BAYLEY, Lewis S. Private, 513, ? Squadron.   British War Medal - 513 PTE. L. S. BAYLEY. K. EDW. H. and Victory Medal - 513 PTE. L. S. BAYLEY. K. EDW. H. shown with a copy of the Medal Index Card.  The 1915 Star was noted as missing. Arrived in France 23 August 1915 and discharged 8 August 1919 (Reference - sold in 2014 on an electronic auction site, UK).

BOLUS, Walter.  1481, 2nd Lieutenant.  According to the family, Walter Bolus traveled from the Transvaal in South Africa to enlist. He was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in King Edward's Horse 22 February 1918. As a farm boy from the Transvaal he'd mucked about on horses all his life, but he found the training pretty grueling.  A descendant tells of how he used to imitate the sarcastic tone of the NCO's saying " Did you say you could ride, Mr Bolus"!  He won a number of Irish War Hospital horse jumping competitions whilst training at the Curragh. The family have the cup that he won and also his stirrups.  Later he was deployed to France. Thanks to the family for the information.  The photograph of him as a 2nd Lieutenant is from the Old Comrades Association Bulletin.