war 1914 possibly whilst attending Cambridge or Oxford University. From Australia. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery (RFA) 8/12/1914. Embarked for France 19/09/1915. Served in Salonika as Adjutant to 117th Brigade RFA from Feb 1916. Severely wounded 27/02/1916. Captain RFA on British War Medal and Victory Medal roll. Mentioned in Despatches. Born 18/01/1889 in Sydney New South Wales the son of the Bishop of Gippsland, Sale, Victoria, Australia and married Mabel Naish 19/08/1915 in Woking, England and died 01/02/1959 in Sydney. Lived in Concord, Sydney in 1924. Son Graeme Kenneth KIA RAAF in 1944. Named in 'Our Forgotten Volunteers: Australians and New Zealanders with Serbs in World War One' by Bojan Pajic.

PAINE, James Spark. 1336. Lance Corporal KIA 18/10/1918 aged 30. Enlisted from Canada. Son of George and Elizabeth Susan Paine of 6 Forest Road, Forest Gate, Essex. Buried in LILLE SOUTHERN CEMETERY, FRANCE with photograph of headstone shown. Commemorated on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial.

PALING, Ernest John. 928. Private. Enlisted 8/02/1915, entered France 28/07/1915 and discharged 15/02/1918 due to being physically unfit. Awarded Silver War Badge 515226. Born 1876 in Brightling, Sussex, England and died 8/10/1946 in British Columbia, Canada.

PALMER, J. H. Noted as T. H. in Regimental history. Squadron Quarter Master Serjeant (ex-10th Hussars) Permanent Staff King's Colonials 1902. Squadron Serjeant Major in 1909 and promoter of King's Colonial Lodge. Retired in 1911 (Photograph see Figure 5).

PANKHURST, Clive Reginald. 1693. Sapper, Sapper Labour Corps Home Service Company 236746. Also spelt Parkhurst on another MIC.

PAPE, Thomas. 1645. Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 91424, Private Tank Corps 302879.

PAPWORTH, Edward. D/6035. Private Dragoons, Private KEH.

PARISH, Edward A. 1225. Private, Private Royal Fusiliers GS/140947.

PARKE, George. 1888. Private, Private Army Service Corps M/403853.

PARKER, Arthur B. 1103. Private.

PARKER, Ernest Harry Thomas. Private. Entered France 10/07/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant later Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery. Awarded Silver War Badge 46344/4. Lived in Northwood Park, Winchester, Hampshire, England.

PARKER, Percy Horace. Private, Major Machine Gun Squadron East Riding Yeomanry.

PARKER, Rudolph O. 1664. Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers.

PARR, Charles D. 939. Private, Private Royal Fusiliers GS/59500.

PARRY, Harold. 157. Private. Discharged 14/12/1918.

PARSON, Ernest Edward. Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery, Temporary Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery

PARSONS, Harold L. 1663. Corporal, Corporal Machine Gun Corps 105389

PARSONS, Harry. 502. Private

PARSONS, Henry Arthur. 903. Private KEH. Entered France 2/06/1915. Commissioned Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers 30/01/1918. Anglo-Argentinian Railway staff.

PARSONS, Percy J. 1470. Private

PATELL, Jack William. Second Lieutenant in photograph Marlborough Barracks, Dublin 1918 see Figure 33.

PATERSON, James. 1379. Private

PATERSON, James. 1654. Acting Corporal, Acting Corporal Machine Gun Corps 105390

PATTERSON, Frederick. 1716. Private. Enlisted 9/07/1915 and discharged 21/10/1916 as medically unfit.

PATTINSON, Jeffrey. 1291. Private, Lieutenant Border Regiment

PATTISON, Albert. 1403. Serjeant

PAUL, Horatio Wilmot. Private KEH. Second Lieutenant Welsh Mounted Brigade, Transport & Supply Column, Royal Army Service Corps on 9/10/1914. Entered France 1/04/1917. Promoted to Captain. Born in Birkenhead, England in 1889 and died in York in 1964. Applied for Territorial Forces War Medal but ruled ineligible. Photograph available on www.kingedwardshorse.net

PAUL, Randall 691. Acting Corporal

PAYNE, Alfred 1966. Private

PAYNE, Edward 1090. Private, Private Yorkshire Dragoons 3682, 175658

PAYNE, John R. 548. Private

PAYNE, Robert McGeorge. 1922. Private. Enlisted 10/05/1917 and discharged 23/01/1919 aged 24. Awarded Silver War Badge 187863. Served overseas and awarded British War Medal and Victory Medal.

PAYNE, Stanley James. 1555. Lance Corporal. Awarded Military Medal for action at Cambrai Dec 1917.

PAYNE, Stanley J. 130. Re-numbered 1555. Discharged 11/02/1919.

PAYNE, Walter D. 474. Private

PEACH, Walter H. 1391. Private

PEARCE, Edward Lithgow. Lieutenant. Anglo-Argentinian railway.

PEARCE, Vivian. Private. South African and saw service in France in WW1.

PEARCH, Walter Bancroft. Captain King Edward's Horse 1910. Commanded the Liverpool Troop as a Lieutenant which was attached to the 'A' (British Asian) Squadron from 16/03/1906. Walter Bancroft Pearch was born on the Wirral in 1877 and was first commissioned into the 1st Lancashire Volunteer Artillery Corps in November 1899. He was then with the Imperial Yeomanry in the Boer War, serving with 29th Squadron, IX I.Y as a Lieutenant. In WW1 he seems to have served only within UK, probably on staff duties, and earned no war medals. After WW1 he lived in London and then in Folkestone. He retained his military rank in all entries in directories and electoral registers until his death in 1952; probate records show that he left an estate valued at £65, 649; his civilian occupation in 1912 was stockbroker. In 1939 he was ‘Lieutenant Colonel retired', evidently unmarried but with a resident chef/valet.

PEARSON, Cyprian T. 774. Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery

PEARSON, H. A. Second Lieutenant, Acting Captain Machine Gun Corps

PEARSON, Henry E. 1273. Private

PEATTIE, Henry R. 1417. Private

PEDLEY, John Edward. Pre-war KEH. Born in Rangoon, Burma in December 4, 1891, the son of Surgeon Lieutenant-Colonel T. F. Pedley of the Rangoon Port Defence Volunteers. He was educated at Repton (O.T.C.) and Trinity College, Oxford, England. Upon finishing his education, he was commissioned into the Kings Royal Rifle Corps in December 1914, from the ranks of King Edward's Horse which he had joined in November 1911. He first went to France on July 25, 1915, where he served in the 12th Battalion, attached to the 6th Battalion, and won his Military Cross in 1916. He was subsequently wounded in the right leg on April 25, 1917, documented in his service records as "several small fragments of shell in the right calf and below the knee joint" at Bilhem and was transferred to the Indian Army Reserve of Officers at the end of the year. Five months later, he was declared fit to return to service. He was subsequently employed in the Third Afghan War as a Captain in the 57th (Wilde's) Rifles, I.A. In 1920 Pedley joined the Indian Civil Service and a long and distinguished career ensued, one of his final appointments being as a Member of the Board of Revenue in the United Provinces shortly after the 1939-45 War. Among other appointments in the interim, Pedley was placed in charge of the Gorakhpur district in the late 1930s, an unenvious position that resulted in the award of his C.I.E. in 1939. In 1946, he was awarded his C.S.I. and then retired to the Isle of Man. He died in April 1972 at the age of 80 years. Medals as follows were sold in the US by eMedals Inc: A fine C.S.I., C.I.E., Great War M.C. group of eight awarded to Captain J. E. Pedley, Indian Army, late Kings Royal Rifle Corps, who was latterly a senior member of the Indian Civil Service. The Most Exalted Order of the Star of India, C.S.I., Companion's neck badge, gold and enamel, with central onyx cameo bust of Queen Victoria and rose diamond set legend, a few stones lacking, with full neck ribbon, in case of issue, maker marked GARRARD & Co. LONDON, extremely fine condition; The Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire, C.I.E., Companion's neck badge, gold and enamels, with full neck ribbon, contact marks on reverse, extremely fine condition; Military Cross, George V; 1914-15 Star (2. LIEUT: J.E. PEDLEY, K.R. RIF: C.); British War and Victory Medals (CAPT. J. E. PEDLEY.); India General Service Medal 1908-35, 1 clasp - AFGHANISTAN N.W.F. 1919 (CAPT. J. E. PEDLEY, 57 RFLS. F.F.); Jubilee Medal 1935, Four medals are officially impressed in capitals. mounted as worn, some contact wear, very fine condition. Also included is copies from the London Gazette documenting his C.S.I. (June 13, 1946, John Edward Pedley, Esq., C.I.E., M.C., Indian Civil Service, lately Adviser to His Excellency the Governor of the United Provinces.), his C.I.E. (June 8, 1939, John Edward Pedley, Esq., M.C., Indian Civil Service, Collector, Gorakhpur, United Provinces.) and his M.C.(January 1, 1917, Temp. Lt. John Edward Pedley, K. R. Rif. C.); original warrants for the C.S.I. (dated June 13, 1946) and C.I.E. (dated June 8, 1939) (edges slightly cut and damaged); a letter from the Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood, St. James's Palace, Warrant under King's Sign Manual granting the Dignity of a Companion of the Order of the Star of India (undated); two Investiture Programs, Government House, Lucknow by Governor, United Provinces, dated Wednesday, January 3, 1940 and Thursday, December 19, 1946; eleven pages of copies of his Service Records from The National Archives; a copy listing his qualification for 1914-15 Star for service in the Theatre of War: France, Belgium July 25, 1915, qualifying date July 22, 1915; War Diary of Intelligence Summary document stating "wounded, Capt. J.R. Pedley" at Bilhem (April 25, 1917); his Release from Military Service issued by India Office (November 4, 1919); Indian Army Reserve of Officers Appointment document (February 21, 1919); Covenant of J.E. Pedley, Member of the Civil Service of India, at the Presidency of Fort William in Bengal (August 23, 1920); six pages of copies, Indian Army Reserve of Officers Appointment of Probationers; Indian Civil Service, Civil Service Commissioners recommendation for Selected Candidates for the I.C.S.; three officially issued lists in regards to wearing of orders and medals; three newspaper clippings (tribute from Pandit Pant; announcement of "Companionship of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire"; Selection Board's Decisions for Civil Service Appointments); congratulatory letters for the C.I.E. from the Governor of the United Provinces, June 7, 1939 and the Governor's wife, June 8, 1939.

PEEL, A. R. (John). Private. Australian. No records identified.

PEET, James W. 1284. Private, Private Tank Corps 112116

PEGG, William 1622. Private, Serjeant Machine Gun Corps 22984

PEMBERTON, . Private King's Colonials 1904. Photograph see Figure 53.

PENN, Sidney H. 1320. Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40589

PENNEFATHER, John W. E. 1000. Private

PENNEFATHER, Ronald H. 1753. Sapper Royal Engineers 342459, Sapper KEH

PENNIE, Oliver. 1818. Private. Enlisted 19/09/1915 and joined the BEF in France 29/06/1916 and transferred to the Tank Corps as Private 300531 on 7/08/1917.

PENNIFOLD, Albert. 1109. Private, Private Labour Corps 609026

PERKINS, Charles B. 618. Acting Serjeant. Awarded the Belgian Croix de Guerre as a Corporal KEH.

PERKS, Charles. 1095. Private, Corporal Tank Corps 112272

PERRETT, Albert H. D/11603. Private, Private Corps of Dragoons

PERRY, . Serjeant. King's Colonials. Noted in Regimental History

PERRY, John Anthony. 2051. Private KIA 9/04/18 defending Vieille Chapelle. LOOS MEMORIAL, FRANCE. Name commemorated on SOUTH FULHAM CONSTITUTIONAL CLUB, Hammersmith and Fulham, London, UK.

PERRY, C. M. Private. From Masterton, New Zealand. Army Lists note he served as Lieutenant 9th (Wellington East Coast) Mounted Rifles 1912-1918. Service with KEH noted in list of New Zealander's serving with Imperial Forces.

PERRYMAN, Alfred Humphrey. 1165. Private. 'B' Squadron. Enlisted 10/07/1915 at Bishop Stortford aged 21. Disembarked for Rouen, France from Southampton 3/01/1916. Wounded at Savy 21/03/1917 with gun shot wound to the back. Invalided to England on H. S. Warilda and treated at the Southern General Hospital in Birmingham. Served in Dublin 1917-19. Promoted to Lance Corporal 5/02/1918. Reverted to Private from Lance Corporal for letting a soldier arrested in his charge to escape 14/08/1918. Promoted to Acting Corporal 25/02/1919. Transferred to the Reserve 8/06/1919. Born in Meerut, India and worked as a clerk in Nottingham prior to enlisting. Lived in Clapham Common, London post war.

PETCH, Albert D/15352. Corporal 1st Dragoons, Corporal KEH, Corporal Corps of Dragoons

PETERS, Leonard. 254. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 39967

PETT, Frederick John. 1201. Private. Enlisted 23/07/1915 and discharged 27/01/1917 due to being medically unfit.

PETTITT, John Charles Mason. 112176. Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers, Lance Corporal KEH

PHELAN, Patrick Joseph. 1959. Private, Private Northumberand Fusiliers 61194, Private Tank Corps 302786

PHILLIPS, Charles G. 833. Private. 'A' Squadron. Part of Shanghai Contingent on board the SS Suwa Maru 16/10/1914 from Shanghai and was employed in the Shanghai Municipal Police 1914-39. Entered France 2/06/1915 and discharged 8/07/1919. Returned to Shanghai after the war.

PHILLIPS, Ernest Ivor. 238. Private. Born in 1890 in Christchurch, New Zealand as recorded on Attestation papers. Enlisted pre-war KEH 11/06/1913 and attended annual training camp. Discharged as medically unfit 13/08/1914. Re-enlisted South Irish Horse and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 30/07/1915 and later promoted to Temporary Lieutenant. Died 20/03/1937 in Bath, Somerset, England. Brother of Horace Vivian Phillips 237 KEH who was born in London.

PHILLIPS, Horace Vivian. 237. Private. Entered France 22/04/1915. Discharged 17/06/1919. Born in Marylebone, London 13/12/1893 and died 8/05/1941 in Paddington, London, England. Brother of Ernest Ivor Phillips 238 KEH born in New Zealand.

PHILLIPS, Leonard Wilkin. 357. Private. Enlisted 25/08/1914 and discharged 6/03/1915 on medical grounds. Awarded Silver War Badge 32967.

PHILP,  Richard William Manning Haigh. 495. Private. Commissioned 9/11/1914 as a Captain 91st Brigade Royal Field Artillery and entered France 21/07/1915. KIA 5/10/1916. Buried in Carnoy Military Cemetery, Piacardie, the Somme, France. Born 9/11/1888 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia the son of Richard Philp and Gertrude Manning from Geelong, Victoria.  Married Kathleen Philp in Sussex, England in Jan 1915. Awarded 1914/15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medals and Mentioned in Despatches (London Gazette) 4/01/1917. Medals claimed by his widow from an address in Toorak, Melbourne. Commemorated on the Commemorative Roll of the Australian War Memorial.

PHIPPS, Alfred George 657 Private, Second Lieutenant Suffolk Regiment, Lieutenant Royal Welsh Fusiliers

PIGGOTT, Arthur Vincent. Lieutenant

PIKE, Francis J. 2112. See PYKE, Francis J.

PIKE-STEPHENSON, Daniel. 515. Serjeant, Second Lieutenant South Staffordshire Regiment

PILBEAM, Edward Ernest. 857. Acting Serjeant. Part of Shanghai Contingent on board the SS Suwa Maru 16/10/1914 and was serving with the Shanghai Municipal Police 1910-24. Entered France 22/04/1915 and discharged 13/04/1919. Returned to Shanghai after the war until 1924. Born in Sussex, England and served in South African Constabulary 1901-07. Brothers: William J. Pilbeam & Arthur Edward Pilbeam, Royal Navy. Son or Nephew: William J Pilbeam, Royal Engineers. Civilian portrait photo on Ancestry. Civilian portrait photo on Hastings & Rotherham Family History.

PILCH, G. H. 105. Serjeant. Awarded Special Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct Medal April 1915.

PILE, Arthur Douglas. 1084. Private. 1914-15 Star, War and Victory Medals (1084 Pte. A. D. Pile, K. Edw. H). Arthur Douglas Pile died on the 21st August, 1917 and is buried in the Divisional Collecting Post Cemetery Extension at Leper, West-Vlaanderen, in Belgium. KIA by shellfire near Ypres 21/08/1917 aged 21. Born 10th April 1896. Son of Richard and Beatrice Pile of Netton, Salisbury. Commemorated on plaque in St Andrew's Church, Salisbury, Wiltshire (Image of medals courtesy of Woolley and Wallis Auctioneers, UK, 2006).

PINCKNEY John (Jack) William. 505. Corporal, Lieutenant KIA 11/04/1918 aged 23 in defence of Vieille Chapelle. Entered France 21/04/1915. Commissioned Second Lieutenant 14/09/1915. Born in 1895 in Orari Bridge, Canterbury, New Zealand. Son of George and Edith Howard Pinckney, of Waikaia, Southland, New Zealand. Buried in BAILLEUL ROAD EAST CEMETERY, ST. LAURENT-BLANGY, FRANCE and photograph of headstone shown. Name commemorated on plaque in St Peters Church, Buntingford, East Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire, UK. Portrait photograph as a Lance Corporal in 1914 on www.kingedwardshorse.net. 

PITT, John. 767. Private, Private Labour Corps 575684

PITTMAN, William R. D/17002. Acting Serjeant Dragoon Guards D/17002, Acting Serjeant KEH D/17002, Acting Serjeant Corps of Dragoons D/17002

PIZER, Ernest Justius. 1179. Private

PLANT, Albert Edwin 866. Private. Enlisted 21/12/1914 and discharged 10/04/1915 due to being medically unfit.

PLAYLL, Charles E. 63. Private

POCOCK, Arthur J. 946. Serjeant

POLCHET, Gaston.. 1174. Private

POLDING, Hubert. 876. Acting Corporal

POLLARD, Ernest. 219. Private, Sapper Royal Engineers WR/276845, 309132

PONTON, Alfred G. 919. Private

POOLE, Bernard J. 112. Private, Private Army Service Corps S/343580. A Corporal Poole is shown in KEH Colchester Camp 1911 photograph see Figure 61. Awarded Special Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct Medal as Private Poole May 1921.

POOLE, Bertie S. 2044. Private

POPHAM, John Francis Watson. Sapper, Temporary Captain Leicestershire Regiment

PORTER, Hubert W. 601. Private, Private Royal Engineers 311021

PORTER, John (Jack) Charlton. 846. Enlisted in the KEH having sailed to London from Shanghai where he was employed with the British Cigarette Company on board the SS Suwa Mara on 16/10/1914. Entered France 22/04/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps 30/01/1917. F Battalion. KIA 24/07/1917 with 6th Battalion Tank Corps when a shell hit his dugout. Buried in DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY, Belgium. Born 1888 and had 3 years prior service with Shanghai Volunteers. Medals claimed by eldest brother Thomas Henry Porter from Shanghai.

PORTUS, Garnet Vere (Jerry). Private King's Colonials. Served 1909 from comments made about serving under the same Serjeant-Major as Watson Douglas Shennen in his obituary in 1937. Born 7/06/1883 in Morpeth, New South Wales and died 15/06/1954 in Adelaide, South Australia. An academic historian, author and theologian who studied at Sydney University and Oxford University 1909-1911 where no doubt he enlisted in the King's Colonials. A Rhodes scholar and played rugby for England.

POTTER, Frank. 930. Corporal, Serjeant Lancashire Fusiliers 40588

POTTER, Frederick. 1641. Private, Private Machine Gun Corps 105391

POTTER, Walter H. 1666. Private, Lance Corporal Tank Corps 302796, Lance Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61217

POWELL, Edgar Ernest. 1796. Enlisted 16/08/1915. Transferred as Private Labour Corps 640838, discharged 27/06/1919. From Wealdstone, London and born 1895.

POWELL, Edward L. 1392. Private

POWELL, Frank E. D/11604 Private, Private Corps of Dragoons

POWELL, Henry. 1454. Private

PRESNAIL, Albert. 1954. Acting Corporal, Acting Corporal Tank Corps 302270

PRESTON, Charles J. 688. Serjeant

PRETORIUS, Wessel J. 126. Corporal, Serjeant. Commissioned Second Lieutenant KEH 24/09/1917.

PRICE, Elias William. 415. Lance Corporal, Private Labour Corps 597325

PRIESTLEY, Charles. 1095. Private. Entered France 15/09/1915 and discharged 4/04/1919. Australian. Shown in photograph in Figure 22 of Hotchkiss Machine Gun team at Valhuon in 1916. Entitled to 1914/15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal.

PRITCHARD, Harold Quayle. 1633. Private KIA 20/11/1917 aged 19 near Cambrai. Son of William Henry and Anne Jane Pritchard of 27 Woodhall Road, Liverpool, UK. Buried in the ANNEUX BRITISH CEMETERY, FRANCE. Commemorated on Liverpool Town Hall Roll of Honour. Entitled to British War Medal and Victory medal.

PRITCHARD, William. Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery, Second Lieutenant KEH, Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery

PROCTER, Frederick G. S. 1042. Private

PROCTOR, Cecil H. D/13901. Private. Private Corps of Dragoons

PRODGER, Alfred D. 1200. Private. Private Tank Corps 112084

PRYCE, E. O. Private. From Halcombe, New Zealand. Studied at Cambridge University and likely to have been in the University Troop. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery. Entered France 6/08/1915. Temporary Lieutenant 2/11/1917 later Major on British War Medal and Victory Medal Rolls. Awarded Military Cross 3/05/1919 as Temporary Lieutenant.

PURSER, James Hartnell. Private. Born in England and emigrated to Australia after 6 years service in the KEH. Served in the AIF 1916-19. Biography in www.kingedwardshorse.net

PYE, Alan. 1154. Private. From New Zealand. Wounded at Defence of Vieille Chapelle 9-11/04/1918. Discharged 27/03/1919. Entitled to British War Medal and Victory Medal.

PYE, Arthur. 85. Private. Had seen service in the King Edward's Horse pre-war and re-enlisted in 5/09/1914 but was discharged as medically unfit on 5/10/1914. Awarded Silver War Badge 152144.

PYKE, Francis John. 2112. Acting Serjeant KEH. Arrived in France 4/05/1915 as Private 241 in 2nd KEH and transferred to KEH 13/04/1918 as Acting Serjeant 2112 KEH. Discharged 7/05/1919. Prior service in the Boer War as Serjeant F. J Pyke, 31879 112th Company (Middlesex), 11th Battalion, Middlesex Imperial Yeomanry and awarded Queen's South Africa Medal with clasps Cape Colony, Orange Free State and Transvaal and King's South Africa 1901 and 1902. Invalided Imperial Yeomanry Hospital in Pretoria. Mis-spelt PIKE on KEH BWM and Victory Medal Roll.

QUICK, Ernest J. 950. Private