Latimer 1903 part 3

Figure 46: Troopers of the King’s Colonials washing at Latimer camp in 1903.

Figure 47: Farrier Quartermaster Sergeant Major William H. Ford, (Regimental number 25) with field blacksmith's forge at Latimer Camp in 1903. The wagons of supplies are clearly marked on the canvas covers for each of the Squadrons (‘A’ British Asian, ‘B’ British American and ‘C’ Australasian) of the King’s Colonials plus those for the Regimental Staff. A Trooper from 'D' (Chesham) Squadron, The Buckinghamshire Imperial Yeomanry (Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars) is watching on.

Figure 48: Collecting forage for the horses at Latimer Camp in 1903. Squadron Sergeant Major Thomson is the figure second from left and Corporal Dick (Regimental number 46) is standing behind him. Corporal Dick has the distinction shared with Lieutenant Lionel James, as he was in 1902, of being the only two original members of the King’s Colonials to see service throughout the Great War in King Edward’s Horse.  Private Dick hailed from Canada and had seen service in the Boer War with Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Canadian Horse) before joining the King’s Colonials in 1902.  He was commissioned in 1906 and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and commanded the King Edward’s Horse for the last three months of the Great War.