KEH 'U, V, W, X, Y, Z'

ULYATE    Alfred    1068    Private
UNIACKE Evelyn William P. Captain KEH, Major Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Lieutenant Colonel Lancashire Fusiliers
UNSTEAD George 1121 Private
UPTON William 1465 Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 45510

UREN Thomas A. 927. Serjeant DOW 02/03/1917 aged 40. Son of H. Uren, of Penzance; husband of Margaret Uren, of 6 Gloucester Road, Regent's Park, London. WANDSWORTH (EARLSFIELD) CEMETERY, UK."

VAILE R. S. Captain, King's Colonials in 1902 and commanded 3rd Troop (New Zealand) 'D' Squadron (British African) in 1903.

VALLANCE Robert 1548 Private

VALLENTINE Philip 1089. Serjeant, Serjeant Royal West Kent Regiment G/20164. Surname spelt Vallending on another list. Address given as Johannesburg, South Africa.

VAN BLERK Albert D. J. 315 Private
VAN COLLER Louis 1745 Private, Lance Corporal KEH 61212, Second Lieutenant London Regiment
VARDON Evelyn Francis Claude Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Dublin Fusiliers
VARRIE William James 1502 Private
VELHO Saturis F. 1665 Private, Private Army Pay Corps 22981
VENTER Gert Henry 2094 Private

VEREKER J. M. Major King's Colonials 1902 and commanded 'D' Squadron (British African) in 1903 (Photograph see Figure 4).

VICK Frank 521 Private
VICKERS Rupert A. 1350 Lance Corporal, Acting Serjeant
VINCENT Edward 1623 Private

VINCENT Tom 64 Serjeant. Squadron Serjeant Major KEH. Born in England and demobilised 01/1919. Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.


VINER Frederick Gordon Private, Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery. From South Africa and served in the King's Colonials from 6/01/02 (first recruit shown on the Regimental List) and then re-enlisted in the KEH November 1914. Commissioned February 1915.

VINER Reginald George Second Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force

WADDY Richard Granville. Second Lieutenant KEH in 1910, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Royal Army Medical Corps, Captain Special Reserve
WADE Brian (Frederick) Corporal who saw service in WW1.
WADE Charles E. 1942 Private
WAKEFIELD Thomas B. 447 Corporal, Second Lieutenant West Yorkshire Regiment
WALKER Andrew J. 2034 Private 2080 on MIC as well
WALKER H. P. W. 773 Private, Second Lieutenant Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
WALKER John K. 1014 Private
WALKER John Scott Private, Lieutenant Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, Captain Machine Gun Corps
WALKER John Stuart 368 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
WALKER Joseph 1657 Private
WALKER Samuel R. 367 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
WALL R. F. Lieutenant and Veterinary Officer in KEH 1910

WALLACE Nesbit Willoughby. Lieutenant Colonel, King's Colonials first Commanding Officer (1901-04) saw service in the Red River campaign in 1870 with King's Royal Rifle Corps. Lieutenant Colonel Willoughby Wallace (20 April 1839 – 31 July 1931) was born in Canada, was a first class cricketer but is perhaps best remembered for his co-design of the Slade Wallace leather 1888 Pattern valise equipment. He was 75 at the outbreak of the Great War but remained active in recruiting for the King Edward's Horse. His name is listed against the rank of Honourary Lieutenant Colonel in the July 1915 Army List (Portrait photograph Figure 2 and Figure 4).

WALLIKER T. G. 1544 Private

WALLIS Reginald G. 573. Private. 'A' Squadron. Entered France and Flanders theatre 2/6/15 and discharged 15/2/19.

WALROND Francis Hillier 1063 Private, Second Lieutenant Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
WALSH Henry James 292 Corporal, Captain and Adjutant Leicestershire Regiment, Captain South Staffordshire Regiment
WALTERS George 1294 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61216
WALTHEW Fred 1594 Private, Lieutenant Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment
WANGFORD Walter Henry John 53 Staff Quartermaster Serjeant, Lieutenant Royal Engineers
WARD G. F. 756 Private, Lieutenant Royal Warwickshire Regiment
WARD Joseph Bart 1268 Private, Acting Captain Royal Army Service Corps
WARD Robert 378 Warrant Officer Class 2, Warrant Officer Class 2 Northumberland Fusiliers 61230
WARING J. L. 1432 Private, Liverpool Regiment, Captain Royal Ordnance Corps, Captain Wellesley's Rifles Indian Army
WARING Samuel 1478 Private, Second Lieutenant Northumberland Fusiliers
WARNER Stanley E. 797 Private
WARNES William G. 370 Private, Private Tank Corps 112043
WARREN James 12 Private
WARREN John B. 1610 Private, Private Machine Gun Corps 112063, Private Liverpool Regiment 3/85698
WARREN Thomas 1801 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 39839, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40605, Private Tank Corps 302816
WARRINGTON Harold G. 449 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
WARWICK Frederick 341 Private, Private Labour Corps 407924

WATERS David John 1671 Private KIA 25/10/1917. TYNE COT MEMORIAL, BELGIUM.

WATSON Albert E. 1388 Private, Private Tank Corps 302930
WATSON Desmond 1549 Private, Acting Corporal Machine Gun Corps 22990, Captain Tank Corps
WATSON Ernest 1217 Private

WATSON Harry 665 Serjeant KIA 9/04/18 aged 33. 'B' Squadron. Son of the late Matthew and Harriot Watson, of Ighten Grove, Padiham Rd., Burnley; husband of the late Florence Martha Watson (nee Peck). LOOS MEMORIAL, FRANCE.

WATSON John 1570 Private
WATSON Oswald 825 Private

WATT Norman L. 644. South African. Corporal, Second Lieutenant KEH; Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force and awarded Air Force Cross. Brother of William Edward Watt.

WATT William Edward 569. South African. Corporal, Second Lieutenant KEH; Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force and awarded Air Force Cross. Brother of Norman Lindley Watt.

WATTON Walter H. P. 1314 Private
WATTS Laurie 72 Private
WATTS Robert W. 922 Private
WATTS Samuel F. 1988 Private 2081 on MIC as well
WAYNE Claud Anthony 1358 Lance Corporal
WEATHERBY Norman Thomas 910 Private
WEATHERLY N. Expeditionary Force Canteens
WEAVER Hubert E. 1608 Private
WEAVER Robert O. 1299 Private
WEBB Edwin Gilbert Lumley 966 Corporal, Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
WEBB John Montague Captain

WEBB Louis M. 555. Saddler. Portrait photograph 1914 from (The King Edward’s Horse Senior and Junior Comrades Association Annual Bulletin No 14, 1947).

WEBB Walter Victor 1235 Private
WEBSTER Ernest 1692 Private London Regiment Field Ambulance 3311, Private KEH
WEEDON Sydney 1625 Private, Serjeant Tank Corps 302782, Serjeant Northumberland Fusiliers 61197
WELBOURN Herbert 674 Private

WELCH Herbert Llewellyn 44. Squadron Serjeant Major 'B' Squadron, Lieutenant Army Ordnance Depot died in 1952. Secretary of the King's Colonials lodge since 1934.

WELD Charles M. 1489. Private, Captain

WELLS Ernest S. Squadron Serjeant Major King's Colonials circa 1903. Served as Regimental Serjeant Major in the 4th Hussars and promoted to Regimental Serjeant Major, King Edward's Horse in 1910 (see 1911 photograph, Figure 42).

WELLS Lovell S. W. 1382 Private
WELLS Reginald John Francis 1644 Private, Lieutenant Royal Air Force
WEST Harold 799 Private
WEST William G. 1629 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61198

WEST William Jack. 811. Private 'A' Squadron KEH. Lieutenant Surrey Yeomanry. Wounded 24/06/1915 when defending trench from German attack.

WESTALL John H. 1844 Private, King's Rifle Regiment, Reserve Regiment Horse Guards, Machine Gun Corps Second Lieutenant
WESTERHOUT Eric G. 266 Private
WESTON Frederick Ivor 303 Corporal, Captain Tank Corps
WETTON Thomas C. 354 Private, Lieutenant Devonshire Regiment
WHEATLEY Charles 1633 Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 45517
WHEATLEY E. 898 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers
WHEELER Walter G. 321 Private
WHELAN Henry George 718 Corporal, Lieutenant Royal Munster Fusiliers
WHELAN John 1268 Private
WHITE Deyereaux Henry Corles 1010 Private
WHITE Edward Victor 1183 Private, Second Lieutenant Tank Corps
WHITE Henry G. 34 Shoeing Smith

WHITE Henry G. 551. Ex-2nd Dragoon Guards. Private KEH. Enlisted Alexander Palace 12/8/14 (aged 53). Went to France 1/6/15. Returned to France 14/4/17 (wounded, sick?) and returned again to England 23/2/18.

WHITE Horace C. 1248 Private

WHITE Samuel 1277 KIA 09/04/1918 aged 26. Son of Alice H. White, of 1, Ellison Terrace, Clifton Green, York, and the late Arthur White. BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERY, FRANCE.

WHITE Sidney C. D/16163 Private, Private Corps of Dragoons
WHITEFORD B. E. H. Lieutenant, Lieutenant Royal Air Force
WHITMEE Ernest S. 576 Private
WHITMEE Sidney 639 Private
WHITWORTH Frank Lieutenant

WICKENDEN Percy 869. Private 'A' Squadron, KIA 25/06/1915 aged 33 whilst defending trench from German attack. Son of the late William Henry and Harriet Wickenden; husband of Mary Ann Wickenden of 30 John Street, Lincoln. Born Leigh, Tonbridge, Kent. HYDE PARK CORNER (ROYAL BERKS) CEMETERY, BELGIUM.

WICKS Louis 1135 Corporal, Second Lieutenant York and Lancaster Regiment
WICKHAM C. G. Became KEH Adjutant in 1912 late of the Norfolk Regiment.
WICKSTEED A. F. 9 Staff Serjeant Major, King's Colonials
WIGGINS Frank Valentine 602 Private
WIGHTWICK Rex Ranyer 1170 Private, Second Lieutenant Middlesex Regiment, Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps
WILCOX Alfred 356 Serjeant
WILD Edward Ashford 1280 Private, Second Lieutenant Northamptonshire Regiment
WILD George 1067 Private
WILDER John C. 1200 Private
WILDEY A. J. D/14011 Private, Private Corps of Dragoons
WILDING A. F. Second Lieutenant King's Colonials 1905
WILKIE Hugh Graham Second Lieutenant then Captain Royal Field Artillery
WILKINS Harry 580 Private
WILKINSON J. N. Captain in KEH in 1915 see Figure 19.
WILLCOX Alfred 356 Serjeant
WILLIAMS Horace N. S. 1342 Private, Serjeant Tank Corps 302823
WILLIAMS I. 1242 Private, Private Military Mounted Police P/14035
WILLIAMS John 25 Private, Private Royal Berkshire Regiment 43433, Private Royal Navy 8488TS
WILLIAMS Kenneth S. 124 Serjeant, Captain Lancashire Hussars
WILLIAMS Michael John 805 Private
WILLIAMS Samuel Private KEH, Private, Royal Berkshire Regiment, Private Labour Corps
WILLIAMS Samuel R. 184 Private
WILLIAMS Selwyn Coldham 98 Private, Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
WILLIAMS Thomas 1563 Private, Captain Northumberland Fusiliers
WILLIAMS Walcond 1682 Private
WILLIAMS William 917 Corporal
WILLIAMSON Leonard H. 1133 Private
WILLIS Ernest 786 Private, Second Lieutenant King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, Lieutenant Royal Air Force
WILLIS Frederick W. 746 Private
WILLIS Percy Ayscough 1136 Private
WILLIS Vivian V. 711 Private, Second Lieutenant Tank Corps
WILLS George 319 Farrier Serjeant, Acting Quarter Master Serjeant Northumberland Fusiliers 6129 incomplete
WILLSON William T. 822 Private
WILMOT John F. 1351 Private
WILSON Alleyne Wallis 1153 Private, Second Lieutenant Warwickshire Yeomanry, Lieutenant Guards Machine Gun Regiment
WILSON David 174 Private
WILSON Douglas Bancroft 1002 Private, Second Lieutenant Essex Regiment
WILSON Frederick W. 18885 Corporal, Corporal Labour Corps 653644

WILSON Harold John Fossick 1381 Private, Private Machine Gun Corps 22991, Second Lieutenant Labour Corps, DOW 17/02/1919 aged 27. Son of Henry Fossick Wilson and Jessie Dagmar Wilson, of Parkhurst Bridge Rd., Weybridge. WEYBRIDGE CEMETERY, UK. Name commemorated on War Memorial at Monument Hill, Weybridge.

WILSON Ralph M. 819 Private
WILSON Reginald 456 Private. Australian. Two photographs on
WILSON Robert A. 599 Private
WILSON Thomas D/18093 Private, Private Corps of Dragoons
WILSON William D/17166 Private Dragoon Guards, Private KEH, Private Corps of Hussars 75900
WILSON-JONES Harold 857 Lance Serjeant, Serjeant; Temporary Captain Royal Artillery Slavo British Legion
WINCHESTER Percival J. 1588 Private, Private Labour Corps 407929
WINCHESTER Philip G. 1989 Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 45514
WINGROVE Charles Leslie 1191 Private

WINTER Henry F. 1453 Private, KIA 10/04/18 aged 27. Son of William and Kate Winter, of Southall; husband of Florence Mabel Winter, of 22, Portland Rd., Southall, Middlesex. LAPUGNOY MILITARY CEMETERY, FRANCE.

WITHERS William R. D/8006 Private Royal Dragoons, Private KEH, Private Corps of Dragoons
WITTHERS Ivan 678 Private
WOGAN Thomas 1521 Private, Private Machine Gun Corps 112158, Private Liverpool Regiment 85704, Sapper Royal Engineers WR/290205
WOOD Charles 1680 Private
WOOD Lancelot 765 Private
WOOD Percival Edward 1087 Private
WOOD Ralph 85712 Private, Private Liverpool Regiment
WOOD William G. 1448 Private
WOODCOCK George A. 244 Private
WOODCOCK John W. Corporal
WOODERS Private served in Dublin
WOOLETT W. Late Kings Hussars
WOOLGAR Frederick 1480 Private
WOOTEN John G. 1694 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61280
WORSWICK B. 876 Private, Second Lieutenant
WRAY Edgar 1673 Private
WRENCH James C. 317 Serjeant
WRIGHT A. Private, Private Labour Corps 230755
WRIGHT E. W. 616 Private
WRIGHT Henry Kenning 528 Serjeant, Captain Royal West Kent Regiment
WRIGHT J. H. 716 Private
WRIGHT John 637 Corporal, Serjeant Northumberland Fusiliers 61231
WRIGHT Oswald Lawrence 324 Staff Serjeant Major, Acting Major Tank Corps
WRIGHT Robert A. 342 Corporal, Corporal Labour Corps 230755
WRIGHT Robert 1092 Corporal, Captain Bedfordshire Regiment
WRIGHT Thomas Second Lieutenant Royal Berkshire Regiment, Lance Corporal KEH
WRIGHT William R. 1390 Private
WRIGHTSON Cerdie W. 1372 Sapper Royal Engineers 229157, Sapper KEH, Sapper Royal Engineers WR/20284
WYLIE Alfred 1323 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 39848
WYNN Leslie A. D/12459 Private Dragoon Guards GS/5521, Private KEH D/12459, Private Corps of Dragoons D/12459

YEARRON W. H. Lieutenant, Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps
YEWER Frederick James 1090 Private
YOUNG Alfred 1949 Private
YOUNG George M. 1050 Private
YOUNG W. R. 1605 Promoted to Lance Corporal, KEH 03/1913.

ZIEGEL Frank 1917 Private