BRADBURN William Ernest Horatio. Private ex-8th Hussars 13319, Acting Corporal, Captain. Born 26 May 1884, Derby.  Commissioned 17/04/17. Lieutenant  17/10/18, A/Captain and Adjutant of Reserve Regiment then Adjutant demobilised Regiment.  Had seen previous service as a Private 1556 South African Constabulary in Boer War 01/1902-10/1907. 09/14 8th Hussars as Acting Corporal 13319 and served in France until 04/1917. Appointed Military Police Force Cyprus and became Colonel Inspector General British Guiana. Awarded King's Police medal 28/04/32, 1935 Silver Jubilee medal, 1937 Coronation medal. Appointed Officer of the Order of St John of Jerusalem 15/02/35. Lived at Budleigh, Salterton 1946-68.  

BRADNEY Private served in Dublin
BRADSHAW Arthur 1228 Private, Private Labour Corp 421715
BRADSHAW William J. 1975 Serjeant attached King's African Rifles
BRAGG A. C. 42 Private
BRAGG Robert Charles 227 Corporal, Temporary Second Lieutenant Royal Artillery
BRAKE Francis Joseph Edwin 56 Serjeant, Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force

BRAKELL James Forster 410 Serjeant, Second Lieutenant. Taken Prisoner of War 31/07/1917 and repatriated 23/12/1918.

BRAMBLEBY Percy Mead 81 Staff Quarter Master Serjeant, Second Lieutenant Royal Flying Corp
BRAND Jonathan 1530 Private
BRANDON Frederick 574 Private
BRANDON Lionel 797 Lance Corporal, Second Lieutenant and then Captain Royal Army Service Corps
BRANT Arthur 626 Private, Serjeant
BRANWOOD Alfred J. 917 Private
BRAVERY Charles 519 Private
BRAY Alexander F. 1829 Private, Northumberland Fusiliers 61175
BRAZIER Dyckon C. 1384 Private
BREBNER Norman G. 1681 Corporal
BREBNER William Mason 1640 Private, Labour Corps 416793
BRENCHLEY Mark 1071 Private
BRENNAN John 1069 Private, Tank Corps 305381
BRENT Stuart 558 Private
BRETON Albert Private, ex-1st Dragoon Guards, D/17023, Corps of Dragoons
BRETT Thomas 1204 Private
BRETT William 1156 Private
BREWSTER John A. 25 Private 2111 on MIC as well
BRICE C. L. 488 Private
BRIDGEMAN Robert J. J. 1335 Private

BRIDGER David Edgar. 738 Private DOW 19/04/15 BIGGLESWADE CEMETERY, UK.  Civilian photograph on 

BRIDGES Herbert T. 1207 Private
BRIDGES William 643 Private
BRIGGS Bertram H. 1487 Private
BRINN John F. T. 246 Serjeant
BRINSDEN Horace W. 1841 Private ex-Rifle Brigade B/200737
BRISCO Richard. B. 1075 Lance Corporal, Warrant Officer Class 2 Royal Engineers
BRISTOL Samuel S. 1324 Private, Durham Light Infantry 10165

BRISTOW Wilfred Holditch 2049 Private, KIA 30/10/17 aged 33. Son of Henry Barnes Bristow and Kathleen Sara Bristow (nee Holditch), of The Chantry House, Steyning, Sussex. DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY, BELGIUM.

BRITTON Thomas S. Private, Private Corps of Dragoons D/18316
BRITTS M. H. G. 319 Private, Second Lieutenant Supply Transport
BROADHEAD William Smitheon 705 Private, Second Lieutenant Reserve Regiment of Cavalry
BROCK Oliver W. 1624 Private
BROCKMAN Keith Cooper 1316 Private, Private Tank Corp 112090, King's Own Lancaster Regiment Second Lieutenant
BROCKWELL Francis J. 1661 Private, Corps of Hussars 56040

BROMFIELD Sydney Lewis (Sid) 62. Private in pre-war KEH.  Commissioned 26/06/17 Acting Captain Lincolnshire Regiment. Lived/born in New Zealand then lived with parents at 636 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol.  Attended annual camp 1913.  Went to France 22/04/15.  Captain Middlesex Regiment Home Guard in WW2. Living at Iver Heath in 1946. Serjeant Bromfield (far right) sent this postcard of his section to his mother to 636 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol after having 'a very good time' attending annual camp in Bulford in July 1913.  He is wearing 'B' Squadron (British American) collar badges of the King's Colonials.  He is also shown with his section in Figures 146 and 149 attending signal training.  

BROOKE John Warwick 606 Serjeant, Second Lieutenant Intelligence Corps
BROOKER Harry Hill 1162 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers
BROOKER Jack 1365 Private, Lieutenant Army Reserve, Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force
BROOKMAN Charles J. 499 Staff Quarter Master Serjeant 'B' Squadron
BROOM William 1061 Private ex-King's Royal Rifle Corps R/34551, Private Royal Engineers 311025
BROOMAN Ernest P. 1343 Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 45448
BROSTER Harold Broughton 363 Private, Second Lieutenant King's Royal Rifle Corp, Acting Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
BROWN Albert T. 1435 Private, Private Labour Corp 421716
BROWN Arthur E. H. 1761 Private

BROWN Charles B. (Cecil). 1718. Private KEH, Private Tank Corps 112224. Lived in South America and died in 1953.

BROWN George G. 964 Private
BROWN George William Farrer 1080 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 63245, Serjeant Royal East Kent Regiment 1080
BROWN Herbert C. 1341 Private

BROWN John 1426 Private, DOW 23/04/20 aged 42. Son of Margaret and the late Henry Brown, of Cresswll House, Station Road, Cullercoats, Northumberland. WHITLEY BAY (ST. PAUL) CHURCHYARD, UK.

BROWN Orlando Moray 682 Private, Second Lieutenant, Temporary Captain, Acting Major, Major Royal Engineers
BROWN Peter H. 1227 Private, Private Tank Corps 112018
BROWN Thomas Christie 1482 Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 85718
BROWNE Austin Elmitt 1386 Private, Second Lieutenant West Riding Regiment
BROWNE William E. 904 Private
BROWNELL William Charles 1344 Sapper, Acting Serjeant, Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant

BROWNING Harry G. 2107 Private former 1st Royal Dragoon D/3709, Died in service. 27/01/19. GRANGEGORMAN MILITARY CEMETERY, IRELAND.

BROWNLESS Alfred R. 1251 Private
BROXUP John H. 906 Private
BRUCE Hugh M. 1714 Private
BRUNTON Preston 52 Private
BRYANT Ernest William C. 1290 Acting Serjeant

BUCHANAN George Frederick 1242 Corporal, KIA 13/03/18 aged 42 as a Private. Son of George and Caroline Buchanan. ST. GERMAIN-AU-MONT-D'OR COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, FRANCE.

BUCKLAND Geoffrey J. 583. Private Buckland was born in Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia on the 30th January 1893 and enlisted on 26th August 1914 in England.  He was killed in action by a German rifle grenade on 7th August 1915 after seeing action at Ploegsteert Wood in July 1915.  RIFLE HOUSE CEMETERY, BELGIUM.

BUCKLEY Herbert Morris 473 Private
BUCKLEY M. Francis Sapper, Major Royal Field Artillery
BUCKLEY Millard 1142 Private, Private 13th Royal Scots, Second Lieutenant Labour Corps
BUCKNELL William Wentworth Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery 108 Brigade
BULL George 1603 Private
BULL Percy William 1293 Private
BULTEAU Victor H. 1879 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 39988
BURBIDGE Arthur Henry 40 Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40543, Second Lieutenant Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
BURDETT John Burdett 80 Corporal, Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers
BURGE Frank 707 Private, Corporal
BURGESS Charles F. 1002 Private
BURGESS John 1616 Private
BURKE Michael L. 1001 Lance Corporal, Second Lieutenant
BURKE William J. 742 Private, Northumberland Fusiliers 61170
BURNETT Sidney C. 1212 Private
BURNIE Charles 848 Private
BURNSIDE Joseph Augustus 667 Private, Lieutenant then Acting Captain 1/4th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
BURT David 960 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps
BURTON Archer R. 1054 Serjeant
BURTON Charles William Gordon 1395 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers
BURTON Richard N. R. 1445 Private, Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Royal Engineers 213817, WR/354913
BUSH Robert W. 1817 Corporal, Corporal Royal Defence Corps 71971
BUTLER Adrian Illingworth 936 Trooper, Royal Engineers A/198254, Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
BUTLER Robert W. 1367 Private
BUTLER William Mahoney Captain, Lieutenant Colonel 9th Tank Battalion
BUTTERFIELD Ernest 699 Private, Private Royal Engineers 311020
BUTTERWORTH Christian name possibly C. from name on manufacturers label in bandsman's tunic, 1913.

BUXTON Gordon Ottford 500 Private. Born in England and served in 'C' Squadron during WW1. Photograph shown on

BYNOE J. E. K. 1 Staff Quarter Master Serjeant. Awarded Coronation medal 1911. There were two Bynoe brothers who served with the King's Colonials from 1902. The junior of which had a son who served in France 1915-19 presumably Private Ronald L. Bynoe.

BYNOE Ronald L. 532 Private. 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory medal held by NAM.

BYSOUTH Sydney Private, 653rd Company Labour Corps 416807