Australasian Squadron Other Ranks' Headdress Badge - Copy

The first of three copies of the ‘C’ Squadron (Australasian) Other Ranks’ headdress badge is shown in Figures 238-240. Compared with the genuine badge in Figures 236-237, the copy badge in gilding metal lacks the fine lines on the sun’s rays and leaves.  The background of the Australasian scroll is seeded on the front but the seeding does not carry through in the striking to the rear of the badge.  The blackened brass headdress badge shown in Figures 241-243 is die struck and has footed loops in an east-west orientation.  This badge is also a copy.  An additional copy is shown in Figure 244-246 and this badge has north-south loops which interestingly lack feet.  The sun’s rays are quite flat in relief on this copy.

Figure 238-240: A copy of the ‘C’ Squadron (Australasian) Other Ranks headdress badge (KK 1376) in gilding metal with east-west, footed-loops.