TABUTEAU, Frederick. 1596. Private, Private Labour Corps 466866
TALBOT, Leonard L. 1015. Serjeant, Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
TANNER, Charles A. 1455. Private
TAPPLY, Sidney L. 643. Private
TAYLOR, Charles W. 673. Serjeant
TAYLOR, Claude Arthur. 1230. Private
TAYLOR, E. C. 629. Lance Corporal, Corporal Tank Corps 302780, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61236
TAYLOR, James Nichols. 1223. Private, Lieutenant Lincolnshire Yeomanry

TAYLOR, John C. 905. Private 1st Troop 'A' Squadron KEH, Private Royal Berkshire Regiment 55523

TAYLOR, Maurice. 1362. Private
TAYLOR, Patrick J. 14. Private, Private Royal Engineers 363111
TAYLOR, Percy C. 1805. Private
TAYLOR, Robert Gladstone. 714. Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
TAYLOR, S. 1429. Private, Private Military Mounted Police P/12037
TEARE, John Stewart. 437. Private, Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
TEMPLE, Edwin William Henry. 462. Private, Second Lieutenant The Queen's Regiment, Lieutenant Royal West Surrey Regiment
TEMPLE, H. 37. Corporal, King's Colonials
TENNANT, Charles Percy 1399 Private, Honourabe Artillery Company

TETLEY, Henry. 1584. Private, Private Corps of Dragoons D/30978 (See photograph Figure 23). Victory medal offered for sale Mar 2020 on electronic auction site.

THIRLWELL, Robert M. Private Dragoon Guards D/18423, Private KEH, Private Corps of Dragoons
THOMAS, Albert V. 1174. Private, Private Tank Corps 302865, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 40116
THOMAS, David Lewis. 1280. Lieutenant Royal Engineers, Private KEH
THOMAS, Francis H. 1065. Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers
THOMAS, Sidney. 1036. Private, also spelt Sydney on MIC

THOMPSON, F. Squadron Serjeant Major King's Colonials Permanent Staff 1902 former 13th Hussars (Photograph see Figure 5).

THOMPSON Frederick Roland Blyth Lieutenant
THOMPSON George H. 1252 Private
THOMPSON John Blake 1105 Private, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61199, Second Lieutenant Army Service Corps
THOMPSON John William 852 Private, Private Machine Gun Corps Cavalry 105526, Captain Labour Corps

THOMPSON Robert Roland. Captain and Adjutant. King's Colonials circa 1902. Australian who served as a Serjeant with 4th Dragoon Guards and Adjutant with 1st (Volunteer) Australian Horse (see photograph, Figures 4, 5 & 42).

THOMSON Alexander G. 311 Staff Serjeant Major, Warrant Officer Class 2

THOMSON Ninian Alan. Australian. Lieutenant KEH in WW1. Lived in Queanbeyan, New South Wales. Director of Mauri Brothers and Thomson. Died 2/04/1952.

THOMSON, Kenneth Sinclair. New Zealand. Lieutenant. Transferred to 21st Prince Albert Victor's Own Cavalry (Daly's Horse), Frontier Force. Kenneth Thomson was the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Sinclair Thomson, of The Crossing, Geraldine, New Zealand. Was born in Wellington on October 7th, 1886. He entered Wanganui Collegiate School in 1900, and remained there for five years, being a Prefect during his last year. From Wanganui he went for about a year to the Otago Medical School, and thence to St. John’s College, Cambridge. While at Cambridge he obtained a commission in the King’s Colonials and became so much interested in military matters that he decided to give up his medical career and go into the army. After taking his B.A. degree with honours in 1909, he obtained a commission in the Indian Army, leaving in February to join the 21st Cavalry, Frontier Force. He was on leave in New Zealand for six months in 1913 and visited Wanganui. His death in action occurred in the neighbourhood of Basra, in the Persian Gulf, on March 3rd, 1915, he had been attached for service to the 16th Cavalry and put in command of a machine-gun section. He can have only been a very short time at the front before he fell. (In Memoriam, 1914-1918, Wanganui Collegiate School). He is buried in Basra War Cemetery, Iraq (III.C.17). (Reference - Auckland Online Cenotaph). Photograph available of him in the uniform of a Lieutenant in the 21st Prince Albert Victor's Own Cavalry (Daly's Horse) circa 1914-15.

THORNTON Edward 776 Private. Likely to have served in the Liverpool Troop of the King's Colonials. Photograph of name engraved wedding gift (shown in Figure 5).

THORPE John S. 801 Private
THOYTS H. N. M. Colonel
THURSTON George H. 604 Private, Private Labour Corps 613024
TICEHURST, Hubert. 1348. Private, Private Labour Corps 665131
TILLEY, Harold William. Private, Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
TIMBRELL, James. 942. Private, Sapper Royal Engineers WR/259726, 198255
TINKLER, John Cecil. 139. Serjeant, Lieutenant. Discharged 1/9/1915.
TINKLER, Lionel Maughan. 405. Serjeant. Commissioned as a Captain in the Yorkshire Regiment 23/01/16.
TITILAH, James 1823. Private, 2078 on MIC as well
TITUS, Patrick J. 1396. Private
TOBIAS, N. 80465. Signaler
TOD, Alexander. 1122. Private, Lieutenant Hampshire Regiment attached King's African Rifles

TOLKIEN, John Ronald Reuel. Private, served pre-Great War KEH when at Oxford University, Second Lieutenant Lancashire Fusiliers Great War, Lieutenant Lancashire Fusiliers. One of the world's great literary figures.

TOMLIN, Alfred E. 790. Private, Acting Serjeant Tank Corps 112211
TOMLIN, Henry G. 307. Private, Private Tank Corps 302839, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61220
TONG, William G. 993. Serjeant

TOOGOOD Percy William 653 Private KIA 25/08/1915 aged 27. Son of Laurence William and Eliza Toogood, of Sydney, Australia. Born at Rosehill, Parramatta, Australia. MUCH HADHAM (ST. ANDREW) CHURCHYARD, UK.

TOWEY Martin 1464 Private, Private Army Service Corps T/364128
TRACEY Austin J. 1372 Private, 2126 on MIC as well
TRAVIS Robert Walter 1416 Private, Lieutenant Royal Warwickshire Regiment

TREADWELL Arthur 864 Serjeant Second Troop 'A' Squadron KEH Vielle Chapelle KIA 9/04/18 aged 36. Son of Joseph Edward and Eliza E. Treadwell; husband of Mary Treadwell, of 13, Poplar St., Failsworth, Manchester. LOOS MEMORIAL, FRANCE. Alfred on MIC

TRELEAVEN Conrad V. 1551 Private, Second Lieutenant Warwickshire Yeomanry, Lieutenant Indian Army Reserve of Officers

TREMEARNE, William Crew. 538. Serjeant KEH. Born in Leamington Spa, UK on 13/01/1893 and attended Blackheath School, London and then undertook an engineering apprenticeship in Kilmarnock, Scotland 1903-10. Studied at Christ's College, Cambridge where he undertook Mechanical Sciences Courses and then later a Bachelor of Arts 1910-13. Serjeant Cambridge Troop, KEH 19/05/1911 - 13/01/1913. Private, 538 in KEH 10/08/1914-21/10/1914 having enlisted at Alexandra Palace. Temporary commission 20/11/1914 as Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Officer 8th Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders 31/10/1914 - 26/09/1915. Landed France 8/07/1915. Shot in the leg at Hill 70, Loos in Belgium 25-26/09/1915 and reported missing with death not reported until 04/1917. Commemorated at Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais, France. Information and photograph in the uniform of the Seaforth Highlanders courtesy Imperial War Museum.

TRICKETT, Ronald. 1974. Private 2079 on MIC as well, Private Royal Engineers 359811
TRUDGETT, George D. 1584. Private Labour Corps 230731
TRUNDLE, Charles. 1357. Private, Second Lieutenant Reserve Regiment of Cavalry
TULL, Frederick J. 498. Lance Corporal, Acting Serjeant Tank Corps 302815, Acting Serjeant Northumberland Fusiliers 39889, Acting Serjeant Lancashire Fusiliers

TULLOCH, Herbert Maurice. Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant Royal Air Force. Lieutenant in 1915 see Figure 19.

TURCOTT, Edgar. 1029. Private
TURNER, Augustine John. 1101. Private
TURNER, Edward G. 1872. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61210, Private Tank Corps 302785
TURNER, John. W. 1743. Private
TURNER, James H. E. 343. Private, Private Royal Air Force 319034
TURNER, Max. 1882. Private, Second Lieutenant Tank Corps

TURNER, Walter Richard. 1423. Private. DOW 21/04/1918. Born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1880. Enlisted in London. BRISTOL (ARNOS VALE) CEMETERY, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, UK.

TURNER-DAUNCEY M. J. Captain. Lived in Kenya and returned to UK 1965.

TUTT, Arthur Richmond. Joined the Surrey Yeomanry in 1909 and served in France and Mesopotamia as Serjeant, 1248. Recommended for a commission in 1916 and went to Nethercorn for training. Posted to the KEH as a Second Lieutenant in 1917. For gallantry at an action near Anneux he was awarded the Belgian Croix de Guerre and with his second-in-command Serjeant Barry who was severely wounded. His wounds kept him from serving in France again and he served as Lieutenant with the Reserve Regiment in Ireland and is named in a photograph at Marlborough Barracks, Dublin 1918 see Figure 33. He rejoined the army in 1939 as a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Army Service Corps becoming a Major before discharge on medical grounds in 1943. Photograph attending Royal Review 1946. He died on 4/08/1960.

TWOPENNY Richard Ernest Noel. Lieutenant, Military Cross and bar. Spelt Twopeny on MIC (see Figure 331 from Peter Nemaric collection). Major Twopeny was born in 1893 in South Australia, commissioned into the King Edward’s Horse on 25th May 1915 as a 2nd Lieutenant and returned to Australia on 13th April 1920.