KC Service Dress Tunic 1905-10

Figures 112-113: A King's Colonials Service Dress tunic for the New Zealand Troop of 'D' Squadron (British African) circa 1905-1910.  The tunic has New Zealand fern brass collar badges, King's Colonials brass buttons, a scarlet King’s Crown at the top of the right sleeve for a Squadron Sergeant Major with a pair of holes in the tunic through which a New Zealand NCO's arm badge would have been attached, and a scarlet woven marksman badge at the bottom of the left cuff. The shoulders are fitted with thin scarlet cord straps (Photographs courtesy of Medallion Militaria). 

Figure 114: Postcard taken by J. T. Newman, a Berkhamsted photographer depicting members of 'A' (British Asian) Squadron of the King's Colonials at lunch at the Fox and Hounds Inn, Bourne End, Hertfordshire, posted in 1908.  At the time the Inn was owned by a Corporal B. Ball of the King's Colonials. (The Fox and Hounds Inn was first licensed in 1863 and was demolished some time after 1940.  The Bourne End area is now designated as being in Bedfordshire).  They are wearing Service Dress uniforms and the thin (scarlet) cord straps are clearly visible. The Officer (with pouch belt) standing on the left is wearing a New Zealand headdress badge whereas the others are all wearing British Asian headdress badges and matching collar badges. The seated figure to the immediate left of this Officer is wearing an 'A' (British Asian) Squadron headdress badge as an NCO's arm badge. Colonel Lionel James is seated with his back to the camera and is wearing a field service cap.  The Other Ranks are all wearing bandoliers.