King’s Edward’s Horse Undress Uniform 1910-14

The Officers and Other Ranks Undress uniform of King Edward's Horse was as per that of the King’s Colonials (1905-10) except with new Regimental badges and buttons were worn with the forage cap and tunic.  
Figure 92:  A Permanent Staff Instructor, Staff Squadron Sergeant Major of King Edward’s Horse in Undress uniform with a forage cap with a tan leather peak circa 1912.  He is wearing ‘A’ Squadron (British Asian) collar badges, a King Edward’s Horse headdress badge and a bullion crown denoting his rank above a further King Edward’s Horse badge worn above his rank chevrons.  I have not identified his name or medals to date (R. J. Smith collection).
Figure 93:  Painting of a Squadron Sergeant Major of the King Edward’s Horse in Undress uniform based upon the photograph in Figure 92 circa 1912.   The Senior NCO in the painting unlike in the photograph is wearing the Lancer style girdle (R. J. Smith collection).

Figure 94:  The Undress uniform tunic of a Sergeant of the King Edward’s Horse with Lancer pattern girdle shown draped over the shoulder.  Noted on the tunic are a khaki proficiency trade badge of a harness makers above a King Edward’s Horse arm badge above gold rank chevrons, a pair of ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) collar badges and brass King Edward’s Horse tunic buttons.  The medal ribbons denotes that the wearer had served in the Great War and were awarded the 1915 Star, British War Medal and the Victory Medal (Electronic auction site image).