King Edward’s Horse Service Dress 1910-19

The Service Dress of the King Edward’s Horse remained unchanged from 1910 through to the disbandment of the Regiment in 1924.  This uniform for both Officers and Other Ranks was of standard cavalry pattern of khaki forage cap, tunic and overalls. Shoulder chains were dispensed with for Service Dress.

Officers carried the 1908 pattern cavalry Mark 1 sword and Other Ranks were equipped with .303 SMLE Mark 1 rifles and 1903 pattern, Mounted Infantry leather 50 round bandoliers.  The leather bandolier was 50 inches long and 3.25 inches wide and held 50 .303 cartridges.  It was made up of four sections each x 10 cartridges, plus one section x 6 cartridges and one section x four cartridges.  Towards mobilisation for war in 1914 all ranks were equipped with swords.

Figure 99:  A Trooper of King Edward’s Horse in Service Dress uniform with his partner circa 1914 with 1903-pattern, Mounted Infantry leather 50 round .303 bandolier and King Edward’s Horse Regimental headdress badge.  
Figure 100: An Officer, two NCOs and a number of Other Ranks of King Edward’s Horse in Service Dress circa 1914. They are equipped with 1903 pattern, Mounted Infantry leather 50 round .303 bandoliers and are wearing King Edward’s Horse headdress badges. The Other Ranks are wearing white lanyards over their right shoulders.  The Sergeant in the middle of the rear row is wearing a signalers qualification badge above his rank chevrons and ‘B’ Squadron (British American) collar badges denoting his proud service in the former King’s Colonials. 
Figure 101:  A mounted Sergeant Sydney Harris of ‘B’ Squadron (British American) of the King Edward's Horse wearing Service Dress uniform with white lanyard over his left shoulder circa 1914.  Sergeant Harris is equipped with a 1908 pattern cavalry Mark 1 sword (Carole McEntee-Taylor. From Colonial Warrior to Western Front Flyer: The Five Wars of Sydney Herbert Bywater Harris. London: Pen and Sword, 2015).