DAINES, Lionel. R. Colonel. Private in the King's Colonials having enlisted on 17/03/1905, was in KEH Colchester Camp 1911 photograph and discharged from service 17/03/1914. Served in the Indian Army in WW1. Saw extensive service in WW2 at Dunkirk, North Africa, Sicily, Salerno, Anzio, Normandy and the Rhine. Became a Lieutenant Colonel. Living in Rhodesia in 1951. Awarded Military Cross. Named in a photograph at Colchester camp in 1911 see Figure 61.

DALE, Thomas W. 975. Corporal MIC
DALGARNO, William A. 840. Corporal MIC
DALTON, Donald. 1677. Private, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61250 MIC
DALTON, Harry. 721. Private, Serjeant MIC
DALTON, Henry J. 948. Private MIC
DANIEL, C. P. C. 19. Serjeant King's Colonials MIC
DARE, Arthur Charles Carter. 1533. Private. Lieutenant Somerset Light Infantry MIC
DARE, Geoffrey. 992. Private, Serjeant MIC

DARREL, Richard (Dick) Frederick William. 1051. Serjeant. Entered France 20/10/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Tank Corps 3/02/1918. Died 26/02/1919. Son of William Darrel, of New Zealand; husband of Annie Darrel, of Bangkok, Siam. Medals claimed by widow living in Siam. Buried in Manor Green Cemetery, England. Commemorated on the Auckland Online Cenotaph.

DATE, Hugh A. 1671. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 59629 MIC
DAVENPORT, Anthony. 726. Private MIC
DAVEY, Albert. Private, Private 1st King Dragoon Guards D/17020 MIC

DAVIDSON, Douglas. 640. Private. 'B' Squadron. KIA 09/04/18 at Defence of Vieille Chapelle aged 34. Killed with Lieutenant Pinckney when trying to break through the German troops who had enveloped the bridge head at Vieille Chapelle. One of three sons of George D. and Emma Davidson, of "Geraldra", Cootamundra, New South Wales, Australia. Name commemorated on the LOOS MEMORIAL, FRANCE. Photograph shown in 'War Services of Old Melbournians' compiled and edited by J. Beacham Kiddle OBE.  Remembered on the Commemorative Roll of the Australian War Memorial.  

DAVIDSON, William. 5195. Private, Labour Corps 416811 ex 2nd KEH? MIC
DAVIDSON, William C. 1585. Serjeant, Serjeant Northumberland Fusiliers 61256, Serjeant Tank Corps 302827 MIC

DAVIE, Algernon M. 994. Private. Argentinian who enlisted from Argentinian Railway staff.

DAVIES, F. B. 69. Serjeant MIC
DAVIES, Harold J. 1602. Private, Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers 57148 MIC
DAVIS, Harold B. Private 1st Herfordshire Yeomanry, Private King Edward's Horse, Second Lieutenant then Captain Royal Field Artillery MIC

DAVIS, Harold N. 265. Corporal, Serjeant, Warrant Officer Class 2. Discharged 1/07/1919. Photograph on

DAVIS, Henry G. 1214. Private MIC
DAVIS, William. Private. Anglo-Argentinian Railway staff. Discharged medically unfit.

DAVISON, Edward Summer. 1031. Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers MIC
DAVISON, William. 1459. Private MIC
DAWS, Reginald J. 595. Private MIC

DAWSON, Guy Harnett. 675. Corporal. 'B' and 'C' Squadrons. Commissioned as Second Lieutenant 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders 23/1/1916. Entered France 22/04/1915. Later Captain Labour Corp. Lived in South America and attended 3rd Regimental reunion in South America. Died in 1961.

DAWSON, James. 1452. Private, Private Army Service Corps M/354262 MIC

DAWSON, Oswald Charles. 1106. Corporal. Enlisted after arriving in England 22/05/1915. Entered France 2/10/1915. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers attached Royal Flying Corps 3/11/1916. Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross 8/02/1919 when acting as Observer supporting the Desert Mounted Corps 19-26/09/1918 attached to 1 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps. Brother of Robert Dyer Dawson 1526 also in KEH. Born in Bombala, New South Wales, Australia on 1/01/1887 the son of Robert Weston Dawson and Eleanor Mary Bowler. Married Kathleen Elsie Fedden in Suva, Fiji on 17/03/1920. He died on 1/05/1974.

DAWSON, Overend William James. 1668. Private. KIA 27/10/17. Buried in BARD COTTAGE CEMETERY, BELGIUM. Born 11/11/1881 in Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia the son of Robert Potter and Louisa Potter and grew up in Lancashire, England. Photograph of gravestone shown.

DAWSON, Robert Dyer. 1526. Corporal. Discharged 22/06/1919. Entitled to British War Medal and Victory Medal. Brother of Corporal Oswald Charles Dawson 1106 who also served with KEH. Born in Bombala, New South Wales, Australia on 5/07/1884 and died in 5/03/1955 in Nyngan, New South Wales, Australia.

DAWSON Thomas 1226 Private MIC

DAY, F. P. Second Lieutenant KEH 1910 who joined as Rhodes scholar at Oxford university. Became a Professor at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, USA in the early 1920s.

DEADMAN, Ernest H. 1730. Sapper, Private Army Pay Corps 24936 MIC
DEAN, George H. 2014. Private, Corporal Liverpool Regiment 85702 MIC

DEARLOVE, John George. 1017. Corporal. Enlisted 23/03/1915 and entered France 2/10/1915. Wounded at Defence of Vieille Chapelle 9-11/04/1918 and awarded Silver War Badge 458230. Discharged 6/01/1919. Possibly born in Kooringa, South Australia on 23/11/1896 and died in Broken Hill in 1938.

DE BALLARDIE, J. 5. Private. King's Colonials. Awarded Imperial Yeomanry Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, Nov 1907.

DE COSTA, Errold. 2059. Private MIC
DEELEY, Frank. 1188. Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40554

DE GANNES, Raphael. 1302. Private. 4th Section, 1st Troop, 'C' Squadron Jun 1917. Left Trinidad for UK 18/10/1915 with 1st Caribbean Merchant and Planters Contingent. Wounded Bourlon Wood 26/11/17. Discharged 8/10/1918.

DE KLERK, David D. 1869. Private, Private Yorkshire Regiment 63005 MIC
DEMPSEY, Earl F. 1768. Private, Private Tank Corps 112095 MIC
DEMPSTER, Chas Henry. 1483. Private MIC
DENBIGH, Arthur E. 320. Warrant Officer Class 2. Discharged 6/11/1919.
DENING, Douglas Montgomery Second Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery, Captain Royal Air Force MIC
DENMAN, William L. 1685. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61181, Private Tank Corps 302803 MIC

DENNISTON, John Geoffrey. 221. Lieutenant. 3rd Troop, 'C' Squadron. Served in re-War KEH with University Squadron. Mobilised 4/08/1914, promoted to Corporal 11/10/1914, Serjeant 5/01/1915, entered France 22/04/1915 and commissioned 9/09/1915 as a Second Lieutenant and Lieutenant 1/7/1917. Served in Italy after France and Ireland. Discharged 3/12/1918. Born in 1890 to His Honour John Edward Denniston of the Supreme Court in Canterbury, New Zealand. Studied at Christ's College Cambridge University. Returned to teach in Australia and New Zealand in Christchurch. Died in 1965. Noted in 'Southland Times' newspaper article 17/09/1915 as having been offered a commission and had served pre-War with the Regiment.

DE NOBRIGA, Joseph Oliver. 1295. Private. Left Trinidad for UK 18/10/1915 with 1st Caribbean Merchant and Planters Contingent. Enlisted 6/111/1915. Served with machine gun section. Discharged medically unfit 14/08/1918 with Silver War Badge, B24035 awarded and returned to Trinidad 6/11/1918. Born in Trinidad in 1897 and died there prior to 1946.

DE ROUX, Louis 1691. Acting Corporal, Second Lieutenant (General List) MIC

DE SOUSA, Alexander Ramsay. 1306. Private. Left Trinidad for UK 18/10/1915 with 1st Caribbean Merchant and Planters Contingent. Discharged 3/11/1919. Brother of George De Souza, 1305.

DE SOUSA, George. 1305. Private. Left Trinidad for UK 18/10/1915 with 1st Caribbean Merchant and Planters Contingent. Taken prisoner of war 9/04/1918 and returned to England 20/11/1918. Discharged 5/07/1919. Brother of Alexander Ramsay De Souza, 1306.

DESPARD, Richard 1720. Private, Lieutenant Royal Engineers MIC
DETTLEFF, William 1408. Private MIC

DE VERTEUIL, Leo 1828. Private KEH. Left Trinidad for UK 18/10/1915 with 1st Caribbean Merchant and Planters Contingent. Enlisted 5/11//1915. Transferred to Tank Corps as Lance Corporal 302933 7/08/1917. Transferred to 4th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers 27/09/1917. Transferred RAMC 17/01/1918. Discharged 29/03/1919. Born 1894 in Brasso, Trinidad.

DEVINE, Edward F. 1128. Private MIC
DEVINE, William. 1854. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61239 MIC
DEVLIN, Paul. 1290. Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 85707 MIC
DEVOS, Arthur Edward Graham.1318. Private, Private Rifle Brigade E200730, Second Lieutenant Chinese Labour Corps MIC
DE WHALLEY, John Joseph Arthur. 76. Private. Student of University of London.
DIAS, Stephen. 1454. Private, Private Tank Corps 112182 MIC

DICK, Martin Forster. 46. Corporal Dick was an original King's Colonial and served throughout Great War in KEH. Only Private Dick and Lionel James achieved this. Corporal Dick hailed from Canada and had seen service in the Boer War with Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Canadian Horse) before joining the King’s Colonials in 1902. He was commissioned in 1906 as a Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant KEH 1910. Commanded 'B' Squadron, KEH in France 1915-16. Rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and commanded the Reserve Regiment 1917-18 and then commanded the KEH for the last three months of the Great War. Mentioned in Despatches (twice). See photograph, Figure 48.

DICKINSON, Michael W. 988. Private MIC
DIDSBURY, Albert B. 1402. Private 2070 MIC
DIGBY, Basil Robert. 1587. Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 45465, Lieutenant Royal Naval Air Service MIC
DIMMOCK, Thomas. 693. Private MIC
DINES, Ernest. 1051. Trumpeter MIC

DINWOODIE, Edwin Maxwell. 896. Private. 'C' Squadron. Anglo-Argentinian Railway staff. Discharged 27/03/1919. Lived in South America and attended third re-union in 1945. Brother Allegne Maxwell Dinwoodie was also with the Anglo-Argentinian Railway staff and served with Army Service Corps.

DIXON, John Brownlow. xx03. Private, Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps MIC

DODDS, Walter Melbourne. 1005. Captain Northumberland Fusiliers, Private KEH MIC
DOHERTY, Joseph. 1273. Private. Royal Engineers 193768, WR/126881. Did not serve in France. Anglo-Argentinian Railway staff.

DOLPHIN, John. 1514. Private, Private Labour Corps 650271 MIC
DONALD, James William. 924. Private MIC

DONALD, Walter Alan. Sergeant KEH. Student at University College, Oxford University. Commissioned Second Lieutenant 2nd Reserve of Cavalry, transferred to the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons. Entered France 17/10/1915. Noted in the 'Otago Witness' newspaper 21/04/1915. From Auckland, New Zealand. Commemorated on the Auckland Online Cenotaph.

DONNELLY, John Lawler. Second Lieutenant Northumberland Fusiliers, Lieutenant Royal Sussex Regiment MIC
DORE, James F. 1462. Corporal, Corporal Royal Dublin Fusiliers 30894 MIC

DORMAN, James. 1558. Private 2113 as well on MIC, Sergeant 1558 on British War Medal and Victory Medal. Pictured are British War Medal and Victory Medal with a King Edward's Horse gilding metal headdress badge in an oak frame. Arrived in France 11 July 1915 and transferred to the Reserve 24 July 1919.  Entitled to 1915 Star (Photograph courtesy of Margaret Gledhill).

DOUGLAS-HILL, Arthur Percy. 762. Private MIC
DOWLE, Maurice. 2051. Private 2070 MIC
DOWLING, Geoffrey B. 412. Private. Discharged 14/12/1918.
DOWN, Albert H. 715. Private MIC
DOWNES, Leonard A. Private, Private Corps of Dragoons D/13356 MIC
DOWNIE, Harry. 749. Acting Corporal MIC
DOWNING, Edward J. 1578. Private MIC
DOWNS, Alfred. 1713. Private MIC
DOWSETT, James. 1102. Private, Private then Second Lieutenant Tank Corps 69606 MIC
DRAPER, William F. 518. Private MIC
DRENNAN, J. E. 24. Staff Quarter Master Serjeant MIC
DREW, Thomas Kenneth. 1248. Private MIC

DRUBE, Frederick Peter. 524 Lance Corporal. Entered France 22/04/1915 and discharged 5/04/1919. From New Zealand. Commemorated on the Auckland Online Cenotaph.

DRUMMOND, Oswald. 1416. Acting Serjeant MIC
DRURY, Charles James. 2015. Private Dragoon Guards 5561, Private Dorsetshire Regiment 14049, Lieutenant KEH

DRYSDALE, Cluny Leslie. 1206. Private. 'B' Squadron. Injured in railway accident 13/03/1918. Discharged 15/03/1919. Born Armadale, Victoria, Australia 1895 the son of George Russell Drysdale and Mary Drysdale Russell and died in Herbert, Queensland 4/07/1931.

DUDLEY, Thomas. Private. Corps of Dragoons D/168517, Private MIC
DUFF, Peter. Private. Dragoon Guards D/18470, Private KEH, Private Corps of Dragoons MIC

DUFOY . Private. New Zealander who served with King's Colonials (see Figure 52, 1904).

DUIRS, Mearns William. 379. South African. Private KEH, Second Lieutenant 7th Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers. KIA 25/09/1915 Loos.

DUKES, Sydney O. 999. Private MIC

DUNCAN, Alec. 763. Private MIC
DUNCAN, Thomas Mitchell. Second Lieutenant, Major Royal Field Artillery MIC
DUNCKLEY, Percy John. Private. Lieutenant Ghurka Rifles MIC

DUNCKLEY, Percy S. A. J. 834. Private. Served in the King's Colonials from 1902. Second Lieutenant Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment, Lieutenant Indian Army Reserve of Officers MIC

DUNKIN, Alfred D. H. 1144. Private MIC

DUNSTAN, John Llewellyn. Private. Served pre-WW1 KEH. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Royal Artillery and served in WW2 as a Private J. L Dunstan 31 with the Australian Garrison Battalion 1941-1944.