CADIC Joseph E. 1097 Private MIC
CAILES Stephen E. 893 Private, Acting Serjeant then Second Lieutenant Royal Marine Light Infantry MIC
CALLAGHAN Charles 1519 Private, Tanks Corps 302947, Northumberland Fusiliers 40118 MIC
CALNAN George 330 Private MIC
CAMERON Arthur Garfield Lieutenant KEH 1910, Acting Major then Major Royal Berkshire Regiment MIC
CAMERON Donald Keith. Former Captain Cameron Highlanders, Captain MIC. Australian, photograph on
CAMERON Herbert J. 984 Private then Lance Corporal attached to Trench Mortar Battery, Lieutenant Northumberland Fusiliers, Lieutenant King's African Rifles MIC
CAMLIN Edward Former Private Royal Dragoons D/17238, Private, Private Corps of Dragoons MIC
CAMPBELL James A. 1311 Private MIC
CAMPBELL James C. 1583 Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 85698 MIC
CAMPBELL Nigel Harry Second Lieutenant MIC
CAMPBELL Robert B. 1794 Private, Second Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant Labour Corps MIC
CAMPION A. B. L. Second Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant Welsh Regiment MIC
CANNON William 1168 Private MIC
CAPPER Alfred 433 Private, Acting Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61202 MIC
CAREY Leonard Arthur 1288 Private, Second Lieutenant 2nd Devonshire Regiment MIC
CARLTON Edward Former Private 1st Dragoons D/15338, Private, Corps of Dragoons MIC
CARR George 1149 Serjeant MIC
CARR Isaac Former Private 3rd Dragoon Guards D/352, Private MIC
CARR Talbot E. 921 Private MIC
CARRIG Edward 1260 Private MIC
CARSON Robert E. 152204 Private 2/1st Scottish Horse 4057, Private Border Regiment 260587, Private KEH, Private Royal Fusiliers 59098 MIC
CARTER Bertrand S. 544 Corporal, Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps, Lieutenant Tank Corps MIC
CARTER Herbert Thompson 92 Private MIC
CARTEY John B. 1150 Private MIC
CASEY Reginald 540 Private MIC
CASTLE Archibald Crisp Private Rifle Brigade S/29094, Private KEH, 10th Cadet Battalion, 1/4th Leicestershire Regiment MIC
CASTLE Gordon 2010 Private 2069 on MIC as well MIC
CASTLE William S. 704 Private MIC
CAVANAGH Albert J. 1018 Private MIC
CHADWICK Clifford N. 623 Corporal, Serjeant MIC
CHAFEN Harold S. Private, Private Corps of Dragoons D/13912 MIC
CHALKIN Herbert 732 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61254 MIC
CHALKLEY Albert 553 Private MIC
CHAMBERLAIN Arthur Henry 859 Acting Corporal MIC
CHAMBERS Alexander E. 725 Private, Private Shropshire Light Infantry 8192, Private Military Mounted Police P12039 MIC
CHANDLER James W. 1221 Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40551 MIC
CHAPMAN Charles T. 1187 Company Quarter Master Serjeant - Northumberland Fusiliers 61295, Tank Corps 30284 MIC

CHAPPELL, Cyril Thomas.  1946, Corporal.  Born in Dunstable, Bedfordshire and died of wounds on the Western Front 11 March 1918.  Buried in St Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, France.  Image of memorial plaque (death penny) shown from when it was sold at auction February 2019.   1915 Star trio medal entitlements confirmed on MIC.

CHARLES John 1905 Expeditionary Force Canteens 1441, Gunner Royal Field Artillery 1355, Private KEH MIC
CHARLES Thomas 77 Private, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61302 MIC
CHARTER Walter G. 1567 Private MIC
CHASE Percival 1894 Private MIC
CHEESEMAN James Alfred 894 Private, Sapper MIC
CHEETHAM Arthur R. 712 Private MIC
CHENERY Harold 1608 Private MIC
CHEYNE James D. 901 Private MIC
CHILD Arthur J. 1498 Private MIC
CHIPPERFIELD Edward 1195 Private MIC
CHIRNSIDE R. M. Second Lieutenant King's Colonials 1905
CHITTY John 571 Private MIC
CHRISTENSON Cecil C. 2143 Private MIC
CHRISTIE James 1436 Private MIC
CHRISTIE James V. 1331 Private MIC
CHUBB, W. S. R. Saddler. 1881.  Casualty.  BWM and Victory medals sold at auction. Details not confirmed on MIC.
CHURCHOUSE Reginald Rufus 995 Private, Second Lieutenant MIC
CHURCHYARD Archibald 1510 Former Sapper Royal Engineers 229154, Private KEH, Royal Engineers Railway Transport Department WR/287661 MIC
CHURMS William H. 351 Private MIC
CLACY Walter 1273 Lance Corporal MIC
CLANCY WM John 1297 Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 91433, Second Lieutenant Army Service Corps MIC
CLAPHAM Graeme W. 774 Private MIC
CLARK Reginald 1622 Acting Corporal MIC
CLARK Thomas 2024 Private - Northumberland Fusiliers 61179, Tank Corps 302873 MIC
CLARK William D. 804 Private, Private DLI, Second Lieutenant and Lieutenant Royal Air Force MIC
CLARKE Albert 1405 Corporal MIC
CLARKE Alfred C. 1695 Private MIC
CLARKE Eric O. 952 Private MIC
CLARKE H. V. 1120 Private, Captain Machine Gun Corps MIC
CLEARY Arthur 230754 Former Labour Corps 233754, Private KEH 230754 MIC
CLEGG Reginald A. D/11696 Private, Private Company of Dragoons MIC
CLOUTT Harry 1899 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61251 MIC
CLYNE Joesph 1469 Private, 2050 as well on MIC MIC
COATES Charles 406 Private MIC
COATES Henry Smith J. 161187 Serjeant MIC
COATS George SR/116 Serjeant, Serjeant Veterinary Corps SR/45 MIC
COATES James 751 Private MIC
COCKER William Edward 875 Private MIC
COETZEE Hendrick S. 1321 Private MIC
COGHILL Alfred J. P. 858 Corporal, Warrant Officer Class 2 MIC
COGHLAN Gerald N. 981 Private MIC
COHEN Joesph M. J. 1772 Acting Serjeant, Acting Serjeant 38th Royal Fusiliers J/136 MIC
COLE Arthur 900 Private MIC
COLE John 1539 Private MIC
COLEMAN John 1118 Lance Corporal MIC
COLLEY Frank W. 1080 Private MIC
COLLIER Louis Van 1745 Private, Lance Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61212, Lance Corporal 7th London Regiment 61212 MIC
COLLINS Vernon N. 2040 Private MIC

COLLINS, Victor Leon Monier. 1308, Lance Corporal. Killed in Action in France 09/04/1918. Son of F. A. Collins, Deputy Registrar of the Courts, Trinidad. Born 25 Sep 1896, at Port of Spain. Educated Queens Royal College, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Sailed with the First Merchants Contingent on 18 Oct 1915. (Reference: Commonwealth War Dead Grave Memorial Reference: XVII. B. 19. Cemetery: CABARET-ROUGE BRITISH CEMETERY, SOUCHEZ, France). Commemorated on Port of Spain Cenotaph.1915 Star medal trio entitlement details confirmed on MIC.  Image from Old Comrades Association Bulletin.

COLLINS William L. 695 Private MIC
COLLYMORE Robert Private, 5th Seaforth Highlanders, Captain 2nd London Regiment TF, Second Lieutenant 2nd London Regiment MIC
COLTON Albert 1210 Lance Corporal, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 45458 MIC
COLVIN Jonathan Mc D. 689 Private, Private then Second Lieutenant East Lancashire Regiment MIC
CONNELLY John 810 Private, later Lieutenant RNVR MIC
CONRAN R. H. 1003 Corporal, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers MIC
CONRICK Rupert L. 2011 Corporal, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 61252, Corporal Tank Corps 302850 MIC
CONSTANT Lionel E. 2197 Private MIC
COOK Frederick James 466 Corporal, Second Lieutenant later Captain Border Regiment MIC
COOK Herbert Henry 805 Serjeant, Regimental Serjeant Major then Temporary Second Lieutenant 4th Reserve Cavalry MIC
COOK William Stanley 854 Private MIC
COOKE David Robert 1340 Private, Lieutenant 6th Gordon Highlanders MIC
COOKE Ewin E. 1580 Private MIC
COOKE Frederick W. 1751 Private MIC
COOKE James Edward 1444 Private MIC
COOKE John E. 1254 Private MIC
COOMBES Valentine H. 493 Serjeant, Warrant Officer Class 2 MIC
COOPER Christopher L. 78 Private MIC
COOPER Frank 1014 Private MIC
COOPER Henry Mark Hugh Lieutenant MIC
COOPER Herbert J. 735 Serjeant MIC
COOPER T. W. 2328 Private MIC
COOTE Andrew L. 1953 Private MIC
COOTE R. A. Adjutant, Captain in KEH 1910, ex-17th Lancers
COPE John R. 1203 Private MIC
CORBETT Frank G. 59 Serjeant MIC
CORDER Harold C. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 39947, GWF no MIC.
CORIN Thomas 1160 Private MIC
CORLETTE H. C. Second Lieutenant. King's Colonials 1902. Photograph see Figure 4.
CORNER Leonard 1907 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61283, Private Tank Corps 302824 MIC
CORNISH Charles H. 971 Private MIC
COSTELLO Patrick 1131 Private MIC
COTMAN Robert A. 1364 Private, Private Essex Regiment, Second Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps MIC
COTTON Frederick C. 1676 Private MIC
COUNLEY Harry 1045 Private MIC
COUPAR Charles 954 Private MIC
COUSINS Harry W. 114 Private MIC
COUVE Noel 264 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force MIC
COWAN Eric Hamilton 393 Lance Corporal, Second Lieutenant ex-Royal Garrison Artillery Territorial Force MIC
COWELL Stanley Thomas 1625 Private ex-Sapper Royal Engineers 229156 MIC
COWEN Joseph M. J. 1772 Acting Serjeant, Acting Serjeant 38th Royal Fusiliers J/136 MIC
COWIE Graham Robertson Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery, Captain South African Medical Corps MIC
COWLEY Edwin C. Second Lieutenant, Major Norfolk Yeomanry MIC
COX Alfred Graeme 64 Serjeant, Temporary Lieutenant Royal Army Service Corps MIC
COX Frederick Leslie 610 Private, Second Lieutenant MIC
COX Hampden Trevor Ashby 2090 Private KIA 09/05/18. Details of death or burial unknown.
CRADOCK Montagu Lieutenant Colonel, later Lieutenant Colonel 2nd King Edward's Horse MIC
CRADOCK Sheldon William Keith Major MIC
CRAM Jonathan 1007 Private MIC
CRAMER Roland H. 1286 Private MIC
CRAMPTON Charles Stanhope 1100 Lance Corporal, Second Lieutenant Royal Army Service Corps MIC
CRAMPTON Vivian Moore 1896 Corporal, Ex-Private Rhodesia Regiment 82, attached 2/4th Dorsetshire Regiment MIC
CRANE Arthur A. 769 Private, Corporal Labour Corps 416776 MIC
CRANSTON Herbert D. 856 Private MIC
CRAWFORD Charles A. 795 Private MIC
CRAWSHAY Lionel R. 1066 Private, Royal Engineers 312892 MIC
CRAYFORD William 1116 Serjeant MIC
CREIGHTON James Captain 1146 Private MIC
CRESSWELL Charles E. 2046 Private MIC
CRESWICK Henry Forbes Lieutenant KEH 1910, Captain MIC
CROMPTON R. A. 399 Corporal, Second Lieutenant MIC
CRONE Percy Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Munster Fusiliers MIC
CROOKE C. H. Squadron Serjeant Major. 'A' Squadron (British Asian) King's Colonials. Portrait photograph (see Figure 211) circa 1905-09.
CROSBY Harold Parker 44 Private MIC
CROSS Harold C. 1886 Private, Northumberland Fusiliers 61253, Tank Corps 302826 MIC
CROSS James 127 Serjeant, Royal Field Artillery Second Lieutenant MIC
CROSS Reginald G. W. 530 Private MIC
CROSSLAND Frank J. 1096 Private, Royal Fusiliers GS/59100 MIC
CROUCH Edwin C. 1552 Private, Private Machine Gun Corps 22927, Private Tank Corps, Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force MIC
CROWE Walter William 577 Private, Private then Second Lieutenant East Yorkshire Regiment MIC
CROWLEY John N. 1425 Corporal MIC
CROWTHER Owen 1945 Private, Ex-5th South African Infantry 3857 MIC
CUBITT, Henry S. 32. First enlisted recruit of the King's Colonials in 1902. No MIC record for the Great War.
CULLEN Fred 1999 Private, Hong Kong Royal Garrison Artillery MIC
CULNAN George 330 Private MIC
CULVERHOUSE Edward 1011 Private, Private Corps of Lancers L/18297 MIC
CUMINGS Frank G. 633 Corporal MIC
CUNINGHAME Charles Lennon Second Lieutenant - ex-9th Cavlary Reserve, KEH, 3rd Hussars MIC
CUNNINGHAM Cecil R. 54 Lance Corporal MIC
CURLING Aubrey F. J. 1400 Private, Private Ordnance Corps 040723 MIC
CURTEIS Edward Croft 1025 Private, Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant Royal Warwickshire Regiment MIC
CUSACK Bernard L. 1393 Private, Lancashire Fusiliers 40550 MIC
CUTHBERT Robert L. 340 Private MIC
CUTHILL George H. 1998 Private, Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps

CUTLER, Thomas.  Private, 1672, 'B' Squadron.  Killed in Action  9 April 1918 in defense of Vieille Chapelle, Huits Maisons and Fosse Bridgeheads. Aged 23. Born in Weybridge in 1895.  Youngest son of Mrs Annie Cutler, 2 Yew Cottages, Military Road, Dover. Name recorded on the Dover War Memorial. (Reference - Lionel James: The History of King Edward's Horse (The King's Oversea Dominions Regiment). Sifton, Praed, 1921. (Gravestone photograph courtesy of Pierre Vandervelden).1915 Star medal trio entitlement details confirmed on MIC.