AIREY, George R. Private, former Private 3rd Dragoon Guards, Private Corps of Dragoons D/17046 MIC

AITCHISON, Hugh James. Lieutenant KEH. Mentioned in Despatches.

AITCHISON, Philip Arnold. 107. Squadron Quarter Master Serjeant. Enlisted King's Colonials 7/12/1905. Commissioned into the Staffordshire Yeomanry 17/01/1916. Awarded Indian General Service Medal (Afghanistan, North West Frontier 1919) whilst attached to 2nd/4th Border Regiment as Lieutenant Staffordshire Yeomanry. Awarded the Special Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct medal named to P. A. Aitchison 107 SQMS KEH (King's Colonials/KEH) May 1921 and Special Constable Long Service and Good Conduct medal as a Sub. Commander. He was not entitled to the British War Medal. Medals held in a private collection in Australia. Image courtesy British Medal Forum. 

AITKEN, D. B. Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps MIC
ALAZIA, Charles. Private in 1916.
ALBERTSON, Armand Harold. 1003. Private, Private Machine Gun Corps 107480, Second Lieutenant Tank Corp MIC
ALBRECHT, Frederick. Private. Corps of Dragoons D/10936 MIC
ALDERSON, E. C. 1276. Private, Military Mounted Police 12405 MIC
ALDERTON, Charles. 490. Staff Quarter Master Serjeant MIC
ALEXANDER, David A. H. 1400. Private MIC
ALEXANDER, Frederick Vionee. 4. Private, Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers MIC

ALEXANDER, Ralph Douglas. 958. Second Lieutenant in photograph Marlborough Barracks, Dublin 1918 see Figure 33.  

ALEXANDRA Walter 862 Private, Private Army Service Corps R/41311 MIC

ALLAN John 1427 Private, Second Lieutenant and then Captain Machine Gun Corps MIC. Transferred to the Heavy Section Machine Gun Corps 26/4/16 (London Gazette). Awarded Military Cross for conspicuous gallantry in action at Courcellette on 15/9/17 whilst commanding Tank C6 (Cordon Rouge) so was in the Tank Corps or attached. Injured later in the war with 6th Battalion, Regt?

ALLEN Albert E. 1373 Private MIC
ALLEN Ernest Rawson 1032 Private, Private then Lieutenant Royal Engineers MIC
ALLEN Hamilton J. 557 Private MIC
ALLIOTT John A. 1086 Private MIC
ALLUM Ephraim 1926 Private MIC
ALMACK Alfred 1346 Private MIC
ALSOP George 2 S2 Private MIC
ALSOP John W. Private, former Private 1st Dragoons D/18482, Private Corps of Dragoons D/18482 MIC
ALSTON John F. 1395 Private, former Private Lincolnshire Yeomanry, Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps MIC
AMBROSE Guy 1865 Private MIC
AMBROSE, Herbert. 543. Private MIC
AMOTT, John. Private in 1918
ANDERSON, Andrew. 1875. Private MIC
ANDERSON, Claude W. 1693. Corporal MIC
ANDERSON, Donald Alex. 169. Corporal, Serjeant MIC

ANDERSON, George Reid. 1245. Serjeant. Awarded Military Medal.

ANDERSON, John M. 14316. Private, Private Royal Air Force MIC
ANDERSON, William L. 215. Serjeant, Sub Lieutenant Royal Naval Air Service, Captain Royal Field Artillery MIC
ANDREWS, Charles James William. Captain, Private South Rhodesia Column A1, Private 1st Rhodesia Regiment 7 MIC
ANDREWS, Leonard H. D/1645. Private, Private Corps of Dragoons MIC
ANDREWS, William E. 1367. Private MIC

ANGEL, . Private. King's Colonials. Portrait photograph in Full Dress uniform circa 1902 see Figure 77.

ANGOLD, Harry E. 1289. Private MIC
ANSTEY Herbert L. 96 Private MIC
ARCHDALL Montgomery Private, Private Dragoons D/21216 MIC
ARCHIBALD, William R. 1064. Private MIC
ARGENT, Edward. 1061. Private MIC
ARGENT, W. K. Serjeant Major KEH in 1911
ARIZA, Louis Francis 1110. Private MIC
ARKELL, William J. 1345. Private MIC
ARMOUR, Donald J. Lieutenant and Surgeon KEH 1910
ARMSTRONG, Bertie Mac Vicar. 671. Serjeant, Acting Captain MIC
ARMSTRONG, Frederick. 1209. Private MIC

ARMSTRONG, J. Private. New Zealander who enlisted in 1902 and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the King's Colonials in 1903 in command of 1st Troop (New South Wales) 'C' Squadron (Australasian) and shown with that rank on 1905 Officer's List.

ARMSTRONG, John W. Private, Private 1st Dragoons, Private Corps of Dragoons D/17279 MIC

ARNOLD, Jack. 991. Private 'B' Squadron. 1914-15 Star (991 Pte., K. Edw. H.); British War and Victory Medals (991 Pte., K. Edw. H.). Born in South Africa and entered the France/Flanders theatre of war on 15 September 1915 and was discharged 9th July 1919. Medals sold with a copy of the Medal Index Card at auction by Dix Noonan Webb, UK, March 2014). 

ARNOT, John. 1482. Private MIC
ASH, Arthur H. 1893. Private, Private Lancashire Fusiliers 45520 MIC
ASHDOWN, James R. 1618. Acting Corporal MIC
ASHFORD, William. 104. Lance Corporal, Second Lieutenant The Queen's Regiment, Lieutenant Royal Air Force MIC
ASTLEY, William P. 807. Acting Corporal MIC
ATKINS, John. 567. Private, Private Royal Fusiliers GS/142659 MIC
ATKINS, Leslie J. 1327. Private MIC
AUCKETT, Arthur E. 1997. Attached King's African Rifles MIC
AUCUTT, Richard E. 1325 Private, Lieutenant South Surrey Regiment MIC

AUDY, P. J. 271. Serjeant. King's Colonials. Awarded Imperial Yeomanry Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, Aug 1908.

AULIFF, Harry. 93. Serjeant, Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps 115528 MIC
AUSTEN, Cesil Alexander. 987. Private, Second Lieutenant and Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers MIC
AVERBACH, Willy H. A. 1145. Private MIC
AYLWARD, Gordon. 1371. Private MIC