New Zealand Other Ranks' Headdress Badge - Genuine

‘E’ Squadron – (an entirely New Zealand Squadron).  A fern-leaf inscribed with the letters NZ.  In brass (KK 1377).

The silver fern headdress badge first appears in photographs of the Kings’ Colonials at their annual camp in St. Albans in the summer of 1904.  In 1903 an attempt to create an entirely New Zealand ‘E’ Squadron proved unsuccessful due to insufficient numbers of New Zealanders being recruited. By the summer of 1904, the New Zealanders constituted the 3rd Troop of ‘D’ Squadron (British African).  

The ‘E’ Squadron (New Zealand) Other Ranks gilding metal headdress badge is shown being worn in Figures 257-258.

Figure 256:  Close-up image of the ‘E’ (New Zealand) Squadron and later 3rd Troop of ‘D’ Squadron (British African) headdress badge (KK 1377) being worn by a Trooper at annual camp in 1904. 

Figures 257-258 shows a genuine ‘E’ Squadron (New Zealand) Officer's headdress badge in gilt which is die struck and an Other Ranks’ headdress badge which is die struck in yellow-brass. There are prominent full stops after the letters N and Z and the veins on the silver fern leaf are sharp and crisp. The copper loops are positioned east-west and are lacking feet.

Figures 257-258: A genuine ‘E’ Squadron (New Zealand) and later 3rd Troop, ‘D’ Squadron (British African) Officer's gilt and Other Ranks gilding metal headdress badges (KK 1377) with east-west loops.