SADLER    F.    915    Private
SADLIER John R. 1102 Private

SAGE Arthur William 737 Private KIA 22/3/17 aged 22. 'B' Squadron. Enlisted in Watford and entered France 22 /4/15. Son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Sage, of I, High Elms Cottages, Leavesden, Watford, Herts. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, FRANCE.

SAILL Edward Charles. 935. Private, Lieutenant KEH

SANDERMAN Victor S. Major in King's Colonials in 1906. Former Officer in the 17th Lancers. Became Lieutenant Colonel and mobilised the KEH at the outbreak of WW1.

SANDERS John Frederick 660 Staff Serjeant, Second Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers
SANDERSON Frank E. 764 Private
SANDERSON William Andrew 104 Quarter Master Serjeant
SANSOM Thomas H. 1934 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61268, Private Tank Corps 302851

SAUNDERS Ernest V. 1265 Lance Corporal KIA 9/04/18. CABARET-ROUGE BRITISH CEMETERY, SOUCHEZ, FRANCE. Awarded Croix de Guerre (Belgium).

SAUNDERS Harry Alfred 226 Lance Corporal
SAVAGE Albert Henry 855 Private
SAVILLE W. Captain and Surgeon in KEH 1910
SAYER William Thomas 692 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers

SCALLON Ernest W. 1172 Private, arrived France 4/05/15, entitled to 1915 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal. British War Medal held in a private collection in the UK.

SCARF Benjamin 251 Private
SCHOFIELD Harry D/15928 Private, Private Corps of Dragoons
SCHOFIELD William D/15844 Private Dragoons GS/19277, Private KEH, Private Corps of Dragoons
SCHONKEN William P. 1004 Private
SCOTLOCK Benjamin C. 1109 Private
SCOTT David 1351 Private
SCOTT George S. A. 982 Private, Second Lieutenant Army Service Corps
SCOTT H. J. 252 Private, Acting Company Serjeant Major Tank Corps 302814, Acting Company Serjeant Major Lancashire Fusiliers 40598
SCOTT John A. A. 981 Private, Lieutenant Army Service Corps
SCOTT Robert 1433 Private, Lance Corporal Machine Gun Corps 22987
SCOTT W. G. 1131 Private
SCRIVEN Joseph B. 1430 Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 112762
SCRIVEN William J. 1535 Private, Corporal Tank Corps 302793, 61240
SCULLY Thomas 1227 Private
SEARIES Charles Horace 572 Private
SEHEULT Andre 1310 Private
SEHEULT Robert 1303 Private
SELLIER Yuma J. 1839 Private, Private Royal Air Force 139295
SEXTON Edward 1883 Private
SEYMOUR Edward O. D/17033 Private, Private Corps of Dragoons
SHARMAN Robert Palmer 1919 Private
SHARP C. Basil C. 1125 Lance Corporal, Serjeant Tank Corps 309545, Serjeant attached Machine Gun Corps 22988
SHARP Frederick John Milton 627 Serjeant, Second Lieutenant Coldstream Guards
SHAW Charles Athelstan.Second Lieutenant KEH 1910, Captain KIA 09/01/16. Son of the late Charles and Marianne Shaw. Served in the South African Campaign. BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERY, FRANCE. Commemorated on National Provincial And Union Bank Of England Memorial, London.
SHAW Frank 1623 Lance Corporal
SHAW Henry Cecil 52 Staff Quarter Master Serjeant, Temporary Lieutenant Royal Army Ordnance Corps

SHAW, Herbert Harris Shaw. Corporal, ‘C’ Squadron (Australasian) of the 4th County of London (King’s Colonials) Imperial Yeomanry in Undress uniform showing the khaki forage cap with ‘C’ Squadron (Australasian) headdress badge and first pattern Regimental collar badges circa 1905.  Corporal Shaw was born in 1893 in Teignmouth, Devon, England and served in ‘C’ Squadron (Australian) of the 4th County of London (King’s Colonials) Imperial Yeomanry from 1902 to 1907.  Prior to this service, he served in the Bechuanaland Border Police 1894-95 and the Matabele Mounted Police in 1896.  Having emigrated to Sydney, Australia he enlisted as a Private in the 35th Battalion (Newcastle’s Own), 9th Brigade of the 1st Australian Imperial Force on the 12th April 1916.  He embarked for England on board the HMAT Anchises A68 on the 24th August 1916.  Attaining the rank of Extra Regimental Sergeant, he was wounded in action on the 12th October 1917.  He was a photographer by profession and assisted the noted Australian World War One photographer Frank Hurley after the war.  His British War and Victory medals shown here are held in the Dave Harrower Collection in New South Wales, Australia and Corporal Shaw's portrait photograph is shown courtesy of Peter Nemaric, Victoria, Australia.

SHAW Jack William Private, Lieutenant Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

SHAW Neville L. Commissioned into KEH as Temporary Second Lieutenant 18/04/1915. Second Lieutenant 1917. Later Lieutenant Tank Corps. WW2 from July to December 1940 Lieutenant with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Died in 1959. Director of Hammonds United Breweries Bradford Yorkshire. Bill Friar Medals UK (

SHAW Robert 1780 Private, Private Army Service Corps M/354265
SHEED O. J. 1728 Private, Serjeant Tank Corps 78798
SHELDON George 1572 Private
SHENNON Watson Douglas Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain Engineers
SHEPPARD Albert E. 719 Private
SHERRIS Guy 1279 Private
SHILTON Alfred 758 Private
SHINNER Edgar 1071 Private, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61249
SHIRCORE David 951 Private
SHORT Wallter M. B. 1549 Private
SHUTTLE David 1678 Private, Private Tank Corps 302837, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61266
SIDDALL Horace Victor 1397 Private, Flight Cadet Royal Flying Corps 318091
SIM William R. 847 Private
SIMMONDS D. G. 1207 Private, Captain South Wales Borderers
SIMONS William Utten 818 Private, Lieutenant Labour Corps
SIMPSON, A. E. Signaler.
SIMPSON Ronald E. 1490 Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 45503

SIMPSON Walter Scott 1236 Private KIA 9/04/18 aged 27. 'C' Squadron. Son of William Francis and Eliza Simpson. LOOS MEMORIAL, FRANCE.

SINCLAIR John H. 1758 Private, Private Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders S/16657
SINGLETON Richard 803 Corporal, Corporal Labour Corps 413788
SINNOTT Edwin 1263 Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40600

SKEPELHORN Frederick Willet 338 Quarter Master Serjeant Major, ex-10th Hussars Boer War entitled QSA and KSA and became a Second Lieutenant Army Service Corps (entered war theatre 2/6/15 and entitled to 1915 Star medal trio) and died 1930.