Officer's Circlet Headdress Badge

Officers of the King Edward’s Horse also wore an alternate bronzed circlet headdress badge (KK 1509) with a KEH monogram to the centre of a circular Regimental motto surmounted by the King’s Crown. This badge can be seen in the portrait photograph of Lieutenant Colonel Lionel James DSO in Figure 316.

Figure 316: Lieutenant Colonel Lionel James DSO wearing a King Edward’s Horse (KK 1509) Officer's bronze circlet headdress badge with first or second pattern collar badges (Lieutenant Colonel Lionel James The History of King Edward's Horse (The King's Overseas Dominions Regiment). London: Sifton, Praed & Co, 1921).

The circlet headdress badges are die-cast and bronzed with blades (Figures 317-318). The example shown in Figures 317-18 bears the maker’s mark of ‘J & Co’ for Jennens & Co to the rear. They can also be found with a Gaunt makers plaque behind the crown or be unmarked.  

Figures 317-318: King Edward’s Horse Officer’s bronze circlet headdress badge marked J&Co (KK 1509).