HACKWELL William H. 1287 Private 12th London Regiment, Private KEH 1271, Acting Corporal 12th London Regiment
HACKWORTH Raymond 676 Shoeing Smith, Private
HADDIN John S. 1224 Private
HADLEY Richard K. 843 Private
HAINSSELIN Adrian H. T. 1501 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 39942
HAINSWORTH Wright 1635 Private, Private Tank Corps 302830
HALE William 1294 Private, Second Lieutenant then Lieutenant Labour Corps
HALFORD James E. 938 Private
HALL Arthur J. 881 Private
HALL Basil R. 1274 Private, Private Labour Corps 329911
HALL Edward B. D. 908 Private, Signaler Royal Field Artillery 291069
HALL James H. 1476 Private
HALL Richard 1030 Private, Warrant Officer Class 2 Tank Corps 11193
HALL William 1730 Private
HALLIFAX Eric P. 334 Private, Private Royal Engineers 94093
HALLORAN Maurice George Campbell 923 Acting Serjeant Machine Gun Corps 73576, Second Lieutenant Labour Corps
HALLOWES G. S. 1220 Private, Second Lieutenant 2nd King Edward's Horse

HAM Frank Livingstone Second Lieutenant, KIA 13/02/16. CURRAGH MILITARY CEMETERY, IRELAND.

HAM Winston 1178 Acting Corporal

HAMILTON, George. Captain commanded 2nd Troop 'B' Squadron (British American) King's Colonials in 1903 and then as a Major commanded 'C' Squadron (British American). Commanded KEH contingent on Coronation Day 1911 and awarded 1911 Coronation Medal. Lieutenant Colonel Hamilton first conceived of the formation of the King’s Colonials and joined upon its formation in 1901 and although having retired in 1912, he served extra-regimentally during the Great War (Photograph shown in Figures 1 and 4 and portrait photograph Figure 71).

HAMMOND Herbert G. 1469 Private
HAMMOND Leslie 1239 Private
HAMPSHIRE Cyril Norman 1258 Private, Second Lieutenant then Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
HAMPTON Herbert Brooke 180 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 39970, Private Machine Gun Corps 140856, Private Tank Corps 302946
HANCOCK Albert Leslie 1191 Private, Second Lieutenant 7th London Regiment
HANCOCK Dennis 1334 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61189
HANDFORD J. R. Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant, York and Lancaster Regiment
HANNA Thomas 761 Private
HANNAH William 1529 Private
HANNAY James 578 Private, Second Lieutenant KRRC
HANRAHAN Eugene R. 1331 Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40571
HARDEN Horace 1319 Private, Private Machine Gun Corps 157198, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40570
HARDIE John Jackson 1340 Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 85721, Second Lieutenant Indian Army

HARDING Colin. Major, Lieutenant Colonel KCMG, Barotse Native Police, KEH, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Portrait photograph (see Figure 319, Copyright Imperial War Museum HU 122864).

HARDIMAN Ernest 1628 Private, Private Tank Corps 302856, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 40120
HARRAWAY Douglas Private, Private Lincolnshire Regiment
HARDY Valentine I. 1579 Private, Acting Corporal Tank Corps 112042

HARE Percy Richard. Lieutenant, King's Colonials in 1902 and commanded 2nd Troop (African) 'D' Squadron (British African) in 1903 as a Captain (Photograph see Figure 4).

HARE Ralph R. W. 60 Serjeant
HARES Richard 663 Private
HARGREAVES Thomas 1771 Private
HARLE Edwin 822 Private, Royal Air Force 14092
HARLEY Tom A. 1521 Acting Serjeant
HARPER Charles G. 1283 Private, Private Tank Corp 112192, Private Royal Munster Fusiliers, Second Lieutenant attached Royal Air Force
HARRAWAY Douglas No rank KEH, Lincolnshire Regiment
HARRIGIN Sidney G. 1674 Private
HARRIS Ernest 1411 Acting Corporal
HARRIS H. L. 133 Private, Acting Company Serjeant Major Royal Engineers, Second Lieutenant Northumberland Fusiliers, Royal Field Artillery
HARRIS Leopold Jonas 166 Private, Captain Royal Engineers
HARRIS Robert C. 619 Private

HARRIS Sydney Bywater Harris. Serjeant. ‘B’ Squadron (British American).  Photograph of Serjeant Harris, King Edward's Horse wearing Service Dress uniform circa 1914. Sergeant Harris is equipped with a 1908 pattern cavalry Mark 1 sword (Carole McEntee-Taylor. From Colonial Warrior to Western Front Flyer: The Five Wars of Sydney Herbert Bywater Harris. London: Pen and Sword, 2015).

HARRISON Charles Fancourt Second Lieutenant 'C' Squadron, Lieutenant Dorsetshire Regiment, Captain Oxfordshire and Buckinghmashire Light Infantry then Major.
HARRISON Charles G. 414 Serjeant, Second Lieutenant Somerset Light Infantry
HARRISON Harry William 1616 Private, Second Lieutenant Tank Corps
HARRISON James A. 770 Private
HARRISON Michael Private Dragoon Guards GS/21389, Private KEH D/16695, Private Corps of Dragoons
HARRISON William Henry Hillman 1016 Private, Lieutenant Essex Regiment then Nigeria Regiment
HARRY Charles William 1311 Private, Tank Corps 112214, Lieutenant Royal Air Force
HART Harry George 1538 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers
HARTLE Albert D. 2008 Private 6th Dragoon Guards? 13412, Private KEH
HARVEY Douglas 1694 Private
HARVEY L. Y. 136 Private, Military Mounted Police P/12031
HARVEY William A. 152 Private
HARWARD John Ernest 1835 Private
HASWELL James O. 702 Private
HATHORN Walter Blackie Lance Corporal KEH, Second Lieutenant then Lieutenant Dragoon Guards

HATTON Edgar W. 2226 Sapper Royal Engineers 342290, Sapper KEH. Victory medal auctioned in 2019 named to Spr. E. W. Hatton RE.

HATTON Percy E. 23 Private, Serjeant Tank Corps 112006
HAVELOCK-SUTTON George Henry Second Lieutenant KEH, Captain Royal Air Force. Lieutenant in KEH in 1915 see Figure 19.
HAWKES Ernest W. 1199 Private
HAWKINS Thomas 1219 Lance Corporal
HAY Andrew S, 1019 Private
HAY Robert C. B. 1952 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artilery
HAYHOW William 914 Serjeant
HAYNES Douglas 1973 Private
HAYTER Charles 1231 Private, Private Gold Coast Regiment
HAYTER Frank 607 Private, Second Lieutenant then Lieutenant Manchester Regiment
HEALY Lawrence 1512 Private, Acting Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61190
HEAMAN William H. 1368 Private
HEARD E. T. 1202 Private, Second Lieutenant then Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps
HEARNE Guillermo R. 1233 Private
HEARSEY George W. 496 Private, Army Service Corps M/41071
HEATH Edward Hugh. Lieutenant
HEATH Edgar W. 1514 Private
HEATH Gordon H. 1515 Corporal
HEATH Lindsay Christopher 880 Serjeant, Captain Northumberland Fusiliers
HEATH Samuel 755 Private
HEATLEY Robert 1458 Private, Serjeant Lancashire Fusiliers 40566
HEELEY J. 916 Private, Private Military Mounted Police P/5567

HEELEY Joseph Encelle. 968. Private KIA 24/06/15 with 'A' Squadron when they fought with their first action at Messines in June 1915 defending their trench from a German attack. Private Heeley became the first casualty of the KEH. Son of Joseph and Emerald Heeley of 44 Downing Street, Everton, Liverpool. Buried in MAPLE LEAF CEMETERY, BELGIUM. Died aged 27 and commemorated on Liverpool Town Hall Roll of Honour. Entitled to 1915 Star, British War Medal and Victory medal.

HEGARTY Cecil J. 2085 Private
HELLMAN Arthur L. 1936 Private
HELM Cecil Von Puttkamer 1255 Private, Private Lancashier Fusiliers 40569, Second Lieutenant London Regiment
HELME John Corporal/Gym Instructor
HELPMAN Walter Gordon 1029 Private, Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps, Captain Tank Corps
HEMMINGS Joseph E. 1612 Private
HEMPHILL Edmund 1140 Private, Private Labour Corps 416781
HENDERSON Bertram H. 1793 Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 85717
HENDERSON Charles 808 Serjeant
HENDERSON David E. 1777 Serjeant
HENDERSON Donald 2655 Private, Private Tank Corps 42151
HENDERSON Thomas 697 Private, Private Corps of Lancers L/18743
HENDERSON, W. S. Major in KEH see Figure 19.
HENDY Ronald A. 606 Private, Lieutenant Royal Warwickshire Regiment
HENRY Charles 1193 Serjeant, Serjeant Labour Corps 511865
HEPSWORTH Douglas R. Private, Private Company of Dragoons D/13415
HEPWORTH Percival Glover 696 Private, Lieutenant Gloucestershire Regiment, Lieutenant Royal Welsh Fusiliers
HERALD Walter R. 1686. Private

HERAPATH Basil A. C. 371. Private, Lieutenant. Second Lieutenant in photograph Marlborough Barracks, Dublin 1918 see Figure 33.

HERBERT Arthur. 1129. Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40573
HERBERT Basil Chambers. 1246. Private, Lieutenant
HERBERT John Aloysius Fritz 326 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery, Lieutenant Royal Air Force
HERBERT Reginald 1508 Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40567

HERMON Edward William. Junior Major in the KEH in 1910 late 7th (Queen's Own) Hussars, commanded the Oxford and Cambridge Squadron and went on to become Lieutenant Colonel in June 1916. Lieutenant Colonel Northumberland Fusiliers KIA 09/04/17 aged 38. Awarded Distinguished Service Order. Born Preston, Lancashire 10th June 1878. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney A. Hermon, of The White House, Balcombe, Sussex; husband of Ethel Hermon, of Brook Hill House, Cowfold, Sussex. Born at Preston, Lancs. ROCLINCOURT MILITARY CEMETERY, FRANCE. Name commemorated on Balcombe Victory Hall And Frescoes, West Sussex; Christ Church College, Oxford and St Peters Church, Cowford, West Sussex, UK. Wrote 'For love and courage: the letters of Lieutenant Colonel E.W. Hermon from the Western Front 1914-1917'. Major in 1915 see Figure 19.

HERRERA Ralph 949 Private, Private Royal Fusiliers GS/59126
HERRIDGE Lionel Hugh James 81 Lance Corporal, Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers, Lieutenant Royal Engineers Inland Waterways and Docks
HERRING Ned. KEH. Living in Australia in 1965.
HEWITT Henry 1474 Lance Corporal
HICKEY N. 846 Serjeant
HICKOX Walter Edwin Cecil 1041 Corporal, Second Lieutenant Tank Corps
HICKS Arthur 1012 Private
HICKS Charles Albert 1078 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
HIDE George C. 1317 Private

HIDES, E. C. Quarter Master, Lieutenant, King's Colonials in 1902

HIGGS John A. W. Private Dragoons D/17124, Private KEH, Private Company of Dragoons
HILDER Frank Maror, Lieutenant Colonel Royal Field Artillery
HILL Archibald Douglas 1908 Private
HILL C. H. Second Lieutenant King's Colonials 1905
HILL Claude 1067 Private
HILL Douglas Arthur Percy 762 Private
HILL Jeremiah Charles Holmes 1140 Private, Second Lieutenant Essex Regiment
HILL John C. 1703 Private
HILL John Dixon 150 Private
HILL Leonard R. 1692 Private, Private Tank Corps 302778, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 39944, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40568
HILL Norman Gray 147 Serjeant, Lieutenant Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry
HILL Sidney George Lieutenant King's African Rifles, Lieutenant KEH

HILLIER Edward T. 658 Private, Private Labour Corps 62997. A New Zealander and friend of Serjeant Herbert Mackintosh, King's Colonials which may infer he too served in the King's Colonials prior to service in the KEH.

HILL-LOWE Arthur Noel Vernon Malay States Volunteer Rifles, KEH, Second Lieutenant then Lieutenant North Irish Horse
HIME John Robert Wilbroham 72 Serjeant, Lieutenant Devonshire Regiment, Lieutenant King's African Rifles

HINCKESMAN Richard B. (Percy) 497 Private, KIA 20/10/1915 aged 28. Son of the late T. B. and G. M. Hinckesman of Tan-Y-Graig, Trinity Road, Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire. LOUVENCOURT MILITARY CEMETERY, FRANCE.

HINDLE Harold Burr. Private KEH from Auckland New Zealand. Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery, Lieutenant Royal Horse Artillery, Staff Captain (photograph), Captain 'G' Battery Royal Horse Artillery. Educated in Auckland until 1912 and afterwards at Cambridge, was in camp with King Edward's Horse when war broke out. He was given a commission in the Royal Field Artillery as early as December, 1914, and went over to France two months later. The following September he was wounded at Loos, but returned to France, after six months, with a howitzer brigade. He subsequently received two appointments as officer orderly, and in October went to England on short leave. His health giving way he was unable to get back, and during March of last year was appointed instructor in a cadet school at Bournemouth. In six months' time the school closed and he rejoined the Royal Horse Artillery.   He was killed on March 29th, 1918 with 'G' Battery. He was in the School XV. for three years in succession." (In Memoriam, 1914-1918).  Name commemorated on the Pozieres Memorial, Somme, France. (On Line Cenotaph Auckland Museum).

HINDLESMITH A. 563 Corporal
HINES Henry George James 1673 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal West Kent Regiment
HINGSTON Geoffrey 1491 Private, Second Lieutenant Somerset Light Infantry
HIRD John Butler 2079 Saddler Lance Corporal
HIRST William A. 1274 Private
HIRTZEL Burnard T. 462 Lance Serjeant
HOBDEN Jabey 1449 Private
HODDINOTT Richard J. 796 Private
HODGKINSON Sidney H. 1741 Private
HODGSON F. R. 399 Private, Lieutenant
HODGSON Henry 1475 Private
HODSON Donald A. P. Private, Private Company of Dragoons D/17134

HODSON Geoffrey Norman 1328 Private 'B' Squadron KIA 07/10/17 aged 23. Son of Albin and Isabella Hodson, of Gowerlands, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia. MINTY FARM CEMETERY, BELGIUM.

HOEY John R. 36 Private
HOFFE John E. 1205 Corporal
HOLLAND Harold A. 2227 Private Royal Fusiliers 59053, Private KEH, Private East Surrey Regiment 26238, Private London Regiment 718466
HOLLAND John 832 Private
HOLLAND John Dixon 550 Private, Second Lieutenant Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 550

HOLLAND Michael James Captain, Honorary Major East Africa Political Department. Lieutenant in 1915 see Figure 19.

HOLLAND Thomas W. 1354
HOLLIMAN John 1972 Private County of London Yeomanry 1954, Private Tank Corps 112086 ,Private Manchester Regiment 4266, Private KEH 1972
HOLLINGDALE E. T. Staff Lieutenant, Lieutenant Reserve Regiment of Cavalry

HOLMDEN Edgar C. (Ned). 1501. Private. From South Africa. Served in half section with Bill Wilson and Arthur C. Hull at Defence of Les Huits Maison 04/1918.

HOLMES Ernest Acting Serjeant Dragoon Guards D/17005, Acting Serjeant KEH D/17005, Acting Serjeant Corps of Dragoons D/17005
HOLMES Ernest D. 1637 Private, Second Lieutenant London Regiment, Lieutenant Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
HOLMES William 1321 Sapper, Serjeant Tank Corps 302858, Serjeant Northumberland Fusiliers 61304
HOMANN Leslie R. 1402 Private, Acting Serjeant Tank Corps 69846
HOMER Frederick 502 Private
HONIWELL Edwin C. 1696 Private, Northumberland Fusiliers 61277, Private Tank Corps 302828
HOOGTERP John Albert 421 Private, Lieutenant Royal Air Force
HOOK Charles 1126 Private, Serjeant Tank Corps 302828, Serjeant Northumberland Fusiliers 61232

HOOPER S. Private in Reserve Regiment 1918, photograph on

HOPE Duncan 1217 Private

HOPE Roland W. 1408. Private, Lieutenant. Captain in photograph at Marlborough Barracks, Dublin 1918 see Figure 33. Australian and was living in Geelong, Victoria, Australia in 1965.

HOPE W. R. 1703 Private
HOPPER George H. 2009 Private 2118 on MIC as well
HORE Joseph 1564 Private, Private Tank Corps 112276
HORN K. K. 970 Private, Second Lieutenant then Major Royal Flying Corps, Second Lieutenant Royal Marines
HORNBLOWER Austin 150 Private
HORNE C. 782 Private 781 on MIC as well
HORNE William Frederick Warner 394. Private 'B' Squadron , Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
HOWARD Daniel 1212 Private
HOWARD Edward Percy. Lieutenant.
HOWARD Frank H. 1041 Serjeant
HOWARD Frank M. 1440 Private
HOWARD Henry W. 1484 Private

HOWARD John. Major. Major Howard was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 17th June 1856 and died in March 1929 in London. He was an original Officer in the King’s Colonials having joined in 1902 after service with the Canadian 66th Regiment. Commanded 'B' Squadron (British American) in 1903. Major Howard reverted to the rank of Captain in 1913 and did not see service in the Great War. He went on to become Agent General of Nova Scotia in 1892 (For photograph see Figure 4 and images of Major Howard's sword are shown in Figures 298-299).

HOWARD Sydney 1724 Private 2076 on MIC as well
HOWARD Walter A. 68 Corporal, Private Royal Berkshire Regiment 39814, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61235, Private Labour Corps 478082
HOWE T. G. 2247 Private
HUBBARD Jesse 1377 Serjeant, Serjeant Northumberland Fusiliers 61282, Tank Corps 302829
HUGHES Edward R. 1194 Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 88714, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 70471
HUGHES Robert G. 1009. Private

HULL Arthur Charles. 1635. Staff Serjeant, Shoeing Smith. Born in South Africa and living in Natal, South Africa in 1964. Wounded by machine gun fire at Les Huits Maison 04/1918. Half section with Bill Wilson and Private Edgar (Ned) Holmden, 1501 from South Africa.

HULL Basil R. 1274. Private, Private Labour Corps 329911

HULL Herbert. 1441. Private DOW 10/05/18 aged 24. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hull; husband of Rosina Hull, of 20 Threadgold Street, North Kensington, London. Buried in ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY, FRANCE."

HULL John A. 1735. Private

HUMPHRYS Basil Godfrey. 432. Lance Corporal KIA 20/11/1917. Born in Ottawa, Canada. Enlisted London and was living at West Norwood. Entered theatre of war 22/04/15. CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVAL, FRANCE. Commemorated on Original Bank of Liverpool & Martins WW1 Memorial and Service Roll.

HUMPHRYS Stewart Francis 70 Serjeant, Second Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers
HUNGERFORD Mervyn W. 1362 Private, Corporal Tank Corps 302792, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61203

HUNNS A. Reverend, Chaplain in King's Colonials 1902, 1905, KEH 1910

HUNT Clarence C. 1544 Private, Royal Defence Corps 91327
HUNT F. W. J. 2052 Private, Private Sherwood Rangers 76046
HUNT Harry K. 1148 Private
HUNT John A. P. 1519 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force
HUNT Philip Walter 1559 Private, Second Lieutenant London Regiment, Lieutenant 19th Rifle Brigade
HUNT Walter Robert Captain and Quarter Master, Major and Quarter Master
HUNT William Private, Corps of Dragoons D/10828
HUNTER Ian B. 2062 Private
HUNTER Robert Alan Bertram 831 Private, Lieutenant
HURT Arthur W. 1414 Private, Private Tank Corps 112240
HUTCHINGS Lionel F. 1199 Private, Private Tank Corps 302885, Private Liverpool Regiment 85724
HUTCHINGS Robert 1171 Private, Private Labour Corps 425735
HUTCHINS Alfred 1401 Private, Lance Corporal
HUTCHINSON Cecil 2177 Private
HUTCHINSON Charles F. 1643 Private, Private Machine Gun Corps 105383
HYDE Ernest Elmer Second Lieutenant