KANE  Denis. 1457. Private, Private Tank Corps 202818, Private King's Liverpool Regiment 91429
KANE W. 1542. Private, Lance Corporal Militay Mounted Police P/15732
KARKARIA Nawrian M. 52076. Private Middlesex Regiment 3213, Private Border Regiment 52076, Intepreter KEH 52076
KEARNEY John. 1498. Private
KEAY William Murray. Second Lieutenant
KEBBELL George Kuth. 249. Private, Lance Corporal, Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force, Second Lieutenant Royal Sussex Regiment
KEEN Arthur W. 1917. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61191, Private Tank Corps 302790

KEESHAN Daniel J. 1513. Born July 1885 in Ireland and served as a boy soldier in the Leinster Regiment, 6102 from 01/1900-10/07/1903 then Private in the Irish Guards 11/07/1903-11/03/1908, Corporal 12/03/1908-19/03/1914. Serjeant King's Liverpool Regiment, 85715 from 14/04/1914-14/12/1918. Lance Corporal KEH, 1513. Died in Dublin 1/11/1944.

KELLY Joseph. 1651. Private, Private Tank Corps 302919, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 39987
KELLY Arthur F. 177 Farrier Serjeant
KELLY Francis 17297 Private Company of Dragoons 25776, Private KEH, Private Labour Corps 607293, Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers 90753
KELLY Robert 806 Private, Private Tank Corps 30279, Private King's Liverpool Regiment 8576


KELSON Gerald Miles Private Royal Engineers, Major Tank Corps, Major King Edward's Horse (could be Kelson above)
KEMP Joseph 1765 Private
KENDALL Edward Hext. Second Lieutenant Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, Private KEH
KENDALL Harry Wilson Hume 1374 Private
KENION Hugh C. 31 Serjeant, Second Lieutenant Lancashire Fusiliers
KENNEDY Kenneth Leslie 487 Private, Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps

KENNEDY William Havildar Major, DOW 29/05/1915 (aged 61). Husband of Jessie Catherine Kennedy, of 10/118, Long Acre, London. Served in the Zulu War (1879) and the Boer War with 17th Lancers. Quarter Master Captain King's Colonials 1905, Quarter Master and Honorary Major KEH 1911. Awarded 1911 Coronation medal. STREATHAM CEMETERY, UK.

KENT William Arthur 374 Acting Serjeant
KERNAHAN Cyril C. 1435 Private
KERR Horatio Nelson Trooper Life Guards 3635, Lieutenant KEH

KERR Jim. 379. Private. Portrait photograph circa 1914.  No Medal Index Card. (Photograph Peter Nemaric Collection).  

KERSLEY John T. 434 Private
KEYS Charles 190 Serjeant Devonshire Regiment, Second Lieutenant then Warrant Officer Class 2 KEH

KIBBLE Sydney George. 1228 Serjeant, Acting Warrant Officer Class 2, Sergeant Major. 1228. Born in Redfern, New South Wales on 19 May 1876, educated at Hawkesbury Agricultural College and was a grazier at Mt Tambourine in Queensland.  He served as a Private in the 2nd Queensland Mounted Infantry and saw service in the 2nd Boer War having enlisted on 1 January 1900 in Brisbane.  He sailed to South Africa on the 13th January 1900 aboard the S.S. Maori King. He transferred to the Transvaal Mounted Police on the 19th June 1900 and returned to Australia on 3rd May 1901 and was discharged 17th May 1901.  He enlisted in the King Edward's Horse on the 11th August 1915 and was in 1st Section of the 1st Troop, 'C' Squadron in June 1917.  Shot and wounded by a sniper at Pilkem Ridge, Passchendale on 31st July 1917 and discharged on 6th October 1917.   He died of natural causes in Battersea, London in March 1944. Photograph in the uniform of the King Edward's Horse from "The Australasian Traveller" dated 4 March 1916.  Courtesy of the State Library of Queensland and biographical information from the Virtual War Memorial, Sydney

KIDDELL Arthur James Bartram 1420 Private, Lance Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 39957, Second Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery
KIERNAN Christopher 1825 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61281, Private Tank Corps 302831
KIFF Charles D/19860 Acting Corporal Dragoon Guards D/19860, Acting Corporal KEH D/19860, Acting Corporal Company of Dragoons D/19860
KILBY Hariel H. 1187 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Canadian Regiment, Lieutenant Royal Air Force
KILLICK Henry T. D/17151 Private Dragoons D/17151, Private KEH, Private Company of Dragoons
KIMBER Cyril H. C. D/18315 Private Light Dragoons D/18315, Private KEH, Private Company of Dragoons
KINCAID Alfred W. 1480 Private, Corporal Tank Corps 112281 KINCAIRD on MIC as well
KING Alfred M. 681 Private, Private Tank Corps 302821, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61260
KING Alfred Nelson 230 Private, Second Lieutenant the Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery,
KING Bernard Lovelace Henham Captain?, Captain Royal Engineers
KING Daniel B. 442 Bombadier
KING F. M. 882 Private, Private Military Foot Police P16854
KING Leonard Walter 385 Acting Quarter Master Serjeant
KING S. 356197 No rank on MIC
KING William 1412 Private
KINHEAD Charley L. 1126 Private, Private Labour Corps 441750
KINGS Francis Charles 1355 Private
KINSEY Thomas F. 2120 Corporal, Corporal Labour Corps 515083
KINGSFORD Arthur 979 Serjeant, Acting Captain
KIRBY George N. 1628 Private
KIRBY Lewis 1059 Private
KIRBY W. C. Serjeant Major in 1908 and promoter of the King's Colonial Lodge.
KINSMORE Samuel L. 1122 Corporal
KIRK Charles William 483 Quarter Master Serjeant, Regimental Quarter Master Serjeant Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment

KIRKWOOD John Michael 2194 Private, DOW 22/03/1919. TOTTENHAM CEMETERY, UK.

KIRWAN Patrick 1518 Private, Private Royal Flying Corps 65465
KITNEY George 1268 Private, Private Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 55484
KNAPP Torand J. C. 1418 Private, Private Labour Corps 230744
KNAPP Wynford W. 1940 Private
KNOWLES Benjamin 389 Lance Serjeant, Serjeant KEH; Lieutenant, Captain, Major RAMC
KNOX Harold D. 1827 Private
KNOX Wilfred S. 1826 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61244, Private Royal Army Ordanance Corps 043721
KOCK Johannes H. L. 706 Corporal, Private Dragoon Guards D/35226, Private Corps of Dragoons
KOECHLIN Marcel C. 649 Serjeant

KOEKKOEK Patrick Robert. Pre-WW1 service KEH, 8th Battalion East Lancashire Regiment, Lieutenant Special Brigade Royal Engineers WW1. Photographs he took in WW1 are in the National Army Museum collection.

KOYD John W. R. 1410 Serjeant Royal Engineers 201663, Serjeant KEH, Serjeant Royal Engineers WR2963
KROGH Henry C. 1377 Serjeant also Krough on MIC Napier New Zealand
KRUGER Charles H. 1919 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61259
KUYS Andrew James Lambert 1438 Private
KYLE Thomas 2086 Private