KEH Service Dress part 2

Figure 151: A panel of a stereoscopic postcard of a mounted section of King Edward’s Horse wearing Service Dress equipped with 1899 pattern cavalry swords and 1903-pattern, Mounted Infantry leather 50 round .303 bandoliers for their .303 SMLE Mark 1 rifles and wear white lanyards around their left shoulders circa 1914.   
Figure 152: A staged photograph of signal training of Sergeant Sid Bromfield and several Other Ranks of King Edward’s Horse in Service Dress circa 1912-13. Sergeant Bromfield also appears in Figure 149 in which he is wearing his signalers' proficiency badge above his rank chevrons and an additional photograph and his details are shown in the Nominal Roll section of this website.  
Figure 153: Postcard of the Galloping Section of 2nd Troop, ‘C’ Squadron, (1st) King Edward’s Horse in Service Dress dated to the rear 12/01/1919. The Sergeant (second from the left, front row) and a Private (third from the left, second row) are wearing Military Medal ribbons and the Sergeant (second from the right, front row) is wearing possibly a gallantry ribbon together with several pre-Great War service medal ribbons and three service chevrons for three years overseas service on his right lower sleeve. The 1914/1915 Star medal ribbons were first issued in December 1918 and so it is possible he is wearing one of these. The other medal ribbons for the Great War, the British War medal and Victory medal were not issued until 1919-1920. The Trooper (right hand end, front row) is wearing a brass wound stripe on his left outer forearm. Note that white lanyards are no longer being worn with the Service Dress uniform.