Shoulder Titles being Worn

Officers and Other Ranks of the King Edward’s Horse wore a distinctive gilding metal two-tier shoulder title bearing KEH over KODR for King Edward’s Horse - King’s Own Dominion Regiment (Westlake Ref No 204). The shoulder titles were worn on the Full and Undress tunics on the shoulder chains (Figure 371) or directly on the Service Dress tunic (Figure 372-373).

Figure 371:  A shoulder title of the King Edward’s Horse in gilding metal on shoulder chains of the Undress tunic (Figure 96) circa 1914 (Peter Nemaric collection). 

Figures 372-373:  A King Edward's Horse shoulder title being worn on the Service Dress tunic.  The Trooper is wearing the 1903 Leather Equipment with the bandolier having 9-pockets, 5 on the front, with an additional 4 on the rear (Pierre Vandervelden collection).