KC Full Dress 1905-10 image
In 1905, the regimental title was simplified to the King’s Colonials Imperial Yeomanry and a less flamboyant Second Pattern of headdress known as the ‘Sombrero hat’ was introduced for the Full Dress uniform. The Sombrero hat had a significantly reduced crown now in proportion and was a light shade of drab felt with a wide brim bound with drab silk. The brim was curled around the edge sweeping up on the left side.  A scarlet silk puggaree made up of three deep folds was worn around the base.  A plume socket on the left side brim held a plume of long black cock’s feathers which swept down to the wearer’s left shoulder Bersaglieri fashion. The plume of black cock’s feathers was longer for Officer’s relative to that of the Other Ranks. The cap lines disappeared and all bar one of the headdress badges was dispensed with as detailed in a later section. Officer's swords were now carried on parade in a steel scabbard from leather slings beneath the tunic.  

Figure 99: Photograph showing the Second Pattern headdress being worn as part of the Full Dress uniform of the 3rd (New Zealand) Troop of ‘D’ (South African) Squadron of the King’s Colonials Imperial Yeomanry mounted circa 1905-06 (David Stewart collection).