Mess Dress Lapel Badges and Buttons

Mess Dress Lapel Badges and Buttons Mess Dress Lapel Badges and Buttons
The King’s Colonials Officer’s Mess kit was a dark blue jacket with rolled, ribbed collar of scarlet silk which bore small gilt badges. These Mess Dress badges were intertwined ‘KC’ letters of the same design used for the first pattern Regimental Collar badges, surmounted by the Prince of Wales’s plumes but lacking the Regimental motto. An example of this badge is shown in Figure 292. This gilt badge is flat backed with an indent behind the centre of the plume and with loops positioned north-south. David Knight and Keith Hook (Journal of the Military Historical Society. 251:70-78, 2018) describe two different sizes of the mess dress lapel badges.

Unlike the Full Dress and Service Dress tunics, the Mess Dress cuffs were rounded with four rather than five, equal length stripes of ¾ inch scarlet cloth without buttons.
Figure 292:  Front and rear composite image of a King’s Colonials Mess Dress lapel badge (Laurie Osborne collection).

An Officer’s Mess Waiters tunic breast and cuff buttons have also been identified for the King’s Colonials and these are shown in Figure 293. Unlike tunic buttons, Mess Waiters buttons were not officially sanctioned and were chosen by the Officers of the Regiment. The King’s Colonials Mess Waiters buttons bear the inter-twined letters ‘KC’ in script within the Garter strap surmounted by St Edward’s crown. The tunic breast and cuff buttons are gilt, convex in shape and measure 27 and 17mm in diameter, respectively. They are open backed with a back mark of Firmin London for the larger tunic breast button and the smaller cuff button is unmarked.
 Figure 293: King’s Colonials Mess Dress tunic breast and cuff buttons in gilt (Ian Baker collection).