BACON Herbert 785 Private MIC
BACK Arthur 1302 Rifleman, Second Lieutenant Middlesex Regiment MIC
BACKUS Alfred F. 1020 Private MIC
BAGNELL George W. 2043 Private MIC
BAILEY Alexander F. Private, former Private 6th Dragoon Guards 8209 MIC
BAILEY Edward 1712 Private, Private Lincolnshire Regiment 50111 MIC
BAILLIE Robert. Captain Sir. Bart. King's Colonials 1902. Photograph see Figure 4.
BAILLON Cyril 768 Private MIC
BAIN Bertram 1978 Private, Commissary Liverpool Regiment 85788 MIC
BAIRD Charles Alfred 15239 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Dublin Fusiliers MIC
BAKER Arthur W. 26 Private, MR/343298 Royal Army Service Corps MIC
BAKER Charles F. 1631 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers, Second Lieutenant Mchine Gun Corps MIC
BAKER George N. 1073 Corporal MIC
BAKER James H. 800 Private, Sapper Labour Corps 340258 MIC
BAKER Ralph Cleighton 1711 Private former Private Hertfordshire Yeomanry 2205 MIC
BAKER William H. 1969 Private MIC
BAKER William J. 743 Acting Corporal MIC
BALDWIN Cornelius 1648 Private, Private Labour Corp 230751 MIC
BALFOUR C. 1298 Military Mounted Police P/12933 MIC
BALL B. Corporal.  Served in the King's Colonials and was proprietor of the Fox and Hounds Inn, Bourne End 
BALL Samuel A. D/14418 Corps of Dragoons MIC
BALLARD Arnold 482 Private, Private Shropshire Light Infantry, Second Lieutenant South Wales Borderers MIC
BALSHAW Newton Kesleven Private, Second Lieutenant then Captain King's Royal Rifle Corps MIC
BANCROFT Dougas 1002 Private, Second Lieutenant Essex Regiment MIC
BANKES Robert W. L. 744 Private MIC
BANNOCK William H. 1363 Serjeant MIC
BANTA Frederick B. 1774 Private, Private Labour Corp 112239 MIC
BARBER Basil Hastings Lieutenant, Captain, Major MIC
BARBER Joseph A. 1527 Private MIC
BARDELL Arthur G. 1732 Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 85700, Private Tank Corps 302884 MIC
BARKER Augustine Lieutenant, Lieutenant Colonel Royal Field Artillery MIC
BARKER William Private, former 3rd Dragoon Guards GS/14786, Corps of Dragoons D/15087 MIC
BARLOW Geoffry Petrie 287 Private, Second Lieutenant Notts and Derby Regiment MIC
BARLOW George T. 67 Private, Private Essex Regiment 32746 MIC
BARNARD William H. Private, Corps of Dragoons D/13185 MIC
BARNES William C. Private 3rd Dragoon Guards D/17908 MIC
BARRATT Gaston E. S. 1420 Private, Private Royal Engineers 313096 MIC
BARRETT Archibald 1431 Private MIC
BARRETT John 1522 Private, Driver Royal Field Artillery 261135, Royal Naval Reserve 7243 T. S Trimmer MIC
BARRETT Reginald T. 1729 Corporal, Labour Corp Warrant Officer Class 2 679732 MIC
BARRON George H. 1066 Private, Lieutenant South Notts Hussars MIC
BARRY Arthur V. 335 Royal Army Service Corps M/41355 MIC
BARTELLE James 1296 Private MIC
BARTLETT Ashmead Lieutenant attached from 1st Regiment of Cavalry, former British South African Police MIC
BARTLETT John Royston 1674 Private, Second Lieutenant Border Regiment, Lieutenant Royal Air Force MIC
BARTON William L. 1151 Private MIC
BASSETT Alfred Petre 54 Private MIC
BASSILL James F. 1657 Private, Private Corps of Dragoons D/32103 MIC
BATES George E. 2040 Private, Private Corps of Hussars 56048 MIC
BATES Joseph C. 720 Private, Acting Staff Quarter Master Serjeant MIC
BATTERBURY William Charles 19 Lance Corporal, Second Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers MIC
BATTERSBY Eric W. 885 Serjeant MIC
BATTYE Francis Montague 1370 Private MIC
BAUER L. N. 1666 Private MIC
BAXTER Gordon E. 929 Private, Second Lieutenant Devonshire Regiment MIC

BAYLEY Lewis S. 513 Private.  British War Medal - 513 PTE. L. S. BAYLEY. K. EDW. H. and Victory Medal - 513 PTE. L. S. BAYLEY. K. EDW. H. shown with a copy of the Medal Index Card.  The 1915 Star was noted as missing. Arrived in France 23 August 1915 and discharged 8 August 1919. (Image from an electronic auction site, UK, 2014).  

BAYLIS Gerald William Quarter Master, Lieutenant General MIC
BAYLISS Louis 1099 Serjeant, Serjeant Yorkshire Dragoons 3681, Serjeant Machine Gun Corps Cavalry 100103 MIC
BEALE Cecil G. 635 Serjeant MIC
BEALL Leonard G. 87 Private, 2045 as well on MIC MIC
BEARDON Joseph D. 1251 Private, Private Labour Corps 329908 MIC
BEAUMONT Frank Vans 986 Lance Corporal, Second Lieutenant then Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps MIC
BECKETT Arthur H. F. 1682 Private MIC
BECKMAN George E. 996 Private MIC
BEDFORD Alfred 298 Corporal, Corporal Royal Engineers 91590 MIC
BEENKEN Frederick Carl. 850 Private MIC
BEGBIE Vincent 960 Private, Second Lieutenant Cameron Highlanders MIC
BELL Erwin 1537 Private MIC
BELL Harold Cecil Alexander 389 Private, Second Lieutenant 3rd Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders attached 2/14th Lancashire Regiment MIC
BELL Percy 753 Private MIC
BELL Thomas D. 741 Private, Second Lieutenant MIC

BELL William Henry Dillon Lieutenant, Captain from New Zealand Expeditionary Force MIC, KIA 31/07/17 aged 33.   Son of Sir Francis Bell and a Member of NZ Parliament for Wellington.  Photograph of him mounted on his horse from Miss Enid Bell. 

BELLMAN Henry E. 1324 Private MIC
BELSON Frederick 1487 Acting Corporal MIC
BENN William W. 1253 Private MIC
BENNETT Arthur W. 1357 Private MIC
BENNETT Charles 1240 Private MIC
BENNETT James H. 947 Private, Private Labour Corps 423041 MIC
BENNETT John F. 55 Serjeant MIC
BENSTEAD Geoffrey 668 Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Canadian Regiment MIC
BENTLEY Alfred Harry 1166 Private, Second Lieutenant Essex Regiment, Lieutenant Royal Air Force MIC
BENTLEY R. W. 1443 Private MIC
BERCOVITZ Soloman 1104 Private MIC
BERKELEY John E. L. 982 Corporal MIC
BERRY A. G. Lieutenant. King's Colonials 1902. Photograph see Figure 4.
BERRY Richard Alfred 792 Lance Serjeant MIC
BERTRAM Cyril Robertson Second Lieutenant, Flying Officer Royal Flying Corps MIC
BERTRAND Walter R. 1398 Private, Private Tank Corps 112244 MIC
BESTOW Frederick W. 1001 Private MIC
BESWICK Rodney Knight 664 Private, Lieutenant 11th Lancashire Fusiliers, Captain 52th Manchester Regiment MIC
BETHELL Frank 422 Private, Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps 104491 MIC
BETTINGTON John H. G. 646 Private, Second Lieutenant Worcestershire Regiment MIC
BETTS Reginald J. 1044 Private, Corporal MIC
BEVAN Percy 659 Private, Serjeant MIC
BEYNON Alexander W. 1803 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61214, Private Tank Corps 302800 MIC
BEYNON R. T. 1816 Private, Private Royal Air Force 319759 MIC
BIDDLES Graham A. 1013 Private MIC
BILL Kenneth 1450 Private, Private Tank Corps 302704, Northumberland Fusiliers 61204 MIC
BILLMAN Walter Melville Private, Second Lieutenant 16th Middlesex Regiment MIC
BINGHAM William Private, Corps of Dragoons D/10855 MIC.  British War Medal and Victory Medal sold at auction.
BINGLE Alfred 1726 Private MIC
BINKS Harris Jonathan Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers MIC
BIRCH Thomas Newbery 650 Private MIC
BIRD Henry 1006 Private, Corporal MIC
BISHOP Hugh S. 461 Second Lieutenant, Captain Tank Corps MIC
BISPHAM Frederick 1214 Serjeant, Serjeant Northumberland Fusiliers 39884, Serjeant Lancashire Fusiliers 40532, Serjeant Tank Corps 302909 MIC
BIZLEY Walter C. 1485 Trumpeter, Private 14th London Regiment MIC
BLACK Hugh K. 1965 Private, Private Royal Army Medical Corps 135536 MIC
BLACK Ralph W. 1070 Private, Private Labour Corps 613027 MIC
BLACKBURN Edward H. 723 Private, Serjeant MIC
BLACKMAN Harold 1249 Private, Temporary Lieutenant Royal Engineers MIC
BLACKWELL Arthur E. Private former Private 7th Dragoon Guards D/12610, Private Corps of Dragoons MIC
BLAKE Grey Philip 1747 Private, Private East Kent Regiment, Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force MIC
BLAKELEY Leighton 1575 Private MIC
BLAKER Geoffrey Beckett 651 Private, Acting Corporal, Second Lieutenant MIC
BLAMEY Marshall 1916 Private MIC
BLANCHARD James F. J. 222 Serjeant, Second Lieutenant Cavalry Field Artillery, MIC
BLAYLOCK Johnathan A. 1270 Private MIC
BLETSOE William Bruce Serjeant, Second Lieutenant 18th Hussars MIC
BLIGH Leslie 1897 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 40117, Private Tank Corps 302862 MIC
BLISS William Stanley. 787 Private, Lance Corporal MIC
BLOUNT Maurice Bertie 1542 Private MIC
BLUNN Gordon J. 1969 Private, Private Liverpool Regiment 857222
BODDY Osbert Harold 812 Lance Corporal, Acting Serjeant
BOILEAU Gilbert 1075 Private
BOLLARD John C. 1255 Acting Serjeant, Acting Serjeant Labour Corps 443401
BOLTON George W. 872 Serjeant
BOLUS Walter 1481 Private. Went to France June 1916. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Special Reserve of Officers after attending an Officers Cadet Unit 23/2/18. Promoted to Lieutenant 23/8/19 and resigned commission 1/4/19. Photograph from OCB and family history correspondence from grandson Walter regarding riding trophies.
BOND Ernest E. 381 Corporal, Temporary Regimental Serjeant Major, Transport Warrant Officer Class 1
BONESS Private, ex-1st Dragoon Guards D/18387, Corps of Dragoons
BONNER Thomas Private, ex-7th Dragoon Guards D/17304, Corps of Dragoons
BOOR Alexander R. 1043 Private
BOOTH Sydney G. 738 Corporal
BORLEY Geo D. Private, Labour Corps 585703
BORNS Frank 1336 Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 40533
BOTHWELL Edwin I. 1891 Private
BOTTLE Harry C. 340 Serjeant, Warrant Officer Class 2
BOUCH W. K. 11 Serjeant
BOUCHER H. 74 Lance Corporal
BOWEN Horace C. 628 Private

BOWKER John R. Steer. 8 Private. Portrait photograph (Figure 367). (Copyright Imperial War Museum HU 118517)

BOYER Charles J. 1082 Private, Private Royal Engineers 359692
BOYLETT Herbert L. 1630 Private, Corporal Tank Corps 302804, Corporal Northumberland Fusiliers 39960, Corporal Lancashire Fusiliers 40540
BOX Thomas 552 Private
BOXALL Herbert S. 2070 Private, Private Northumberland Fusiliers 61178, Private Corps of Dragoons D/21018