Round Pattern Officer's Collar Badges

Officers of the King Edward's Horse wore either first, second or round pattern collar badges in bronze, yellow-brass or gilding metal.

The round pattern Officers' headdress badges were worn with first or second pattern collar badges as shown in Figure 391 with the badges shown in Figures 392-393 or with slightly smaller matching collars as can be seen in Figure 394 and Figures 395-396 which follow.

Figure 391:  Major H. Swan of King Edward’s Horse wearing an Officer’s round pattern headdress badge (KK 1509) with a pair of second pattern collar badges in non-voided gilding metal ©Imperial War Museum (HU 118798). 
Figures 392-393:  Pair of original second pattern Saxon Crown collar badges in non-voided, die-cast gilding metal with north-south loops shown with the King Edward's Horse Officer’s round pattern headdress badge in die-cast bronze with blades (KK 1509) (Garry White collection).