Second Pattern Regimental Other Ranks' Headdress Badge - Copy

A copy the King’s Colonials second pattern Regimental Other Ranks headdress badge (KK 1371) is shown in Figures 136-138. Interestingly, this copy has three non-footed loops positioned as per a genuine example. This badge is a poor strike relative to a genuine badge lacking the detail especially with the lettering of the motto.  Another characteristic of poorer copies of this badge are the quality of the void at the base of the Prince of Wales feathers with voided/cut away area between the feather quills being irregular in shape and instead of being between the quills on the genuine example it cuts into the quills on poor copies.

Figures 136-138:  A copy of the second pattern Other Ranks Regimental King’s Colonial headdress badge (KK 1371) in die struck, gilding metal with three loops.