SHEED O. J. 1728 Private, Serjeant Tank Corps 78798
SHELDON George 1572 Private
SHENNON Watson Douglas Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain Engineers
SHEPPARD Albert E. 719 Private
SHERRIS Guy 1279 Private
SHILTON Alfred 758 Private
SHINNER Edgar 1071 Private, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61249
SHIRCORE David 951 Private
SHORT Wallter M. B. 1549 Private
SHUTTLE David 1678 Private, Private Tank Corps 302837, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61266
SIDDALL Horace Victor 1397 Private, Flight Cadet Royal Flying Corps 318091
SIM William R. 847 Private
SIMMONDS D. G. 1207 Private, Captain South Wales Borderers
SIMONS William Utten 818 Private, Lieutenant Labour Corps
SIMPSON, A. E. Signaler.
SIMPSON Ronald E. 1490 Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 45503

SIMPSON Walter Scott 1236 Private KIA 9/04/18 aged 27. 'C' Squadron. Son of William Francis and Eliza Simpson. LOOS MEMORIAL, FRANCE.

SINCLAIR John H. 1758 Private, Private Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders S/16657
SINGLETON Richard 803 Corporal, Corporal Labour Corps 413788
SINNOTT Edwin 1263 Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40600


SKEPELHORN Frederick Willet. 338. Quarter Master Serjeant Major, KEH.  Born 30/10/1873 to William and Sarah nee Lock at 14 West Square London Road, Saint Saviour, Southwark, Surrey.  In 1881 he is recorded as living at 118 Buckingham Palace Road, Westminster. Attended St. Michael’s National School, Westminster. 4/02/1890 rejected from Military Service due to a varicocele, a vein abnormality in the scrotum. 10th January, 1891 attested for Military Service as Private, 3773, 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards, occupation as musician. Admitted to hospital 21/01/1891 and discharged from hospital with “debility" 20/02/1891 after surgery on his varicocele. 21/02/1891 discharged from Service as “not being likely to become an efficient soldier" as he was unable to ride as a consequence of pain in his groin. 9/05/1894 marriage to Annie Emily Church in the Register office Chelsea with his home address being 158 Oakley Street, Chelsea and occupation as salesman. 16/05/1894 daughter Ethel Maud Willet is born at 116 Uxbridge road, Shepherd’s Bush, Hammersmith. 03/1896 Louisa Frances second daughter is born in Chelsea. In 1896 involved in the Mashonaland uprising just before he attested to the British South Africa (BSA) Police force in the Matabeleland Mounted Police , 629. Awarded British South African Co. Medal reverse Omashonaland (Trumpeter F. W. Skepelhorn, 18970 BSA Police). 24/02/1897- 28/01/1899 he served with the South African Police Force and lived in Zimbabwe, Africa leaving his wife and family at home. Reference to Matabeleland also implies he may have been part of the Matabeleland Division of the BSA Coy Police, possibly prior to attestation. The medal appears to be a War Medal for operations in Mashonaland during the 1896 uprising, which is shortly before the attestation above.  24/03/1899 leaves Cape Town, South Africa to return home via Southampton having been a diamond miner. 20/05/1899-31/10/1900 served with the East Surrey Regiment. 1/11/1900–25/05/1908 served with the Middlesex Regiment. 28/02/1900 third daughter Irene Gladys is born at 4B Prince of Wales Road, Battersea. 21/08/1901 son Richard Walter born 29 Prince of Wales road, Battersea. 2/07/1903 fourth daughter Jessie Sarah born 29 Prince of Wales road, Battersea. In 1904 family were living at 12 Kelmscott road, Clapham, Wandsworth. 26/01/1905 fifth daughter Dorothy Evelyn born 4 Belleville road, Battersea. 1905 – 1908 family lived at 4 Belleville Road, Wandsworth, Clapham. 1906 sixth daughter Phyllis Maisie was born. 1/08/1908- 9/11/1913 served in the City of London Regiment Territorial Force. 1909 family living 46 Broomwood Road, Wandsworth. 1911 - 1922 family living at 26 Spencer Road, New Wandsworth, Battersea. Worked as fruit salesman in partnership with Henry Cherry at Covent Garden from 1911-1926. 11/11/1913–4/08/1914 served as Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, 338 with King Edward’s Horse Special Reserve where he was Regimental Band Master. 9/05/1914 Greenwich Park, London – “The Prince of Wales Military band conducted by F. W. Skepelhorn (Source - London Standard). 2/06/1915–25/09/1915 BEF France and Flanders with KEH. 29/09/1917 Warrant Officer R.A.S.C - BEF France and Flanders. 30/09/1917-9/01/1919. Appointed Temporary Second Lieutenant, R.A.S.C. 9/01/1919 relinquished his commission and retained the rank of Second Lieutenant.  Entitled to the 1915 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal. 1919 - Musical Director to the City of London Police. In 1922 living at Ravenhurst, Westbury Road, New Malden, Surrey. 1925-30 living at Wighill, Old Malden, Worcester Park, Surrey. He was musical director to the City of London Police in 1919. “Lieutenant Frederick Skepelhorn, late of the Royal Irish Dragoon Guards, is the popular conductor of the band of the Royal Artillery 92nd London Brigade (Territorial), the City of London Police band and the organisation known as Lt. Skepelhorn’s military band. All these bands enjoy a tremendous popularity particularly with the audiences of the National Sunday League Concerts both in the London Parks on Sundays, in the summer and at various places of amusement in and around London during the winter months. The members of these bands are almost exclusively recruited from ex-army bands, many of them being ex-guardsmen and they form some of the finest military combinations in London, being all expert musicians. In addition to their Sunday League engagements, Lt. Skepelhorn’s bands are constantly retained by the London County Council and the best known sports clubs around the metropolis, they are also frequently engaged during the year at the Crystal Palace and Alexandra Palace, as well as many other public and private functions. 31/10/1928 discharged from T.A. Para 193(1) T.A. Regs. 14/11/1929 applied to be a Freeman of the City of London. Killed in a hit and run accident on the Kingston bypass, Kingston Hill on 22/06/1930 and buried 26/06/1930 in Battersea cemetery, Morden, Surrey (Thanks to Jenny Willis, great grand daughter for his biography).