MEAD, John H. 1123. Private

MEADS, Robert A. 2042. Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 45487, Private Army Service Corps R/384020

MEAKIN, Reginald A. 1383. Corporal, Corporal Royal Engineers 311019

MEARS, George. 605. Private
MEARS, John L. 1749. Private

MEE, F. 871. Private, Private Military Mounted Police P/12000

MEEK, Maurice 836 Private, Private Labour Corps 443834

MEIKLE, George Mather. 789. Acting Serjeant then Second Lieutenant. From Ireland. Second Lieutenant in photograph Marlborough Barracks, Dublin 1918 see Figure 33. Photograph on

MEIKLE, Thomas B. 350. Private, Private Labour Corps 585705

MEIKLEJON, Robert Wright. 1239. Private, Second Lieutenant Hussars. Portrait photograph as a civilian.

MEIKLEM, John. 1037. Private

MEKERLE, Alexander. 757. Private, Private Machine Gun Corps 105382.   1914-15 trio and entitled to Silver War Badge (for those who had been honourably discharged due to wounds or sickness from military service in the Great War). Later served with the Machine Gun Corps. Medals for sale in the UK in 2019 (Bill Friar Medals).

MENKENS, William E. 1568. Private, Serjeant Royal Engineers WR/275822, 306757

MERCER, Alex W. 2172. Private Army Service Corps T/1775, Private KEH, Private Army Service Corps T/4240941

MERCER, Frederick E. 1618. Private, Corporal Tank Corps 302783, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61192

MERCER, Thomas Melbourn 382. Private. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps 30/01/1917.

MERCHANT, William John. 1160. Lance Corporal, Second Lieutenant London Regiment
MERKIN, Raphael. Private. Student of the University of London.
MERRICK, Arthur L. 202. Corporal, Serjeant Labour Corps 672693
METCALFE, J. C. 7. Serjeant
MeVOY, . Named in Figure 22
MILES, John 1257. Private, Private Labour Corps 230745

MILLER, George Alfred (Albert) 1039 Private KIA 19/08/17 aged 30. Son of Dr. George Foy, F.R.C.S., and Annie Miller, his wife. Born at Clontarf, Dublin. Buried in GWALIA CEMETERY, BELGIUM. Commemorated on Liverpool Town Hall Roll of Honour. Entitled to British War Medal and Victory medal.

MILLER, Timothy. 2121. Private KEH. Transferred from Private 1641 2KEH to KEH. Arrived in France 15/07/1915 and discharged 14/05/1919.

MILLER, Wallace. 1421. Corporal, Corporal Tanks Corps 302871, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61237

MILLER, Walter E. 1137. Lance Corporal, Serjeant Tank Corps 302870, Serjeant Northumberland Fusiliers 61171

MILLETT, Frederick G. 554. Private
MILLS, Thomas. 1909. Private
MILNE, William F. 1108. Corporal, Corporal Labour Corps 565814

MILNES, Harold Harvey. 2021. Private 30/10/1918. Died in service. Buried in GRANGEGORMAN MILITARY CEMETERY, IRELAND.

MILROY, Joseph. 1152. Private
MILROY, Robert. 1164. Private, Private Machine Gun Corps 105387
MILTON, Alex C. 1690. Serjeant, Serjeant Northumberland Fusiliers 61299
MINTER, Frank. 1024. Private, Private then Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps 104511
MITCHALL John F. 1338 Private, Private Labour Corps 447031

MITCHELL, Archibald McKerrow. 791. Private KEH. Entered France 21/04/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 1/23rd Battalion London Regiment 3/07/1916. Prior service in the Boer war with the Scottish Rifles. Medals awarded - QUEEN'S SOUTH AFRICA 1899-1902, 3 clasps, Cape Colony, Transvaal, Laing's Nek (7893 Pte., Scottish Rifles); KING'S SOUTH AFRICA, 2 clasps (1695 Pte., Cape Town Hdrs.); 1914-15 STAR (791 Pte., K. Edw. H.); BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS (2.Lieut.). Military Cross. KIA 7/07/1917. Brother of James Mitchell of "Strathallan," 15 Greenock Avenue, Old Cathcart, Glasgow. Buried at OAK DUMP CEMETERY, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Boer War and WW1 Medal trio sold at auction by Dix Noonan Webb, UK in December 1992.

MITCHELL, George D. 781. Private
MITCHELL, J. J. 814. Private, Private Royal Engineers 348828, WR/204568
MITCHELL, John F. 1338. Private

MOFFAT, Leslie Palmer. 'C' Squadron. Commissioned as a Temporary Second Lieutenant KEH on 9/12/1915. Awarded the Military Cross as a Lieutenant for gallantry at the Defence of Vieille Chapelle 9-11/04/1918. Transferred as a Lieutenant to the 31st Lancers, Indian Army. Awarded British War Medal and Victory Medal and Indian General Service Medal with clasps for Afghanistan and North West Frontier 1919. May have married Elizabeth Aloysius Doyle in March 1920 in Baltinglass, Wicklow, Ireland and had a son in Australia. Lieutenant Palmer is known to have lived in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Photograph shown as Figure 31. .

MOIR, David G. 152389. Serjeant Scottish Horse 152389, Serjeant KEH, Serjeant Corps of Dragoons D/35278, Acting Warrant Officer Dragoon Guards D/35278

MOLLOY, Henry S. 1554. Private, Private Royal Engineers 12606
MONK, Albert Victor. Major

MONTGOMERY, John McLean. 1049. Private. Enlisted in 1915 and entered France 2/06/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 12/07/1915. Temporary Lieutenant Mar 1917. Lost his commission and was Court Martialed in April 1918 as a result of chronic alcoholism after the death of his father 1916. Born in Balaclava, Melboure, Victoria, Australia on 12/01/1890 the son of Dr J. P. Montgomery who practiced in Camperdown, Victoria and he died 9/09/1922 in Terang, Victoria. AIF attestation papers for service abroad.

MOON, Frederick George. 1267. Private, Second Lieutenant Lancashire Fusiliers, Lieutenant Royal Army Service Corps

MOORE, Albert William (Bertie). 1091. Serjeant. Entered France 15/09/1915. Served with 2nd Troop, 'B' Squadron in 1916. Gunshot wound to right hand sustained in Defence of Vieille Chapelle 9-11/04/1918. Discharged 17/01/1919. Born in 1881 in Fremantle, Western Australia (WA) and married Dora Margaret (Daisy) FERGUSON on 5/02/1908 in Swan, WA and he died in the Williams District, WA on 9/03/1957.

MOORE, Basil O. 592. Private. 'A' Squadron. Arrived France 2/06/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant later Captain Royal Field Artillery 13/07/1916.

MOORE, Frederick E. 2123. Private KEH. Transferred to KEH from 2KEH as Private 840. Entered France 4/05/1915 and discharged 28/03/1919.

MOORE, Reginald Joseph. No rank KEH, Royal Field Artillery, Lieutenant Gold Coast Regiment

MOORHOUSE, Eric G. 144. Private, Second Lieutenant 3rd/1st Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers 5/12/1916, Lieutenant Lancashire Hussars, Lieutenant Indian Army.

MORANT, Arthur F. H. 1088. Private
MORGAN, Charles. 273. Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 85735
MORGAN, James. 1681. Corporal, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 40121, Corporal Tank Corps 302863
MORGAN J. 1396. Private, Private Military Mounted Police P/12038
MORGAN, Oswald William. 717. Serjeant, Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery

MORGAN, Victor. 889. Lance Corporal. Awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal for work with Trench Mortar Battery as a Private and the Military Medal as Lance-Corporal in the defense of Vieille Chapelle 9-11/11/1918.

MORLEY, Alfred C. 1436. Sapper Royal Engineers 208130, Sapper KEH, Sapper Royal Engineers WR/509534.

MORLEY, F. 177. Lance Corporal. King's Colonials. Awarded Imperial Yeomanry Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, Aug 1907.

MORLEY, Harold J. 772. Private. KEH

MORRIS, James. 1710. Private, Private Tank Corps 302834, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61312

MORRIS, Joseph Henry. 892. Private. KIA 11/04/1918 (aged 29). Son of Mrs. Emily Morris of 150 Dudley Road, Northfield, Worcs; husband of the late Margaret Morris. Commemorated on the LOOS MEMORIAL, FRANCE.

MORRIS, Lawrence Henry. 1709. Private, Private Tank Corps 302833, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61310
MORRISON, Alexander. 1896. Private
MORRISON, Henry. 1592. Private, Drummer Liverpool Regiment

MORTON, Lewis. 1512. Private

MOSS, Thomas. 1686. Private, Private Royal Defence Corps 68940

MOSSMAN, Bertie A. 1023. Private

MOSSMAN, Ellis Leopold. 1022. Private KIA 09/04/1918 aged 29. Enlisted in Bristol. Arrived in France 2/05/1915. Son of Hubert Leopold Mossman and Emily Mossman of "Upton", Lodge, Jamaica, British West Indies. Commemorated on the LOOS MEMORIAL, FRANCE and on a MEMORIAL PLAQUE IN ST. DUNSTAN'S CHAPEL, JAMAICA COLLEGE CAMPUS, WEST INDIES.

MOXHAM, Arthur W. 908. Private, Corporal Lancashire Fusiliers 40580.

MUGFORD, Richard Henry. 855. Serjeant KEH. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Devonshire Regiment 5/02/1919. Awarded Military Medal (MM) as Serjeant KEH for reconnaissance at Anneux 21/11/1917. Enlisted in the KEH having sailed to London from Shanghai on board SS Suwa Maru 16/10/1914 where he had been employed in the Shanghai Maritime Customs. Entered France 2/06/1915. Group of four medals sold at Spink Noble auction in the UK Nov 2005. Military Medal (GVR type 1); 1914-15 Star; British War Medal 1914-18; Victory Medal 1914-19. 855 Sjt: R.H. Mugford, 1/King Edw:H. on first medal, 855 Pte. R.H. Mugford, K. Edw. H. on second medal, 855 Sjt R.H. Mugford. K. Edw. H. on last two medals. All medals impressed. Swing mounted. Ex Trevor Bushell Taylor Collection. MM award published in a supplement to London Gazette 13/3/1918. Lived in Chelmsford, Essex, England post war. A brother, Harold Sandford Mugford (31/08/1894 – 16/06/1958) served with the Essex Yeomanry from 1912 before transferring to the Machine Gun Corps in 1916 and was awarded the Victoria Cross. As a 22 years old Lance-Corporal in 8 Squadron, Machine Gun Corps on 11/04/1917 at Monchy-le-Preux, France, under intense fire, Lance-Corporal Mugford got his machine-gun into a forward, very exposed position from which he dealt very effectively with the enemy. Almost immediately his No. 2 was killed and he was severely wounded. He was ordered to go to a new position and then have his wounds dressed but this he refused to do, staying to inflict severe damage on the enemy with his gun. Soon afterwards a shell broke both his legs, but he still remained with his gun and when he was at last removed to the dressing station he was again wounded. His Victoria Cross is displayed at the Imperial War Museum (London, England) and there is a memorial to him in Chelmsford Cathedral. A younger brother, Pte Percy Mugford, of the 4th Battalion Essex Regiment, who had been reported ‘wounded and missing' following the First Battle of Gaza on 26 March 1917, was KIA. He is commemorated on the Jerusalem Memorial.

MULCAHY, Francis P. 1474. Private

MULLEY, Reginald. 1215. Corporal, Corporal Royal Fusiliers GS/59470. Photograph taken at the Currragh in Ireland in 1915 as Trooper Mulley together with Trooper Fitton.

MULLORD, Eric. 2047. Private, Private Staffordshire Yeomanry 76096
MUNN, . Private served in Dublin
MUNRO, Donald. 1600. Private, Private Rifle Brigade 29115, Acting Captain and Adjutant Labour Corps
MURDOCH, Wills. John Hughes. 1333. Acting Corporal
MURPHY, David. 1598. Private. 2097 on MIC as well

MURPHY, Louis. 1244. Private. Died in service 16/04/16. Husband of M. Murphy of 36 Little Strand Street, Dublin. Buried in CURRAGH MILITARY CEMETERY, IRELAND.

MURPHY, Timothy. 1649. Private, Private Army Service Corps M/405027, Private Royal Fusiliers G/59064

MURRAY, A. C. Major

MURRAY, Eric Moray. 966. Private. Lieutenant. Australian. 'C' Company. Arrived in France 22/04/1915 and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the KEH 15/04/1917 later Lieutenant. A sniper who had a lucky escape when a shot by a German sniper passed down the barrel of his own rifle as he was about to take a shot. Born in North Adelaide, South Australia 13/05/1894 and died 23/07/1953. A series of his letters to his fiancee Miss Jean Marjorie Knox whilst in the KEH are (held by the Australian War Memorial) whom he married on 17/02/1918 in Manhattan, New York, USA. The letters contain little detail of his military service but provide an interesting insight into the hopes for peace and a return to 'normal' lives.  

MURRAY, Hon. Arthur Cecil. Major

MURRAY, Laugham D. 310. Lance Corporal. Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal as Corporal. Discharged 2/11/1919.

MURRAY, M. G. D. Second Lieutenant in KEH 1910.

MURTON, Herbert M. 1093. Private. 'C' Squadron KIA 16/01/16 aged 29 by shellfire. A sniper and entered France 16/06/1915. Son of Mr. W. A. Murton of "Kerribree," 661 Inkerman Road, Caulfield, Victoria, Australia. Born in Rochester, Kent, England on 8/12/1886 and attended Hamilton College, Victoria. Buried in MAROC BRITISH CEMETERY, GRENAY, FRANCE.  Entitled to 1914/15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal.