BIDDLES, Graham A. 1013. Private MIC
BILL, Kenneth. 1450. Private, Private Tank Corps 302704, Northumberland Fusiliers 61204 MIC

BILLMAN, Walter Melville.Private KEH. Private 16th Middlesex Regiment then Second Lieutenant 6th Battalion attached 1st Battalion 9/05/1915. Died of Wounds 5/11/1916 and buried in Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte, the Somme, France.  Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1892 the son of James and Grace Billman. Attended Dalhousie University and then was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford in 1913. Brother Ralph S. Billamnn MC was a Lieutenant Colonel with the Canadian Artillery. 

BINGHAM, William. Private, Corps of Dragoons D/10855 MIC.  British War Medal and Victory Medal sold at auction.

BINKS, Harris Jonathan. Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers MIC

BIRD, Henry. 1006. Private, Corporal 'C' Squadron KEH. South African and saw service in France in WW1.

BISHOP, Hugh S. 461. Second Lieutenant, Captain Tank Corps MIC
BISPHAM, Frederick.1214. Serjeant, Serjeant Northumberland Fusiliers 39884, Serjeant Lancashire Fusiliers 40532, Serjeant Tank Corps 302909 MIC

BIZLEY, Walter C. 1485. Trumpeter, Private 14th London Regiment MIC
BLACK, Hugh K. 1965. Private, Private Royal Army Medical Corps 135536 MIC

BLACK, Ralph (Ralf) Wemyss. 1070. Private KEH. Born in New Zealand in 1874 the son of James Black and Mary Harcourt and died 1/10/1962 in Auckland. Entitled to British War Medal and Victory Medal. Brother Trooper Colin Black, Auckland Mounted Rifles, 22nd Reinforcements, Mounted Rifles Brigade, New Zealand Expeditionary Force. Died of Wounds 17/11/1917 in Palestine. Colin was the fifth son of Mr. James Black, "Telpal," Prospect Terrace, Mt. Eden. He was an old Grammar School boy, and for many years has been on the clerical staff in the firm of Buckland and Co. Colin Black is buried in Deir el Belah War Cemetery, Palestine, Israel. Brother Hugh Black served with Australian Light Horse in Palestine. Commemorated on the Auckland Online Cenotaph. Photograph of Ralf Black in KEH uniform courtesy of J. Kang.

BLACKBURN, Edward H. 723. Private, Serjeant from Canada. Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal and Order of the British Empire.

BLACKWELL, Arthur E. Private former Private 7th Dragoon Guards D/12610, Private Corps of Dragoons MIC

BLAKER, Geoffrey Beckett. 651. Private, Acting Corporal, Second Lieutenant in photograph at Marlborough Barracks, Dublin 1918 see Figure 33. Served RAF in South Africa in WW2 and died in 1964.

BLAMEY, Marshall. 1916. Private MIC
BLANCHARD, James F. J. 222. Serjeant. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 20/09/1915, posted to Cavalry Field Artillery.

BLAYLOCK, Johnathan A. 1270. Private MIC
BLETSOE, William Bruce. Serjeant, Second Lieutenant 18th Hussars MIC
BLIGH, Leslie. 1897. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 40117, Private Tank Corps 302862 MIC

BLISS, William Stanley. 787. Corporal. Trumpeter. Enlisted Nov 1914 and served in France and Italy. Awarded Military Medal London Gazette 1918 for action at the Defence of Vieille Chapelle. Discharged 23/02/1919. From Watford, England.

BLOUNT, Maurice Bertie. 1542. Private. Enlisted 11/05/1916 and discharged due to sickness 25/01/1917 with chronic dysentry. Awarded Silver War Badge 45745. Born in Clapham, London in 1887, lived in Winbourne, Dorset and had served with the Ceylon Planters Rifles for 5 years whilst working as a tea planter.

BLUNN, Gordon J. 1969. Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 857222

BOILEAU, Gilbert Elliot. 1075. Corporal. Entered France 14/09/1915. Severely injured leg 13/11/1918 and discharged 25/06/1919. Prior service in the Boer War with the Border Horse as Corporal 1473 and awarded Queen's South Africa (QSA) medal with Transvaal clasp. Born in 26/12/1875 in Mt Moriac, near Geelong, Victoria the son of Edmund William Pollen Boileau and Bridget Mary Walsh. Brother John Peter Boileau born 29/03/1876 in Mitiamo, Victoria also served with the Border Horse as a Trooper 1474 (John Pollen Boileau on QSA medal roll with Pollen being a middle name of his father) and awarded Queen's South Africa medal with Transvaal clasp. The brothers obviously enlisted together given their service numbers are consecutive. Gilbert died in 1952 in Cheltenham, Victoria and his brother John died in 1951.

BOLLARD, John C. 1255. Acting Serjeant, Acting Serjeant Labour Corps 443401
BOLTON, George W. 872. Serjeant

BOLUS, Walter 1481. Private. Arrived in France June 1916. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Special Reserve of Officers on 23/02/18 after attending an Officers Cadet Unit, see Figure 33 for photograph as a Second Lieutenant in 1918. Promoted to Lieutenant 23/8/19 and resigned his commission 1/4/19. Photographs and family history from his grandson Walter Stevens regarding his grandfather's service and noting his riding trophies. Lieutenant Bolus won many Irish Show Jumping Championships as shown in the accompanying photograph taken of him competing at the Irish War Counties Hospital in September 1918. He was devastated not to be able to have his mount, Japie released to him from the Army. The family retain Lieutenant Bolus's stirrups and riding trophies.  

BOND, Ernest E. 381, Corporal, Temporary Regimental Serjeant Major, Transport Warrant Officer Class 1. Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal as Regimental Serjeant-Major. Discharged 16/01/1920.

BONESS, Private, ex-1st Dragoon Guards D/18387, Corps of Dragoons
BONNER, Thomas Private, ex-7th Dragoon Guards D/17304, Corps of Dragoons
BOOR, Alexander R. 1043. Private
BORLEY, Geo D. Private, Labour Corps 585703
BORNS, Frank 1336. Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40533
BOTHWELL, Edwin I. 1891. Private

BOTTLE, Harry C. 340. Serjeant, Warrant Officer Class 2. Prior service 1905-13 with the Civil Service Rifles. Played clarinet in the military band. Became Orderly Room SQMS. Staff Officer, Ministry of Health in civilian life. In group photograph of Warrant Officerss and Sergeants at Bishop's Stortford. Discharged 10/11/1919.

BOUCH, W. Kennedy. 11. Serjeant. Served in pre-war KEH.

BOUCHER, Henry. 74. Serjeant. Enlisted 25/08/1914 and discharged 7/11/1917 as medically unfit. Awarded British War Medal and Victory Medal.

BOWEN, Horace C. 628. Corporal. 'B' Squadron. Taken prisoner at Vieille Chapelle 19/04/1918.

BOWKER, John (Jack) Ryther Steer. 8. Private. Entered France 27/07/1915. Discharged 14/12/1918. Born 29/07/1888 in Darling Point, New South Wales, Australia to Florence Mary Marks and Dr Robert Steer Bowker (surgeon). He was educated at Barker College, Sydney 1902-06 and then studied medicine like his father at Middlesex Hospital, England in 1909. He married (unofficially) Elsie Emily Boyten in 1915 in England whom he met when he was boarding with her grandmother's family when he was in England studying to become a doctor. They had a daughter Beryl S Bowker Boyten born in 1919. After living in Middlesex he then moved to Sydney without his family. He died on the 29/06/1944 in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia. Biography courtesy of Robin Hyland.  Full length portrait photograph of a postcard sent to Elsie in 1915 courtesy of Robin Hyland and another photograph of him on enlistment in 1914 is shown in Figure 307.

BOYER, Charles J. 1082. Private, Private Royal Engineers 359692
BOYLETT, Herbert L. 1630. Private, Corporal Tank Corps 302804, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 39960, Corporal Lancashire Fusiliers 40540

BOX, Thomas 552. Private
BOXALL, Herbert S. 2070. Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61178, Private Corps of Dragoons D/21018