BUCHANAN, George Frederick. 1242. Corporal, KIA 13/03/18 aged 42 as a Private. Son of George and Caroline Buchanan. ST. GERMAIN-AU-MONT-D'OR COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, FRANCE.

BUCKLAND, Geoffrey J. 583. Private Buckland was born in Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia on the 30th January 1893 and enlisted on 26th August 1914 in England. He was killed in action by a German rifle grenade on 7th August 1915 after seeing action at Ploegsteert Wood in July 1915. RIFLE HOUSE CEMETERY, BELGIUM.

BUCKLEY, Herbert Morris. 473. Private
BUCKLEY, M. Francis Sapper, Major Royal Field Artillery
BUCKNELL, William Wentworth. Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery 108 Brigade
BULL, George. 1603. Private
BULTEAU, Victor H. 1879. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 39988
BURBIDGE, Arthur Henry. 40. Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40543, Second Lieutenant Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
BURDETT, John Burdett. 80. Corporal, Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers
BURGE, Frank. 707. Private, Corporal

BURGESS, Charles F. 1002. Private 'A' Squadron KEH from the UK. Severely wounded in several places 24/06/1915 when defending trench from German attack.

BURGESS, John. 1616. Private
BURKE, William J. 742. Private, Northumberland Fusiliers 61170
BURNETT, Sidney C. 1212. Private
BURNIE, Charles. 848. Private
BURNSIDE, Joseph Augustus. 667. Private, Lieutenant then Acting Captain 1/4th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
BURTON, Charles William Gordon. 1395. Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers
BURTON, Richard N. R. 1445. Private, Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Royal Engineers 213817, WR/354913
BUSH, Robert W. 1817. Corporal, Corporal Royal Defence Corps 71971
BUTLER, Adrian Illingworth. 936 Trooper, Royal Engineers A/198254, Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
BUTLER, Robert W. 1367. Private.

BUTLER, William Mahoney. Major KEH. Photographic negative available of KEH portrait 30/12/1916. Later Lieutenant Colonel 9th Tank Battalion. Served with Imperial Yeomanry 1900-02 in Second Boer War and awarded Queen's South Africa medal with three clasps Cape Colony, Orange River Colony and Transvaal. King's South Africa medal with two clasps. Awarded Distinguished Service Order 18/12/1918.

BUTTERFIELD, Ernest 699. Private, Private Royal Engineers 311020
BUTTERWORTH, Christian name possibly C. from name on manufacturers label in bandsman's tunic, 1913.

BUXTON, Gordon Ottford. 500. Private. Born in England and served in 'C' Squadron during WW1. Photograph shown on Lieutenant in 1915 see Figure 19.

BYNOE, J. E. K. 1. Staff Quarter Master Serjeant (SQMS). 'B' Squadron. Born in Barbados in 1867 and died 19 May 1935 in Depford, London. Awarded 1911 Coronation Medal and Territorial Forces Efficiency Medal. Did not serve with KEH in France during the Great War. There were two Bynoe brothers who served with the King's Colonials from 1902. The junior of which had a son who served in France 1915-19 presumably Private Ronald L. Bynoe. SQMS Bynoe is shown in Figure 209.

BYNOE, Ronald L. 532. Private. 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory medal held by NAM.
BYSOUTH, Sydney. Private, 653rd Company Labour Corps 416807