CALLAGHAN, Charles. 1519. Private 2KEH. Transferred to Tanks Corps as Private, 302947 and entered France with them on 30/07/1915. Then transferred to the Northumberland Fusiliers as Private, 40118. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio named to the Tank Corps.

CAMPBELL, James Charles. 1583. Private 2KEH. Entered France 4/07/1915. Transferred as Private, 13th Battalion, King's Liverpool Regiment 85698. KIA 13/12/1917. Unable to identify a memorial to him. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio named to KLR.

CAMPBELL, Robert Bruce. 1794. Private 2KEH. Served with the Assam Valley Light Horse from 1897. Served 2nd KEH 1915-17 then Tank Corps as Private 112048. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Labour Corps 1/2/1918 and then Indian Army. His 2KEH cap badge and shoulder title together with his British War Medal, Victory Medal and Volunteer Long Service Medal (India) are in the collection of the National Army Museum. Entitled to Silver War Badge.

CAPELL, Henry Addison Devereaux. 1977. Private 2KEH. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, Highland Light infantry then Lieutenant Labour Corps. Eligible for Silver War Badge 1/09/1919. Applied for British War and Victory Medals from London.

CAPPER, Alfred Isidore. 433. Private 2KEH. Having transferred as Private KEH then Acting Corporal, Northumberland Fusiliers 61202. Born in London named Alfred Isidore Friedlander and worked in South Africa. Changed his name to Alfred Isidore Capper by deed poll in November 1914 due to the Germanic overtone of his birth surname. He enlisted in the 2nd KEH in 1914 and went to France 2/07/1915. Alfred then appears in a 1916 photograph of a Hotchkiss machine gun team of King Edward's Horse (see Figure 22) which he must have been transferred or attached to. He was then transferred as an Acting Corporal to the Northumberland Fusiliers 61202. He didn't speak about much of his wartime experiences with his family but did re-call that he had been shot off his horse, been buried by the earth thrown up by a shell but had escaped unscathed and that he had fought dismounted. He married in 1930 and died in London in 1945. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio. The family retains his 2KEH cap badge and portrait photographs which are shown on the following page courtesy of Robert Cruickshank (his grandson).

CAREY, Leonard Arthur. 1288. Private 2KEH. Entered France 4/05/1915. Commissioned 2nd Battalion, Devonshire Regiment 23/04/1916. KIA 1/07/1916 and commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. Born in January 1892 in Finchley, Middlesex, England and lived in New York from 1909. Son of Ernest E. and May Carey; husband of Ethel Carey, of Grove House, Hadley, Barnet, Hertfordshire. His father applied for his late son's 1914/15 Star trio from Muswell Hill, London. Brother was Captain Mansel Ernest Carey, M.C. born 15/07/1895 and KIA 30/11/1917. Entered Keble College, Oxford in Michaelmas Term, 1914. B.A., 1917. Commenced service on 4/04/1917. Second Lieutenant, 4th Battalion, The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment), 1917; Captain, 1917. Served in France. Awarded the Military Cross in 1918: For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He led his platoon with the utmost skill, and his personal example was a great incentive to all ranks. Later, when his company commander became a casualty, he assumed command and led his company to its final objective, where his energy and powers of organisation in carrying out the consolidation were most marked. (‘Supplement to The London Gazette’, 22 April 1918), Missing, believed killed in action, 30 November 1917. Commemorated on the CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVAL.

CASTLE, Gordon. 2010. Private 2KEH. Transferred from 2KEH as Private 2010. Discharged 8/07/1919. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

CHALKIN, Herbert. 732. Private 2KEH. Entered France 4/05/1915. Transferred as Private, 36th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 61254. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio named to Northumberland Fusiliers.

CHANDLER, James William. 1221. Private. 2KEH. Entered France 5/05/1915. Transferred as a Private, Lancashire Fusiliers 40551. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio from Fulham, London.

CHARLES, Thomas. 77. Private 2KEH. Entered France 2/07/1915. Transferred as Corporal, Northumberland Fusiliers (NF) 61302. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio with Star named to KEH and British War and Victory Medals named to NF.

CHAPMAN, Charles Thomas. 1181. Squadron Quartermaster Serjeant 2KEH. Transferred as Colour Serjeant, 11th Battalion, Tank Corps 302849 then Colour Serjeant 1st/4th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 61295. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

CHENERY, Harold. 1608. Private 2KEH. Enlisted in Plymouth, England and entered France 30/07/1915. He died of a self-inflicted wound 3/11/1917 aged 24 at Moore Park Camp, Kilworth, County Cork, Ireland whilst attached to the 7th Officer Cadet Battalion. Correspondence from his Australian family to the Army regarding his place of burial indicate that his death by discharge of his rifle to his head was regarded as an accident. Harold was the son of Charles and Alice Chenery of the The Cedars, 24 Hillside Crescent, Launceston, Tasmania. He was born at Shoreham, Sussex and is buried in Kingston-UPON THAMES CEMETERY, Surrey, UK with his body being repatriated for burial in Surrey by his relatives. Remembered on the Commemorative Roll of the Australian War Memorial. 1914/15 Star trio to be disposed of at the request of the Canterbury Records Office.  

CHESTER, . 2046. Private. 3rd Troop, 2KEH.

CHIPPERFIELD, Edward. 1195. Private 2KEH. Enlisted 20/11/1914, entered France 5/05/1915 and discharged 1/12/1916 due to sickness. Awarded Silver War Badge 65,156 and entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

CHRISTIE, James. 1436. Private 2KEH. Enlisted in Cleveland Square, London and entered France 5/05/1915. KIA 26/05/1915 aged 31 at the Battle of Festubert. Commemorated on Le Touret Memorial, France.  Born in Stanmore, Middlesex, England. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio. Soldiers Effects record notes alias Wrigley Christopher James Oswald and war gratuity to Oswald Wrigley.

CHRYSTAL, John. 1919. Acting Corporal Royal Engineers 208117, Acting Corporal 2nd KEH, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers.

CHUBB, William Samuel Roberts. 1881. Private 2KEH. Saddler. Enlisted Plymouth, England. Born in Plympton St. Mary, Devon in about 1884 and died 30/03/1918. Buried in LES BARAQUES MILITARY CEMETERY, SANGATTE, France. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

CLACY, Walter Cleveland. 1213. Serjeant. Enlisted 24/11/1914, entered France 5/05/1915 and discharged 23/12/1918. Born in 1873 and lived in Welbeck, Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Granted a disability pension and died 8/09/1957. Awarded 1914/15 Star trio with his British War Medal sold by Southern Medals in the UK in July 1992.

CLAPHAM, Graham Windyer. 774. Corporal 2KEH. Entered France 4/05/1915. Commissioned Second Lieutenant 71st Royal Field Artillery 30/01/1916 aged 36. DoW 10/05/1917. Buried in Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun, France. Son of Lawrence Clapham and Mary Frederica Clapham. Born Thorney, Cambridgeshire, England. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

CLAREY, John Charles Lee. 1788. Private 2KEH. Prior service in the British East Africa campaign potentially as a Private in the 12th/13th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 40115. Private 2KEH and transferred as a Private to the 11th Battalion, Tank Corps 302868. Died of Wounds 1/04/1918 aged 24. Born in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia the son of John King Clarey and Emma Beatrice Clarey of Fernbrook, Western Australia. Buried in Roclincourt Military Cemetery, Roclincourt, Arras, Nord Pas de Calais, France. Photograph of gravestone available online.

CLARK, Thomas. 2024. Private 2KEH. Transferred as a Private, 61179 with 2nd/4th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers and then Private, 302873 with the 11th Battalion, Tank Corps. British War and Victory Medals named to Tank Corps.

CLARKE, Alured C. 1695. Private 2KEH. Entered France 2/10/1915. Discharged 31/08/1916. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

CLARKE, Stanley Radcliffe. 1855. Private 2KEH. From Trinidad with 1st Caribbean Merchant & Planters Contingent 18/10/1915. Service from 8/12/1915 and in France from 29/06/1916 with 2KEH then transferred as a Private, 61215 in the 4th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers on 3/11/1917 then 7th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers on 14/11/1917 then Private, 302872 in the 11th Battalion, Tank Corps from 14/03/1918. Discharged 3/04/1919. Born in 1877 in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals named to Tank Corps.

CLEARY, Arthur 616. Private 2KEH. Enlisted 28/8/1914 and entered France 8/07/1915. Transferred to Labour Corps as Private 233754. Discharged 7/03/1919. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio named to Labour Corps.

CLELLAND, Daniel. 1333. Private 2KEH. Enlisted 29/12/1914 in Liverpool and entered France 5/05/1915. Transferred as Acting Lance Corporal, 1st/5th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 61307 then Acting Lance Corporal, 11th Battalion, Tank Corps 302822 from 9/08/1917. Discharged 3/03/1919. Born 26/02/1896 in Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland and died 20/11/1972 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

CLEWLON, R. D. Private 2KEH.

CLOUTT, Harry. 1899. Private 2KEH. Transferred as Private, 1/4th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 61251. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

CLYNE, Joseph Vincent. 1469. Private 2KEH. Entered France 5/05/1915. Transferred to KEH as Private 2050, 'B' Squadron. Posted as Missing in Action at Vieille Chapelle but was taken prisoner of war and interred in Lindburg Camp. Discharged 5/04/1919. Born in 12/10/1886 in Longford Ireland, lived in Argentina, South America pre- and post-war and died in 1960. Name commemorated on the Kilkenny War Memorial, MacDonagh Station, Dublin Road, Kilkenny, Ireland. 1914/15 Star earned with 2nd KEH and British War and Victory Medals to KEH.

COATES, James Henry Smith. 2088. Serjeant. Resided in Cheltenham, Gloucester and enlisted in Dunkeld, Scotland on 9/09/1914 in 3rd Reserve Regiment of Scottish Horse as Private, 491. Entered France 22/04/1915 with KEH as Private, 751. Transferred to 2KEH on 30/01/1917 as Serjeant, 2088. Transferred back to Scottish Horse on 14/06/17 as Serjeant, 491. Transferred to KEH 14/01/1918 as Serjeant, 751 with 'B' Squadron. Missing at Defence of Vieille Chapelle 9/04/1918 and reported as a Prisoner of War. Returned to KEH 6/12/1918 and discharged 13/03/1919 as Serjeant, 151187. Awarded Silver War Badge 209311 and 1914/15 Star trio. Nine years prior service as a Serjeant, 3681 with the 1st King's Dragoon Guards having enlisted 10/10/1893 in Dublin and served in South Africa during the Boer War from 31/01/1899 to 30/08/1902. Awarded Queen's South Africa Medal with Cape Colony and South Africa 1901 clasp and King's South Africa Medal with South Africa 1902 clasp. Born in Bloxham, Oxford, England on 7/02/1873 and died in Nottingham on 8/02/1944. Medals in a private collection.

COATS, George. 116. Serjeant 2KEH. Entered France 5/05/1915. Transferred as Serjeant SR/45 Veterinary Corps. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio named to Veterinary Corps.

COLE, John. 1539. Birth name John Jacobs. Private. Enlisted in Liverpool. KIA 13/12/1916. Served as John Cole. Born in Surrey, England. Buried at ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUEN, Seine-Maritime, France. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.
COLLING, John. 1808. Private. (Shoeing Smith) 2KEH. Entered France 1/09/1915. Transferred as Private, 2nd Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers 40546 then Private, Northumberland Fusiliers then commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, Tank Corps on 15/02/1919 before being transferred to Royal Air Force. Born 1/05/1884 in New Zealand and died 10/11/1959 in Cromwell, Otago, New Zealand. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio.

COLLINGWOOD, Alan R. G. 1984. Private. Discharged 22/04/1919. Applied for British War and Victory Medals from Long Island, USA.

COLLINS, Patrick F. 1556. Private. Deserted 3/09/1916 but had enlisted as Private 3569 in the 2nd Battalion, Leinster Regiment on 20/11/1915. No medals awarded.

COLTON, Albert. 1210. Lance Corporal 2KEH. Entered France 4/05/1915. Transferred as Private, 4th Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers 45458. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

CONRICK, Rupert Love. 2011. Corporal 2KEH. Transferred as Corporal, 1st/4th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 61252 then Corporal, 11th Battalion, Tank Corps 302850. KIA 23/08/1918 at Arras. Buried in Douchy Les Ayette Brit Cemetery, France. Born 6/12/1885 in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, the son of Christina Love Conrick and the late Michael Francis Conrick of Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. Associated with Sir Frank Benson's Shakespearian company for 4 years as an actor. Brother of Lieutenant Colonel H. V. P. Conrick, DSO, Australian Army Medical Corps, Australian Imperial Force. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals. Commemorated on the Australian War Memorial and photograph of headstone shown.

COOK, Herbert Henry. 805. Serjeant. Regimental Serjeant Major. Warrant Officer Class 2. Entered France 4/05/1915. Commissioned 16/02/1919 Temporary Second Lieutenant 4th Reserve Cavalry. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio and requested from an address in Mill Lane, Bedminster, Bristol.

COOKE, David Robert. 1340. Private. Entered France 4/05/1915. Commissioned 6th Gordon Highlanders 4/09/1916. Awarded Silver War Badge 137,141 with an Oxford address as a Lieutenant. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio from Edinburgh, Scotland.

COOKE, Edwin B. 1806. Corporal 2KEH. Entered France 4/09/1915. Prior service with Corporal, 5th Dragoon Guards 3834 in the Boer War and awarded Queen's South Africa Medal with Natal clasp. From Ceylon. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio from Islington, London.

COOKE, James E. 1444. Private. Entered France 5/05/1915. Discharged 4/07/1916. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

COOKE, Frederick W. 1751. Private 2KEH. Entered France 2/10/1915. Discharged 10/03/1919. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

COONEY, Jonathan. 1309. Private 2KEH. Entered France 4/05/1915. Transferred as Private, Tank Corps 303024 then Private, Lancashire Fusiliers 45460. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio named to Tank Corps.

COOPER, Frank. 1014. Corporal. Discharged 13/02/1919. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

CONRAN, Rueben H. 1003. Corporal. Entered France 4/05/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, Royal Engineers 16/06/1916 later Royal Flying Corps. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio. Mentioned in Despatches (London Gazette 16/01/1918).

CONSTABLE, Clifford Edward. Second Lieutenant 2KEH. Later Captain. Awarded the Military Cross. Mentioned in Despatches (London Gazette 4/01/1917). Awarded Order of the British Empire 1/06/1919. Born 20/08/1876 in Southampton, Millbrook and died 13/09/1937 and was buried at Vittel, France. The son of Marmaduke Constable, of Milbrook, Southampton. He was educated at Eastman's Royal Naval Academy, H.M.S."Britannia," and the Royal Naval College, and was formerly a Sub-Lieutenant in the Navy. Midshipman on the twin-screw battleships: a) San Pareil, 1893 and b) Volage, 1896; Sub-Lt. (act. Lt.) on the battleship Thunderer, 1897. 15 Jan 1895 he was an Acting Sub-Lieutenant, RN. He joined as a Midshipman in 1894. During the Boer War Clifford Constable served with the British South Africa Mounted Police. After the outbreak of the Great War he became a trooper in the 2KEH. Second Lieutenant on probation 21/11/1914. Confirmed in rank 20/01/1916. 1/01/1918 Captain 2KEH. In 1917, he was attached to the Welsh (38th) Division, he was given Captain's rank and also was made Adjutant. Published two Catholic guide books. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio from Pimlico, London.

COPE, Arthur Selywn. 1330. Private 2KEH. Entered France 4/05/1915. Transferred as Private, Lancashire Fusiliers 40552 then commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, 2/5th Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio from Coleport, Gloucestershire.

CORDER, Harold Cyril. 1187. Private 2KEH. Enlisted 17/11/1914 and entered France 4/05/1915. Acting Serjeant, 10th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 39947 then 2nd Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers 40547 then Serjeant, 11th Battalion, Tank Corp 302806. Discharged 27/01/1919. Born on 10/03/1894 in Slough, Buckinghamshire and died Jun 1967 in Windsor, Berkshire, England. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio. Portrait photograph  in 2KEH uniform sent to his wife to be as a postcard plus mounted on his horse 'Dolby' courtesy of his descendants Helen Peach and Doug Corder.

CORNER, Leonard. 1907. Private 2KEH. Enlisted 6/04/1916. Entered France 8/04/1917. Transferred as Private 4th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 61283 then Private, 11th Battalion, Tank Corps 302824 from 7/08/1917. Discharged 4/05/1919. Born 14/07/1891 in Stockton on Tees, Yorkshire, England and died Dec 1972 in Claro, Yorkshire, West Riding, England. Served with Yorkshire Hussars and then Hong Kong Volunteer Artillery from the commencement of the war until 25/01/1916 when he returned to England to enlist in the 2KEH. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

CORIN, Thomas. 1160. Private. Enlisted Hounslow and entered France 5/05/1915. DoW 29/05/1915 aged 33. Brother of W. T. Corin of East Divine St., Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Served in the South African Campaign. Born in Holborn, Middlesex, England. Buried in CHOCQUES MILITARY CEMETERY, Pas de Calais, France. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

COTMAN, Robert Arthur. 1364. Private. Entered France 5/05/1915. Commissioned 10th Battalion, Essex Regiment 30/04/1916. Second Lieutenant 4th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps. KIA France. 26th March 1918 (age 28). Buried in CHOCQUES MILITARY CEMETERY, France. From Lomas. British Community of the Southern Suburbs, Argentina. 1914/15 Star trio applied for by Commander J. O. Wyatt, Royal Navy (retired) with address of Mrs Victoria A. Cotman, Buenos Aires.

COUSINS, Harry W. 114. Private. Discharged Civil Employment Authority 27/06/1917. Awarded 1914/15 Star trio and Silver War Badge.

COHEN, Joseph M. 1772. Acting Serjeant 2KEH. Entered France 30/09/1915. Transferred as Acting Serjeant, 38th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers J/13615. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

COWLEY, Edwin (Ted) Charles. Serjeant. Entered France in 1915 (exact date not recorded but likely to be in May). Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, 2nd KEH and went on to become a Major in the 2/1st Norfolk Yeomanry. Prior service in the 7th (Leicestershire) Company, 4th Battalion (attached 1st Provincial Battalion), Imperial Yeomanry in the Boer War as Farrier Serjeant, 2240 having enlisted 8/01/1900 and discharged 23/07/19101. Awarded Queen's South Africa Medal with Cape Colony, Transvaal, Wittebergen and South Africa 1901 clasps. Born in Ashley St. Ledgers, Rugby, Northampton in 1872 and and enlisted in WW1 from the village of Braybrooke, Market Harborough. He was shot and killed in 1932 by  a former employee of the farm which he managed. Recruited several school friends for the 2nd KEH and penned an article on the 2nd KEH for the Press Handout that was reported in the 1st Feb 1916 issue of the Market Harborough Advertiser page 6 (from local sources courtesy of W. R. (Bob) H. Hakewill a published local historian in Market Harborough, UK). Photograph shown in the uniform of the Norfolk Yeomanry. Awarded 1914/15 Star trio all named to KEH. Eligible for Silver War Badge.

COX, Alfred, Graeme. 64. 2KEH. Squadron Quarter Master Serjeant. Entered Egypt 22/04/1915. Commissioned Royal Army Service Corps 5/03/1917. From New Zealand. Applied for 1914/15 Star trio, Mentioned in Despatches emblem and General Service Medal with Iraq clasp from an address in Bedford, England.

CRADOCK, Sheldon William Keith. Major 2KEH. Entered France 4/05/1915. MID (London Gazette 16/06/1916). Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio and applied for medals from Richmond, Yorkshire. He was born 1/10/1858, eldest son of Christopher Cradock, of Hartforth, Yorkshire, and of his wife, Georgina, third daughter of Major Duff. Major Sheldon Cradock was formerly a Captain in the 5th Dragoon Guards. He served in the Egyptian Campaign of 1882, receiving the Medal with clasp and the Khedive's Star. For his services in the South African War of 1899-1902 he was mentioned in despatches; received the Queen's Medal with five clasps, and was created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order [London Gazette, 27/09/1901]: "Sheldon William Keith Cradock, Captain, 16th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry. In recognition of services during the operations in South Africa". He died unmarried on 5/07/1922 at Hartforth Hall. Brother to Lieutenant Colonel Montagu Cradock who commanded the 2KEH and Rear Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock, RN who was KIA at the Battle of Coronel 1/11/1914.

CRADOCK, Montagu. Lieutenant Colonel CB CMG. Lieutenant Colonel Cradock commanded the 2KEH throughout 1914-17, was Mentioned in Despatches (London Gazette Supplement 16/06/1916) and was awarded the CMG in 1916. He was born in Giling East, North Yorkshire on the 16/10/1859 and died unmarried in London on the 14/12/1929. Having first enlisted in the Durham Fusilier Militia in 1877, as a Second Lieutenant he saw active service in Afghanistan in 1879-1880 with the 6th Dragoon Guards. Having retired from the army as a Captain in the 6th Dragoon Guards he emigrated to New Zealand in 1893. In 1900, Major Cradock took command of the 2nd New Zealand Contingent in the Second Boer War. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and commanded the 3rd Mounted Infantry Corps and Bushmen’s Brigade under General Paget. He was mentioned in dispatches 2/04/1901 and participated in the following battles/campaigns: Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Rhenoster Kop, Pretoria, Kroonstad, Rustenberg, and Barberton. He was awarded the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (CB), the Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George (CMG), the Queen's South Africa Medal (Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Johannesburg Diamond Hill, South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902 Clasps). In 1913 he published 'Diary of Second New Zealand Mounted Rifles' a brief chronological account of 2nd Contingent's role spearheading the invasions of the Transvaal and Orange Free State and the beginnings of the Guerilla Campaign.  He also published ‘A Sporting Life in New Zealand’. A brother Major Sheldon William Keith Cradock 2KEH and Rear Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock, RN who was KIA at the Battle of Coronel 1/11/1914. (Portrait photograph of Lieutenant Colonel Cradock Copyright Imperial War Museum HU 102500 shown as Figure 439 and portrait on horseback shown courtesy of Jamie Vans. 

CRAMER, Roland Henry. 1286. Private. Enlisted in London. Entered France 4/05/1915. KIA 23/09/1915 aged 33. Aged 33. Born in Newlands, Cape Colony, South Africa the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Cramer, of Rowland Villa, Vasco, Cape Town, South Africa. Buried at LA PLUS DOUVE FARM CEMETERY, Hainaut, Belgium. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio. Brother Private Richard Bernard Cramer, 4th South African Infantry took his own life 1/05/1918 at Kingston, Hampshire, England.

CRAMPTON, Charles Stanhope. 1100. Lance Corporal. Entered France 4/05/1915. Commissioned Royal Army Service Corps 2/04/1916. Awarded Silver War Badge. 1914/15 Star trio in a private collection in the UK. Named to 1100 L/Cpl. C S CRAMPTON K.EDW.H. on 1914/15 Star and Lieut C S CRAMPTON on pair. Medals applied for from Twickenham, London.

CRAMPTON, Vivian Moore. 1896. Private 2KEH. Entered German West Africa 20/10/1914 as Private 82 in the Rhodesia Regiment then transferred to 2KEH. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 3rd Battalion attached to 2/4th Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment attached to 496th Field Company, Royal Engineers. Born 1/05/1890 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and died 5 /05/1957 in South Africa. Applied for British War and Victory Medals from Durban, South Africa and not entitled to 1914 Star.

CRANE, Arthur Albert. 769. Private 2KEH. Enlisted in 2KEH 1/12/1914 then transferred to 653 Company, Labour Corps as a Corporal 416776. Entered France 1/06/1915 and discharged 28/05/1918 due to sickness. Awarded Silver War Badge 392,361. Born in 1875. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio named to Labour Corps.

CREIGHTON, Bertram B. 1215. Private 2KEH. Enlisted 24/11/1914. Entered France 4/05/1915. Transferred to 4th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 61255 then Gunner, 11th Battalion, Tank Corps, 302825 on 7/08/1917. Wounded 27/09/1918 with Gun Shot Wound right arm and leg. Discharged 10/02/1919. Born April 1879 in Newent, Gloucestershire and died April 1951 in Eton, Buckinghamshire, England. Awarded Military Medal (London Gazette 24/01/1919) and 1914/15 Star trio.

CREIGHTON, James Captain. 1146. Private. Enlisted 10/11/1914 and entered France 5/05/1915. Discharged 16/06/1916 due to sickness. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio and awarded Silver War Badge 107385.

CRONIN, Thomas. 1461. Enlisted 30/03/1915 in Dublin. Transferred as Private 1st/4th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 61180 then Private 11th Battalion, Tank Corp 302787. Discharged 31/03/1921. Prior service as a Serjeant in the Leinster Regiment. Born 1891 in Dublin. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

CROSS, Harold Calvert. 1886. Private 2KEH. Enlisted 7/04/1916 then transferred to 4th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 61253 then Driver, 11th Battalion, Tank Corps 302826. Wounded with Gun Shot Wound to the leg 22/12/1917. Wounded 24/08/1918 by shrapnel to back and legs. Awarded Military Medal 11/02/1919. Discharged 20/03/1920. From Worthing, Sussex and born 25/02/1881. Settled in the Argentine post-war. Awarded British War and Victory Medals.

CROSS, James. 127. Serjeant. Entered France 4/05/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery 15/10/1915. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

CROUCH, Edwin Cleveland. 1152. Private 2KEH. Born in Orange in 1893. He studied dentistry at the Sydney University and was registered as a dentist in January 1915. Later that year, he enlisted in 2KEH from Canada and arrived in France in July 1915. While on attachment with the 93rd Coy MGC, he fought at Serre on the first day of the Battle of the Somme (covering the advance of companies of my Grandfather Serjeant Chas H. Moss, 'C' Company, 18th (Lord Durham Pals) Battalion, Durham Light infantry regiment) and was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for action taken at Neuve Chapelle in late July 1916. The citation (London Gazette 22/09/1916) reads: ‘Pte CROUCH and L/Cpl SHARP remained with their gun in an exposed position under heavy shell fire and when the enemy advanced, repulsed the attack aided by 20 infantrymen. 28 of the enemy’s dead were counted later.’ Following this action, Edwin was transferred permanently to the 93rd Coy MGC as Private, 22977. A commission in the Machine Gun Corps on 27/06/1917 as a Second Lieutenant was followed by a transfer to the Tank Corps followed in June 1917, before a move to the newly-formed RAF in 1918, where he trained as an aerial observer. After a period of illness following the war, Lt Crouch DCM was discharged from the RAF in February 1920. On his return to Australia, Edwin initially lived at Neutral Bay, however by 1924 he had established a dental practice at Innisfail in Qld, where he spent his remaining years. Edwin Crouch died from cardiac failure during an appendectomy in May 1938, aged 44. As he was unmarried and his family was in Sydney, Edwin’s body was transported there by train for burial, his coffin draped in the Union Jack in recognition of his war service. His 1914/15 Star trio was administered by the Air Ministry. Edwin had an older brother Frank (also a dentist), who served with the Lancashire Fusiliers. Captain Frank Crouch MC was killed in action at Templeaux in March 1918 and is remembered with honour at the Pozieres Memorial. Information courtesy of Ray Mitchell.

CROWLEY, Douglas Russell. 2025.  Private 2KEH. 2nd Troop. Enlisted 8/07/ 1916 and served in France. Also served in 6th Reserve Cavalry Regiment. Discharged 29/07/1919. Served as a Captain with Cardiff Group Headquarters Glamorgan Home Guard in WW2. Awarded Member of the British Empire in 1943. Born 1898 in Southend on Sea, Essex, England and died 4/03/1963 in Salisbury Avenue, Penarth, Glamorgan. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals and likely the 1939-45 Star and Defense Medal for his WW2 service. His original Certificate of Transfer to the Reserve is shown on the accompanying page.

CULLINANE, Michael. 1632. Private 2KEH. Enlisted 20/05/1915. Served in France 15/07/1915 until Apr 1918. Suffered from trench fever. Private 11th Battalion, Tank Corps 302852 from 4/08/1917 then Private 3rd then 10th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers 39916 from 25/08/1917 and then Private 2nd Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers 40545 from 15/09/1917. Buried by a shell 10/10/1917. Wounded in Action 19/04/1918 with Gun Shot Wound to wrist. Discharged 3/02/1919 as no longer physically fit for service. From Limerick, Ireland and born in 1897. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

CURTEIS, Edmund Croft. 1025. Private. Entered France 4/05/1915. Commissioned Second Lieutenant 3rd Battalion Royal West Kent Regiment 15/08/1916 later Lieutenant. Awarded 1914/15 trio and claimed from an address in Leinster Gardens, London.

CUSACK, Bernard Leigh. 1393. Private 2KEH. Entered France 4/05/1915. Transferred as Private, 2nd Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers, 40550. Born 5/11/1892 in England and died 12/12/1976 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

CUTHBERT, Robert Lancelot. 340. Private. Enlisted at White City, London. Entered France 5/05/1915. DoW 07/07/1915 aged 47. Born on 19/06/1869 in Greenock, Scotland the son of Anne Wilkinson Cuthbert, of 49 Cluny Drive, Edinburgh, and the late Hugh Cuthbert. Chartered Accountant (Scotland) and Certified Public Accountant (U.S.A.). Member of New York Yacht Club. Born at Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland. Buried in LA PLUS DOUVE FARM CEMETERY, Belgium. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio. Commemorated in De Ruvigny's Roll of Honour, 1914-1919 Volume 2 with civilian portrait shown together with a photograph of his original wooden grave marker and it's replacement Commonwealth War Graves Commission gravestone.