GABBUTT James F. 890 Serjeant
GABBUTT L. 1705 Private, Private Military Foot Police P13611

GABRIELSEN Maurice (Morris) 376 Corporal DOW 10/12/1918 aged 25. Son of David and Rose Gabrielsen of 3, Windermere Terrace, Prince's Park, Liverpool. LIVERPOOL (BROAD GREEN) JEWISH CEMETERY, UK. Name commemorated on a plaque - PRINCES ROAD SYNAGOGUE - ROLL OF HONOUR; OLD HEBREW SYNAGOGUE and commemorated on Liverpool Town Hall Roll of Honour. Toxteth, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK; and Liverpool College, Sefton Parl, Merseyside. Entitled to British War Medal and Victory Medal.

GAIR Samuel 1387 Private
GALBRAITH Lawrence L. 1906 Serjeant, attached King's African Rifles
GALE Edgar G. 972 Private
GALLAGHER Charles 1624 Private, Labour Corps 570488
GALLOP Betram Powell 594 Private, Second Lieutenant Liverpool Regiment, Captain Cheshire Yeomanry
GALLWEY Maurice Hylton Frankland Pyne 923 Private, Lieutenant then Lieutenant Grenadier Guards
GALT Kenneth V. 1309 Private, wounded Savy Wood 22/3/17
GAMMEN Harry 2186 Private
GARDINER Frederick C. 1313 Private, Lance Corporal Machine Gun Corps 154614
GARDINER George H. 1758 Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 85786

GARDINER Jack D. ('Puss', John). 1323 Private. Photograph see Figure 31.

GARDYNE Thomas M. B. 438 Private

GARLAND, Charles (Dick).  932. Private, Lieutenant Yorkshire Dragoons. Dick was born in Canada and educated at Brighton Grammer School in Victoria, Australia as his father Richard was General Manager of Dunlop Pty Ltd in Melbourne, Australia.  Dick and his brother Ewart were living in London at the outbreak of the war and Dick enlisted in King Edward's Horse in April 1915.   He saw service with the KEH during the Easter uprising in Ireland and wrote a letter that was published in 'The Age' newspaper in Victoria on 1st July 1916 which caused a stir as to the scale of civilian losses during the uprising and the plight of the Irish people. Ewart trained to be a pilot with the Royal Flying Corps in July 1916. Photograph of Dick Garland in India in 1943 courtesy of the State Library of Queensland

GARRETT Alfred J. 66 Corporal
GARRETT Roland 1380* Private, Private Royal Engineers 244333, Private Liverpool Regiment 112117, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers
GARRIOCH Ernest A. 333. Private, Acting Corporal Royal Fusiliers G/595608

GARSTIN Crosbie 612.Crosbie was born in Mount Vernon, Newlyn, Cornwall to Norman Garstin and Louisa ‘Dochie’ née Jones. He was the eldest of three children; Denys (later Denis) (1890 – 1918) and Alethea (1894 – 1978). He was educated at Brandon House, Cheltenham, Elstow School, Bedford and in Germany. He was head-boy of his school due to sporting prowess in rugby union and swimming. As a young man he traveled and worked as a bronco buster in Montana, United States and as a lumberjack in Canada. He also traveled to China, Hawaii, Japan and Morocco. On returning home his father, fed-up with Crosbie's inability to get suitable qualifications and hold down a job, sent him to South Africa. From 1912, he ran a cattle ranch in Bechuanaland, and acted as a bush ranger to the Tati Concessions. With the outbreak of World War I he came back to Britain and in October 1914 joined 'B' Squadron of the King Edward's Light Horse as a private. The regiment left for France on 21 April 1915 and Garstin was promoted to lance corporal shortly before leaving. He was commissioned on the battlefield as a Second Lieutenant on 14 September 1915, and joined 'C Squadron, which was attached to the 47th (London) Division at Nœux-les-Mines and was involved in the Battle of Loos and on the Italian Front. In 1916, he was posted to Dublin as an Intelligence Officer during the rebellion there. As well as writing poetry he made contributions to Punch magazine which were well received. Garstin disappeared when returning from a party to a friend's yacht Osprey in the Salcombe estuary on 19 April 1930. The rowing boat capsized and his body was never found despite Garstin being a strong swimmer and other two occupants of the boat surviving. His widow, Lillian (née Barkworth) was Mayor of Penzance in 1962–63. Photograph of Lieutenant Crosbie Garstin in 1914 from Old Comrades Association Bulletin 19: 23, 1952.

GATTEY F. W. 8. Squadron Quarter Master Serjeant, King's Colonials
GATTEY W. V. 3. Squadron Quarter Master Serjeant, King's Colonials
GAUSDEN Nelson 1634. Private, Private Machine Gun Corps 22978
GEARY Valentine 1533. Private, Private Tank Corps 302605, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 39907, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40564
GEDDES Evans J. 134. Private, Second Lieutenant Welsh Regiment
GEDDES James G. 1027. Private, Second Lieutenant the Lieutenant Royal Engineers
GEOGHEGAN Robert G. 690. Private
GEORGE Edward Royston 957. Private, Captain Royal Engineers
GEPP Charles W. 1322 Private
GERRETT Leopold E. 668 Private, Acting Corporal Tank Corps 112115
GIBBES Francis Guilding Vincent 1368 Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 85730
GIBBON O. V. 1411 Private
GIBBS Richard T. 1456 Private
GIBLIN James 752 Private

GIBSON A. J. Second Lieutenant KEH 1910 commanded the 1st Troop, 'A' Squadron.

GIBSON Fenton M. 1281 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Marine Light Infantry
GILBERT William Eric 980 Private, Second Lieutenant
GILES Samuel C. 1096 Private, Private Labour Corps 460121
GIPSON George 2032 Second Lieutenant Labour Corps, Private KEH
GLADSTONE Stuart L. 163 Lance Corporal, Lance Corporal Royal Flying Corps 318002

GLADWISH, Edward Lovell.  Private later Serjeant. 841.  Came from Hastings, UK.  Image of a Newspaper cutting of him serving at the front in 1915.  Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

GLASSPOOL George 116 Farrier Quarter Master Serjeant
GLASSPOOL James A. 438 Private
GLASSPOOL Walter T. 269 Warrant Officer Class 2
GLEABELL W. J. Private
GLEADELL William 1119 Private

GLEN John Arthur 1077 Private KIA 09/04/1918 defending Vieille Chapelle. LOOS MEMORIAL, FRANCE.

GLOVER Arthur Harding 455 Private, Second Lieutenant Middlesex Regiment. Awarded the Military Cross on 12/04/1918 for gallantry between Steenwerk Station and De Seule during the Battle of Lys whilst commanding 'A' Company of the 20th (Shoreditch) Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment (London Gazette 16/09/1918). Second Lieutenant Glover was married in India in 1920 and commissioned Lieutenant in the Royal Army Pay Corps in 1940 (Military Cross, 1914/15 Star, British War Medal and Victory medal sold at auction 11/2019 by Dix Noonan Webb).

GLOVER Frank 1960 Private Royal Fusiliers 59121, Private KEH, Private Royal Engineers 360838 328834
GLYNN John 1471 Private
GODSMARK Harry S. 992 Private
GODWIN Charles Cayley 679 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps
GOLDEN Albert 1437 Private
GONZALES Andres 1307 Private, Private Labour Corps 414475
GOODING Oscar 933 Private, Serjeant
GOODWIN Arthur E. 1775 Private 2073 on MIC as well


GORDON R. 153021 Private, Private Military Mounted Police P/17400
GORDON William 1544 Private, Private Tank Corps 112196
GOSS Sydney 1483 Private
GOUGH Frederick 1169 Private, Private Machine Gun Corps 152602
GOULD John Ringrose 1008 Private then Second Lieutenant, Major Royal Air Force
GRAHAM Gordon 1467 Private, Private Army Service Corps R/384007
GRAHAM Malcolm H. 977 Private, Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery
GRANT Fred Private 1st Dragoons D-18075, Private KEH, Corps of Dragoons
GRANT James 1189 Private, Serjeant Tank Corps 111990
GRANT Lewis Alexander 912 Private, Second Lieutenant then Lieutenant Seaforth Highlanders
GRAPE Owen Sidney 931 Private, Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant
GRATER Montague 402 Private 'B' Squadron, Lieutenant Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
GRAVES Walter F. 1734 Private, Private Royal Engineers WR204579, Private Machine Gun Corps 112125, Private Liverpool Regiment 857713
GRAY Charles Cecil 1419 Private
GREEN Alfred. C. 1510 Private 1515 on MIC as well, Private 662nd Company Labour Corps 230750
GREEN Arthur H. 1267 Private
GREEN Ellis W. 1687 Private
GREEN James William 1995 Private
GREEN Ralph 771 Private
GREENACRE Charles William 1179 Private
GREENE Richard Alexander Haddon 1232 Corporal, Serjeant Northumberland Fusiliers 61298
GREENE W. P. C. Second Lieutenant KEH 1910. Served in the cavalry in WW1.
GREENLAND Henry John 1665 Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 45474, Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force, Second Lieutenant Royal Naval Air Service
GREENLAND John 140 Lance Serjeant, Labour Corps 471845

GREENWOOD Hamar. 7 February 1870 – 10 September 1948. 1st Viscount Greenwood, Sir Hamar Greenwood. As an original member of the King's Colonials he as a Lieutenant commanded 2nd Troop 'B' (British American) Squadron King's Colonials. Captain in 1906 and Member for York and then Sunderland, last Chief Secretary for Ireland 1920-22 (Photograph see Figures 4, 209 and 277).

GREGG Theophilus G 1393 Private KIA 05/05/1918 aged 27. Son of Edwin and Agnes Gregg, of East London in South Africa. RONCHIN COMMUNAL CEMETERY, FRANCE.

GREGORY Lionel H. 1516 Private
GREGSON Frank Lieutenant 19th King's Liverpool Regiment
GRICE William H. 1222 Private
GRIERSON Alexander S. 1277 Private, Private Tank Corps 300523
GRIEVE William G. 1453 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers
GRIFFIN Arthur O. 977 Private
GRIFFIN Rowland Arthur 867 Sapper, Air Mechanic Class 1 Royal Flying Corps 1491, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers
GRIFFITHS J. N. Major attached Royal Engineers
GRIFFITHS William T. 2116 Private
GROOM Wiliam 257 Shoeing Smith, Corporal, Serjeant
GROOMBRIDGE Noble 516 Shoeing Smith, Corporal

GROSVENOR G. Major the Honourable Gilbert Grosvenor, Rifle Brigade, later King Edward’s Horse and Nottinghamshire Yeomanry. Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, 2 clasps, Transvaal, Cape Colony (Lieut: Hon. G. Grosvenor, Rifle Bde:); King’s South Africa 1901-02, 2 clasps (Lt. Hon. G. Grosvenor. Rifle Bde.); 1914-15 Star (Lieut. Hon. G. Grosvenor. K. Edw. H.); British War and Victory Medals (Major Hon. G. Grosvenor.) The Honourable Gilbert Grosvenor was born on 22 August 1881, the second son of the 1st Baron Stalbridge and his wife Eleanor, and the grandson of the 2nd Marquess of Westminster. He was educated at Eton, and was commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Rifle Brigade, serving with them in South Africa during the Boer War. He transferred to King Edward’s Horse in 1908, and served with them during the Great War, before transferring in 1916 to the Nottingham Yeomanry (Shewood Rangers) with the rank of Major.  Grosvenor married Miss Effie Cree, the daughter of the Revd. Edward Cree, on 4 July 1913. He died without issue on 15 June 1939. Medals sold by Dix Noonan Webb, UK at auction in December 2016.

GROULY Henry 1617 Sapper Royal Engineers 208129, Sapper KEH, Sapper Royal Engineers WR503875
GUILLET J. C. 12 Serjeant
GUILLINANE M. 1632 Private, Private Tank Corps 302852
GUISE Percy 828 Private
GULLY Frederick P. 916 Sapper, Sapper Labour Corps 630151
GUNTER Charles H. 816 Private
GURD Robert 559 Private
GUTHRIE Harry W. 821 Private, Private Army Service Corps R/39900

GWARORICK F. Permanent Staff Instructor, Regimental Serjeant Major King's Colonials former 2nd Life Guards, 21st Lancers 2/9/98 Omduman DCM

GWYER A. G. Captain in the 6th Dragoon Guards became Adjutant KEH 1912.